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David Dennis: The NRA Wants White People Armed, Not ‘Non-Whites’

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If you’ve followed the rhetorical gymnastics of the NRA then you know that its way to avoid responsibility for the disgusting amount of gun deaths in America is to suggest that the only way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun; that fewer guns don’t stop crime, more guns do. And guns in the hands of more civilians would accomplish what Bradford and Roberson achieved: stopping gun crimes as they are happening.

In theory, using that logic, the NRA should be outraged by the deaths of two legally armed men fulfilling their civic responsibilities as gun owners in accordance with NRA beliefs. But the NRA isn’t really about gun rights for the sake of gun rights. The NRA is about gun rights as medicine for the disease of non-whiteness. The NRA doesn’t want all people to have guns; the NRA wants white people to have guns to use against non-white people.

The only time the NRA invokes Blackness is to threaten Black activists or use “grieving black mothers” as a means to misdirect legitimate criticisms of its policies. – David Dennis for News One, Black People Don’t Get to be Good Guys With Guns

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  1. Dennis would do well to remember the adage “if you weren’t full of shit, you wouldn’t have to make things up.”

  2. Prominent black men Carl T. Rowan and Roy Innis were board members of the NRA for years and years. The NRA has always advocated for firearm ownership regardless of color.
    David Dennis is an ignorant liar and democrat party line stooge.

      • “The best saying to summarize his statement: “Dennis, you ignorant slut.””

        For the kids that don’t get the reference :

  3. Accusations of racism have become the modern equivalent of crying wolf because of people like this. And, like the boy who cried wolf, there may be unfortunate implications for the future.

  4. After seeing that study yesterday showing that white liberals talk down to minority audiences I see this today. Too funny.

    • Perhaps so, perhaps not…
      I see this incident as a example of the trichotomy inherent in virtuly all “progressive” leftist rhetoric: Either David Dennis is sufficiently stupid as to actually believe these obvious untruths, insane enough not to realize the unreality of them, or evil enough to intentionally lie about it despite such lies leading to both abrogation of rights and the needless deaths of innocent people.
      I’m not the first to say it, but being stupid, insane or evil seem to be the only plausible explanations for uttering such self evidently false statements.

      • I hope you don’t mind, but I am *so* “borrowing” this missive to apply in all relevant discussions; it has such a wide-ranging application!

        • I’m not the first person to suggest the concept, but you’re more than welcome to it. It frankly does aid in understanding leftists in general and antis in particular.

        • Indeed, stupid, crazy or evil describes the vast majority of leftists in the US. I hit on the formula while attempting to determine what would make a person say the things they say and support the things they support. I eventually decided that some were ignorant, but since in the internet age the facts are litterally at hand, I decided later that stupid fit better. I had to account for some who were clearly intelligent, but who also seemed to truly believe the garbage they were pushing, and decided they must be delusional, and thus insane. Finally, it clear that some are cynically misleading or outright lying in the service of some agenda, and their agenda, by the simple and widely know facts, strips the innocent of their rights and gets good people killed. So, lying in an effort to enslave while causing the needless death of innocents, and there for evil.

  5. considering the NRA’s original foray into supporting RKBA was in the late 1800s over blacks being denied arms, Mr. Dennis, you are full of crap and incapable of basic research.

    Or let me put it this way…

    NPC Dennis goes wah wah wahwah wah.

  6. (Article signature) “David Dennis for News One, Black People Don’t Get to be Good Guys With Guns”

    Well, of course they do, and to be completely honest, many Americans wish they would be, and more often. Cripes…

  7. Alternate theory; it’s not in the NRA’s best interest to publicize ANY stories of lawful carriers being killed by police since it casts fear on the pursuit the organization is trying to promote, normalize, and profit from. Rather, it’s a specific talking point of anti-carry groups like EveryMom.

    Now, if the NRA has failed to issue a statement on these two cases (which by all accounts do appear to be unjustified manslaughter by police at this time) but has weighed in on previous cases where carriers who happened to be white or whatever were also shot, perhaps they should consider a press conference explaining their position clearly. Seeing as the NRA is generally too lazy or cowardly to make statements about much of anything, I think it’s more likely they simply don’t comment on the daily news unless it involves a dozen casualties.

