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AR/AK Chamber View courtesy

I don’t normally do the “new product press release” thing here, but the Chamber-View looked somewhat interesting to me. One of the ranges I shoot at regularly has RSOs that can be real hardasses about downing/clearing rifles on cold range. For only ten bucks, this seems like it might help avoid confusion. It’s big enough to not be “fiddly” like a lot of chamber flags and the orange color will help keep it from getting lost. Press release and regularly scheduled non-commercial Digest after the jump. . .

MERRIMACK, NH – Chamber-View®, innovators behind the highly visual firearms safety products, is pleased to announce the introduction of the AR Type Chamber-View® safety block, available in November for purchase through and in stores. The AR Type Chamber-View® safety block is designed to fit most AR style rifles accepting .223 caliber, 5.56mm and 6.8mm SPC ammunition. Made of 100% silicone that won’t harm the firearm surface and is inert to cleaning chemicals.

We’ve talked recently about the efforts by the County Commission in Leon County, Florida to implement gun control and the resistance of residents to those efforts. Now comes news that the Leon County Commission voted 6-1 to end discussion of an ordinance that would restrict gun sales in public places such as gun shows. After being inundated by emails and phone calls, the Commission was forced to conclude that the proposed ordinance was not feasible. Score (another) one for the good guys.

In an example of how far the anti-gun folks will go in their delusions, Kevin O’Holleran, who managed Mark Herring’s campaign for Virginia attorney general, writes an editorial in the WaPo titled Support for gun control helped a candidate win in Virginia. In it, he claims that Herring’s support for gun control helped him defeat* Mark Obenshain, but then turns around and says that they never really talked about guns much at all, instead spending virtually all their time and money talking about Obenshain’s “abysmal record on women’s health.” So which was it? Did he win because of his support for gun control, or did he win because he never talked about gun control, thus preserving votes that may have gone against him had he hit it harder? [*Note that the election is far from decided, as Herring is ahead by 165 votes out of 2.2 million, with a recount scheduled and several hundred provisional ballots in doubt. This fact is never mentioned in the editorial.]

Paul Alton, of Bacup, Lancashire County, UK, is facing five years behind bars after being found with a home-made pistol and “exploding cartridges” stashed in his loft. I can’t tell exactly what is meant by “exploding cartridges,” as they are also described “.22 bulleted rifle cartridges” and “expanding ammunition, which explode on hitting flesh.” I’m thinking they may have just been what we know as hollow points. Two countries separated by a common language, indeed. He was also cited for possessing a .22 pistol “with a barrel of less than 30 cm.” That’s an 11 inch barrel, to you and I. On a pistol.

A quick video from mattv2099 of him trying to limpwrist a GLOCK-brand GLOCK. It’s a Gen4 G19, if that matters. It’s actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. He basically has to hold it so loosely I’m surprised he doesn’t drop the thing.

Let’s Bring ‘Em Home now has 70 trips ticketed for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines (still no Coasties this year) to be headed home to see their families for the holidays. They’ve raised over $60,000 from more than 450 donors, but are presently running about a $4,000 shortfall to pay for it. Please click the link above or the banner below for more information.

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  1. I dunno, but seems to me that a product called “Chamber View” should be clear not opaque 70s blaze orange…..

      • It is supposed to make it clear to observers (RSOs, for example) that your gun is not chambered and is unable to fire.

      • Standard requirement in many rifle matches is that when the line goes cold and people are going to go forward of the line, there better be an empty chamber indicator stuffed into your chamber to prevent your bolt from being able to close.

        On matches where everyone is shooting a bolt gun, many times the RO will ask that people remove their bolts.

        Either method gives the RO’s a quick visual indication that there is no possible way for the gun to fire.

        This requirement has been around a long time in service rifle matches. Garand and M14/M1A shooters have been using chamber flags forever.

    • For the purpose it serves its exactly what color it should be. The guy who designed it is my dentist. He gave me one of each to try out and they are solid. He’s a good guy and a shooter.

  2. I read that op-ed. If Mark Herring ends up on top, it will have nothing to do with guns and everything to do with Republicans unhappy with Cuccinelli staying home. I will give Democrats this — they know how to rally their true believers, who gladly hold their noses and feign excitement for the cause. No such luck on the right.

    • What this election means is that Virginia, like the rest of the country, is 50/50. However, The Democrat’s 50% is a monoculture of the urban poor and those who serve out their benefits, singles, particularly women, and the very wealthy elite. While they can win state wide elections by a few votes they do not have a broad enough base of support to control the legislature. If the Democrats wish to broaden their base they will have to adopt less extremist positions on social issues and gun control.

