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AJ sent this to help those of us in free states understand what it’s like to try to be a gun owner in Massachusetts. “We like to refer to them as privileges, because it’s easier to defend how we trample all over them.” Quite. Read on . . .

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Shortly before 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, Renaissance Public School Academy was placed on lockdown briefly when police were called to investigate a report of a student showing a gun to a classmate. The fourth-grader had brought an Airsoft gun to school, and when another student reported it, the gun was taken from the student and secured in the school office. Principal Lisa Bergman said at no time were students in danger, but some parents opted to pick up their children and take them home early. Although the gun was determined to not be a threat, and the 10-year-old student didn’t brandish the weapon or make any threats, the sheriff said they take such incidents seriously, and a report will be sent to the County Prosecutor for review.

New York’s NRA membership has nearly doubled since the SAFE Act was passed just over a year ago. Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, said NRA headquarters had informed him that his state affiliate was now the largest chapter in the country, surpassing both Texas and California. Membership in New York rose from 22,000 to 41,000 since the SAFE Act was passed in January 2013. In addition, King said his organization had received donations of $200,000 from both members and nonmembers. “The Second Amendment is alive and well in New York State,’’ King said. [h/t Pascal]

The first attempt by Colorado Republicans to repeal last year’s gun control laws failed on Monday. In a hearing that the Durango Herald described as “carefully scripted” and with an outcome that was “never in doubt,” the bill died in committee. The bill was sponsored by Sen. George Rivera, who replaced Sen. Angela Giron in last year’s recall elections. The Democrat majority assigned the bill to the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, known as the “kill committee,” because it’s a reliable place to dispose of bills the majority doesn’t like. After a hearing lasting over six hours, the Committee killed the bill on a 3-2 vote.

In a new Gallup poll out just a few days ago, nearly 55% of Americans now say they are dissatisfied with our country’s gun laws, a nearly two-decade high. But while previous trends have seen the increase in the area of people who think the gun laws aren’t strict enough, this poll showed an increase in the number whose dissatisfaction stems from thinking the gun laws are too strict. Last year just 5% of respondents thought that gun laws were too strict, while this year that increased to 16%, an increase of more than 300%. At the same time, the number of people who thought they weren’t strict enough decreased, from 38% to 31%. The final metric of note is the difference between those who are “very dissatisfied” with gun laws and those who are only “somewhat dissatisfied.” The gap between those numbers increased from 30%/21% to 35%/20%, indicating feelings are stronger this year. [h/t CL]

Jerry Miculek shows us how he spends Super Bowl Sunday. As I didn’t watch what turned out to be a pretty pathetic showing, I like his way better.


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      • The auto play one is almost ALWAYS the one in the top right corner for me, AdChoices is what it says, I’ll make sure to write down what it is next time.

        • For me, its the one that I think is advertising some sort of video game. Locks things up completely until it finishes running. Can’t type, can’t scroll, nada. Hate that thing. The rest have no effect.

        • No name showing. I assume a video game. Has tanks cruising across a field. Have to click on it (BS googleads) which will NOT do.

          How to you block ANYTHING from or invoiving the evil marxist empire (Google).

    • Personally I like to see ads as long as they’re not annoying because I appreciate the fact that people can make a living bringing me information, but they were getting so obnoxious I gave up and got Mozilla’s ad block. Once in a while I have to disable it to watch a video, but almost nothing gets through. Sorry TTAG, I won’t tell your advertisers I’m not reading their ads.

  1. Ahhh The Peoples Socialist Republic of Massachusetts. Moved to TN from there 20 years ago…..such a sad, angry, pissed off little state. Only things I miss are good pizza, clam chowder, and the New England fall.

    • I used to feel that way too. Then I realized
      – Other places have better pizza for less $$$
      – The clams contain deadly diseases that don’t even have names yet
      – The roads are clogged with “Leaf Peepers” every Fall.

      You can’t go home again.

    • I only had to live there for two years. When I left, the first purchase I made was a 30 round PMAG.

    • I’d like to also point out that going through all the various licenses required means you are, state-wide, now “on a list” somewhere. Anyone in the bureaucracy who wants to pressure you for being a malcontent that votes the wrong way can do so.

    • “Massachusetts – we’re not Kalifornia yet, but just give us a chance!”

      Ugh. 46 years of this and 6 to go…

  2. blah blah blah – “pretty pathetic showing” blah blah blah.

    Not a Hawks fan, eh Matt?
    I guess Denver sucks for gun rights supports AND football teams!

    • It’s got nothing to do with being a fan. I wasn’t interested in the outcome either way. My point was the game itself was pretty pathetic. Even supporters of the winners don’t generally want to see a blowout in a big game. They want a game. Wouldn’t you, even as a Seattle fan, kinda wanted to see a little back and forth to keep it interesting?