    • more like the NRA doesn’t want to make a statement because two of its biggest friendly demographics are police and CCer’s. Better to not say anything than potentially alienate one crowd or the other in their minds.

      • Bingo. The NRA operates like a public relations firm. They also tend to blow with the winds of popular opinion. A very smart strategy for a political entity, but not what is ideal in a civil rights organization.

      • Moreover, the NRA typically takes its time in responding to incidents, irrespective of their nature, until the facts are better known. A wise course of action for which it is inevitably criticized for not responding fast enough. In this case in particular, the facts have changed quite dramatically in a short period of time, and I doubt we really know what the true facts are as of yet. The only things we know for sure is that the dead man was shot by the police, and that it is inferable he did not ever fire his gun (which appears to be the reason the police admitted they had not taken out the shooter).

        But then, the left loves to jump to conclusions and to criticize anyone who does not agree with them. And it is the reason for the old saw that we should never believe the first reports of any tragedy since they are almost always wrong.

    • How about the NRA is waiting for the facts to come out and the emotions to settle? In one case the police claimed the carrier had been the shooter. They retracted that claim as it was wrong. We’re still waiting for the body cams and security videos.
      Jumping in and making pronouncements doesn’t help.

  8. Oh, because they never helped people like, say, Otis McDonald (McDonald v. Chicago) or Josephine Byrd (Doe v. Wilmington Housing Authority) or Shaneen Allen keep and bear arms?

    Oh, wait. That’s right. They did. On up to the Supreme Court of The United States, if need be. Not to mention the NRA training and arming the legions of civil rights activists throughout the Antebellum South, as chronicled in Charles E. Cobb, Jr.’s This Non-Violent Stuf’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made The Civil Rights Movement Possible. Nevermind Nicholas Johnson’s titular Negros and The Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms.

    But, no, the NRA can’t possibly want those scary blacks to have guns. Oh, and what a surprise: no comments section to speak of, either. Gee, I wonder why. </sarc.exe

  9. I just shake my head and wonder where people come up with this crap. White, black, brown, yellow ………. it’s about firearms training in a safe, consistent manner. I’m an NRA Training Counselor with LEO and Military training, and I train people interested in firearms training. I’ve also taught flying in the past regardless of color as well (18,500 hrs flight time). The mission is about learning, learning it properly, and expanding the vision of those you train through education. I have never ever thought the NRA was a racially based organization.

  10. Anti white, anti NRA bigotry and hatred is a thing these days. Liberals live in an alternate reality – it’s a mental illness, really. When the democrats take over Congress this sort of thinking is going to shape the laws they’ll pass.

    Get ready. They hate us and they’re coming for us.

    • Remember the progressives “Final Solution” for the gun violence problem. Rendition, Enhanced Interrogation, and survivors herded into the showers for delousing.

  11. Modern progressive analysis involves breaking issues down by race, class, or gender. So, the result is generally calling someone rich and uncaring, racist, or sexist.

    Dennis, if you’re out there, google “Shaneen Allen” and read a tale of rich white New Jersey folk trying to keep a young single black woman down. Good thing the NRA (and others) came to the rescue.

  12. I actually agree with most of that article. The NRA is frequently crickets when black, legally armed Americans are targeted by police. I don’t think the NRA solely wants white Americans armed, I just don’t think they care to have black Americans as a large percentage of their base. They do realize they need a few, however; signal Colion Noir.

    • It’s a judgment calk in the PR business. You have to pick which events you respond to. Responding to everything every time risks positioning you as somehow being responsible for the event. Your responses then start to come off as perfunctory apologia.

      It’s bad enough when radical leftists are constantly scapegoating your organization. You don’t want to validate their assininity by adopting the whipping boy label for yourself. I was glad that the NRA delayed their public comment after Sandy Hook, for example. The superheated political atmosphere at that moment reeked of “Well, NRA, what’s your spin THIS time?” Waiting a bit allowed passions to cool somewhat.

    • As some 25% blacks Americans have self selected as FELONS (vs 6.5% of non blacks) they DONT GET TO HAVE FIREARMS. The NRA didn’t make them smoke pot, gangbang, or rob whitie.

      WTF is David Dennis? And to IGAF?

    • Why make it about blacks?

      The NRA has never been eager to criticize legitimate law enforcement agencies.
      BATFE, yes, at least once anyway (the famous LaPierre Jackbooted Thugs comment), but never cops.

    • I think it’s more that the NRA is reluctant to criticize the police, regardless of the color of the civilian they improperly gun down. There was lot of blow back from when they used the phrase “jack-booted government thugs” in 1995, post-Waco raid.

  13. Historically, most of the major antigun legislation was motivated by minority prejudice (including anti- Irish, Italian, and Eastern Europeans, aka, “lesser whites”, by the way) and targeted minorities. Even today, antigun laws that impose expenses on gun owners, like licensing, registration, training, etc., inflict greater financial pain on lower income individuals, of which minorities compose a disproportionate share.

    The NRA’s efforts to roll back second amendment infringements, therefore, not only apply to everyone, but benefit minorities disproportionately. Really, if the NRA were so anti-black, then why would they have supported the successful litigation in Heller v. D.C. case? D.C. is, what, about 50% black?

    Why would the NRA leverage that suit’s success to sue Chicago in the McDonald case? Chicago is majority minority, with less than a third of residents being white.

    Why then would the NRA have sued and reached a successful settlement with the San Fransisco Public Housing Authority over their refusal to allow residents to exercise their 2A right to possess firearms in their homes? The SFPHA project housing is 65% minority, including about 1/3 black.

    It sure seems like the allegedly oh so racist NRA goes way out of its way to fight for rights restoration that helps a whole lot of blacks and other minority segments of the population. Curious, that.

    • The left is exceedingly guilty of Racism of Lowered Expectations.
      How dare we expect them to conduct themselves like regular people. They need special help!
      Treat them like uncivilized children and they will behave like uncivilized children. This is true of any group regardless of color or origin.

    • Very true.
      If the NRA were anti-minority, then they would be in favor of “capricious issue.” That would allow the existing power structure to discriminate.

    • Gun sales.

      The NRA tend to fight for things that increase gun sales. They will fight parts of Washington’s and Florida’s new gun control, such as the 18-20 ban, while not fighting the rest of it.

      The NRA focuses their attention on the white Republican male. Does that make them racist? I don’t know, but it does appear dubious. When you look into their history it doesn’t help alleviate concerns. They were founded by white military men who wanted to get the government enforcers better trained at killing with guns so the government wouldn’t have a hard time enforcing their laws. They have supported laws that were enacted because black men wanted to keep and bear arms to protect their life, liberty and property against all enemies. At one point there was an insurrection to transform the NRA into a “shall not be infringed” group supporting everyone, but they were quickly removed from power and the organization was reestablished to what it is today.

      The NRA’s overall marketing isn’t designed to bring diversity to the organization. They don’t appear very welcoming of a non “traditional” demographic and a lot of their members seem to agree with their approach. Just because the organization has hired some black people doesn’t change the overall intent just like how the Democrats/Leftists don’t truly give a shit about black people even though they have black representatives. Subconsciously black people know Democrats are not on their side, they refuse to admit it, it’s much easier to acknowledge the situation with the NRA and Republicans because it’s okay to do so.

      The NRA and Republicans have to change their “traditional” ways to improve and survive in the long run. They are too stubborn to change even though it will bring victories they haven’t been able to attain. That’s what makes them really look like a bunch of sexist, white supremacist, pro police state, Christian men. This behavior allows the Democrats and anti gunners to win victory after victory to the point the Republicans are helping them for their own personal benefit at the expense of all of us.

      The NRA cannot claim to be a civil rights organization when they support a police state that kills good guys with a gun and confiscates guns without due process. Such marketing is a stretch, but obviously they can’t be super accurate because a lot of current members would be turned off. Not much different in the way the ACLU, and the like, works today.

  14. Another day, another attack on “the NRA” that doesn’t mention any of the leadership. Doesn’t this seem suspicious to anyone? How many other organizations do dems so eagerly avoid mentioning the leadership of when attacking?

        • With money men like soros and kapo bloomberg behind the scenes how would we know short of an unbiased investigation or death bed confession?

          nancy, you’re a one trick pony. A constant drum beat against the nra. When was the last time you even entered a discussion here about firearms or shooting that wasn’t just a reason to bash the nra?

          dems do call out other groups for ridicule and contempt. But they also do things like direct antifa and claim it’s a grass roots movement. Or shannon watts little fully funded and false ‘moms’ group.