  3. The MA video was dead on. Oh how I hated the laws there for guns. Having said that, I was still able to buy some cool guns while I was there. I just couldn’t buy very many cool 30 round magazines. The pre ban mags were around 35 bucks each for AK steel mags. We should organize a relief package and have everyone possible send in what would be considered pre ban mags to MA to help keep everyone stocked up until the ban gets wiped out some day. (wishful thinking)

    • Love this idea as someone who lives behind enemy lines. The easiest way for someone to make tons of money moving into state is to buy guns not on the approved roster. I see Glocks go for 2x MSRP of free states all day every day. Never mind any handgun from Springfield. Private party is the only way to buy in Mass it will just cost you.

      • They are looking to ban that too this legislative session. All purchases would be through FFL, meaning 85% of handguns are effectively banned from transfer.

  4. Dude scared me when he lunged out of his chair like that. I thought he was coming after me personally. Cool vid. I like his little Hogan’s Alley.

  5. Holy shit, did jerry miss? first time Ive seen that. Always a jokester this guy, gotta have a glass of tea 🙂

  6. Ahhh; The ring of steel from a well placed fast moving object; it’s as satisfying as the first sip of a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning.

  7. I think jerry revealed his trick on how he’s that good. Its not training its tea otherwise who the hell drinks tea instead of beer to watch the super bowl.

    • That isn’t going to help you much; it’s a special kind of tea.

      When Jerry Miculek says “Boy, make me some tea”, Chuck Norris replies “Yes, Dad.”

  8. CA is almost as bad as MA. It’s easier to buy a handgun there, although it has to be from their approved list, there’s a ten-day waiting period, and you’re only allowed to purchase one every 30 days. That actually means only one every 40 days, because most gun stores won’t start the 10-day waiting period until after the 30-day period has expired. However, in most CA counties, it is damn near impossible to get a CCW license.

    • The 30 days isn’t too bad unless you’re buying a matched set. For me, I couldn’t possibly afford to buy a gun every 30 days, and if I tried, I think my wife would probably use one of them to shoot me.

      • terrible for collectors. I might bid on 3 or 4 different lots at auction. Some of the lots can have upwards of 4 to 5 examples of a particular type of firearm. not only would the lots have to be 1 gun each, you wouldn’t be able to bid on more than one auction at a time.

        another example, if the restriction is 1 gun in 30 days and i buy a $100 Mosin early in the month and later find a great deal on something else like a 1911… I’m up the creek

    • I love watching Jerry shoot, but if he was forced to put his hands in his pockets, he couldn’t talk. I get mesmorized by the constant hand gestures.

  9. And the NRA did what in NY? Nothing. Stop giving them money and support the smaller and local level pro gun organizations. I bet WLP will make over $1million this year. That is fracked up.

  10. Mostly, I’m afraid someone in the MD government will see this – and get even more ideas than they’ve had already…

  11. Massachustts, the cradle of the American Revolution. “How art the mighty fallen!”
    If John and Sam Adams could, they’d demand to be reburied in Texas!
    As for Jerry, Hooo-Wee! He’s good fo’ true!

  12. If I am not wrong in MA, while you may be able to buy a flinter, you still need an FOID to buy powder or lead balls.

    • You are correct. Ammunition components are ammunition, (Chapter 140, section 121, definitions) and you need a FID card.

  13. CA is a mess and gun legislation is only one sypmtom of the dysfunction that is inevitable when you impose state tyranny top down. But free men prevail and labor is liquid in a free market. Just talked to a guy who brokers relocations for corps on state grants for economic investments like TX. The brain and productivity drain out of CA is much bigger than the StateRunMedia™ reports. Read City Journal for more insight.

  14. How to block everything from Google:

    1.) Open your HOSTS file with a text editor. That’s what it’s called. It’s in a /etc directory, probably C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc So for example, open a command line and type:

    edit C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

    …will work for most folks.

    2.) Add the lines:

    3.) Save the file.

    Be warned though– lots of web sites use google tie-ins. You’ll be breaking a lot of stuff with this, but you’ll have short-circuited most of the evil google’s tracking of you. (Presumably you run Better Privacy and Ad Block and Flash Block so forth… and use Firefox of course.)

  15. I would like to point out that Jerry said ‘gun nut’ in a positive way. It is a phrase that is not derogatory on its face, any more than a calling someone a ‘car nut’ or a ‘fishing nut’ is.

  16. “Wait, so my rights could be respected if I lived one town, but if I moved, say, one town over I could potentially lose them if the chief doesn’t like me?”

    Welcome to the CLEO signature requirement for NFA items.

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