          When dealing with a ball of snakes a straight line isn’t really possible.

  15. I’m still waiting for the NRA to acknowledge legal firearms owner Philando Castile’s live-streamed execution at the hands of law enforcement.

  16. “… suggest that the only way to stop a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun; that fewer guns don’t stop crime, more guns do.”

    Well, you are implicitly making the counter claim that fewer guns would stop crime. Ok, fine. How many fewer guns do we need to stop what proportion of crime? You guys keep making this claim but none of you can substantiate it.

    Currently in this country there are:

    About 400,000,000 privately held firearms
    About 12,000,000 new privately held firearms entering the population each year
    About 140,000 firearms related crimes annually (including non-violent crimes, i.e. unlawful possession)
    About 11,000 firearms related homicides annually

    By how much do the first two numbers have to be reduced to cause the second two numbers to drop and by how much will they drop?

    Until you can answer that question for me, you cannot support your counter notion that fewer guns results in less crime.

  17. Or maybe they are simpy waiting for the investigation to be completed and the facts to come out. Something this author doesn’t seem to care about.

  18. Hey, Dummy, I for one do not understand Blacks or Jews who are in favor of gun control, including two of the stupidest Jews I know, Feinstein, and Schumer, a couple of morons. When I lived in Philly about one-half of NRA members I personally knew and associated with was Black.

    • Remember that many Jews in the US were mobsters in the first half of the 20th century, and look at guys like the Rothschilds, Soros, and every single banker. There are good Jews and bad Jews, just as there are good Christians and bad Christians, and good/okay Muslims and bad Muslims.

  19. Don’t even bother clicking on the link, it’s not worth it. You’ll just end up getting stupid all over your screen and then have to waste your evening trying to clean it off.

    Don’t believe me?

    “…David Dennis, Jr. is a writer and adjunct professor of Journalism at Morehouse College. David’s writing has appeared in The Guardian, The Smoking Section, Uproxx, Playboy, The Atlantic, Complex.com and wherever people argue about things on the internet.”

    So we all owe a debt of gratitude to whomever on the TTAG staff had to slog through that crap on our behalf.

  20. I suspect most black folks in DC find a legal gun harder to procure than cute, white, journalist Emily, who was able to make getting her gun her job. (Book: Emily Gets Her Gun.)

  21. “Black People Don’t Get to be Good Guys With Guns”

    Is that a result, or a mission statement? Looking at how the anti-gunners policies work out, I think it’s a mission statement. Kind of heinous, really.

  22. I’ve had racial slurs used against me by anti-gun Whites, enraged by my refusal to submissively obey their ORDERS to support racially invidious gun controls than I EVER have by NRA members.

    Scratch an anti-gunner, find a klansman.

    • Actually, “the history of VIOLENT White supremacism and the efforts of its proponents to create for themselves a ‘safe work environment'”.

    • Absolutely, and as JWM says, it’s true regardless of source. There were basically no gun control laws in the United States prior to emancipation. The history of US gun control begins in the reconstruction era south as freed slaves began to arm themselves in defence from corrupt law enforcement and the Ku Klux Klan, which too often were the same thing. Initially gun control regarded the carry of guns in public, which had forever been common enough, and perfectly legal. By passing laws against public carry, racist police could arrest armed blacks, while giving whites a pass…which is exactly what happened all over the south while blacks were marginalized socially and economically, prevented from voting and campaigning, and prevented from associating with each other and forming political and economic mutual support groups.

      Never forget, the Ku Klux Klan, both in its first and second iterations was an entirely Democrat organization, to the point that aside from being white, male and protestant, one had to be a Democrat to join.

      Remember also that it was Democrats who argued in favor of keeping slavery, who seceded over slavery, causing the civil war, and who enacted the Jim Crow laws.

      The late modern concept that Democrats are somehow friends to blacks is a complete and total lie. They certainly never have been such, and given the racism of lower expectations, and the plight of urban blacks in the Democrat controlled cities, still aren’t. One of the single most perplexing elements of US politics is how Democrats consistantly garner the majority of the black vote despite consistantly demonstrating overt racism in words and in policy.


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