      In the end Herring may end up with a few more votes then Obenshain but to call that some sort of endorsement of his positions is delusional.

      • Have you ever lived in Nova or visited there recently? The vast majority are white, very educated, middle/upper middle class, supporters of public education, and mostly liberal. However, a recebt influx of well educated black, Hispanic, and Asian families have moved in, mostly for the schools. Not a lot of “urban poor” in Alexandria, bro.

        With these demographics, there will never be a republic governor again. Gun control measures will continue to increase, unless we can convince them that gun owners are not bat shit insane, uneducated, Freepers who commit felonies in the name of gun rights.

        • I concur that NO VA is as described as they build out through Loudoun county. The other half tdiinva is referring to would be Norfolk and Richmond and that confirms VA is going blue and will most likely join the other NE states in creating a solid blue block. PA is the one holdout but the current Gov is in trouble and that means the dems get another chance there.
          John Edwards was right about one thing, there are Two Americas and we are seeing them form politically in front of us.

          • I live in western Henrico, and my complex has a lot of gun owners. A nearby neighbor has a “Gun Control is Being Able to Hit Your Target” bumper sticker, and goes to gun shows a lot. He open carries his .45 sometimes.

            Most of the 35 years I’ve lived in Richmond, off and on, have been in the city. I used to wince at the thought of living in the suburbs. Now I live in ’em. But the suburbs I envisioned were the endless lawns, and witch’s covens’ lawndale homes. I live in a complex, and I don’t mind it. It’s pretty low-crime (although a guy got stabbed in my complex a couple weeks ago, outside his apartment), but overall, it’s pretty safe. I walk to Kroger, Wally World (rarely), a cigar store (very close), and the Post Office and my bank.

            Nobody’s gonna ever get on us for having guns, or using them. Next spring, I’m going to get my CCL.

            When I lived in Taos, the place was (and is) OVERWHELMINGLY blue, but gun culture and ownership is culturally-ingrained, and it’s very gun-friendly. Even in Albuquerque. Santa Fe, maybe not so much, but who gives a shit about Santa Fe, anyway? Nobody outside of Santa Fe, for certain.

            I believe most places in both states are going to be gun-friendly for the foreseeable future. Even the Dems in NM are gun-friendly.

        • Disagree. If Big Mac proves to be the incompetent he ran as, Virginia will be hungering for a decent Republican in 2017, just as Americans are finally waking up to the fact that Obama is dangerous — not because he’s ultraliberal, but because he doesn’t know how to manage a large, diverse organization. Yes, there are the true believers who will always vote their party even if Bonzo the Chimp runs. But four years of bloated budgets and failed administration can sway opinions as well.

          Of course, I say that, but it seems the main reason so many swing voters dissed Cooch is because he was “against blow jobs” — a claim no media outlet hesitated to trumpet. If blow jobs form the core of our voting, then we are truly lost.

        • I live in the Westover area of Arlington to answer you question.

          A couple things that you might have overlooked. First, I said “the urban poor and those who serve out their benefits,”. That means one or the other or both. Across the river in DC for example both groups are well represented. Second, If you live in the area then I guess you are blind to areas like Columbia Pike, Culmore and simliar areas in Northern Virginia where a lot of poor, often illegal, immigrants live.. Third, there are a lot of single people in inner Northern Virginia and fourth, NOVA is just chocked full of the wealth elite, mostly made up of the government focused Nomenklatura. So there you have all elements of the Democratic coalition. I have to wonder whether you know anything about the demographics of Northern Virginia.

          But I was making a larger point relating to the national electorate. The Democratic Party represents either the priviledged or the government client. The Republican Party represents Margaret Thatcher’s “other people” from whom all the money comes. The Democrats have been successful at the national and state level by convincing large portions of young and single voters that they are part of the priviledged class when in fact they are simply a source of revenue to be exploited. The Millenials seem to have momentarily figured this out that they are the “other people” from whence Obamacare is funded. However, it is very likely that they will run to the next Democrat who promises free stuff.

          As far as gun control goes. Until the Democrats broaden their base, which would require them to abandon gun control as an issue in Virginia they have no hope of gaining control of the legislature to enact it. When you get most your votes from 25% of the districts then you can’t hope to gain control of the legislature. As I said before, they will have to abandon extremists positions on abortion, sex and guns to make that happen.

        • What is up with the site? Last night, I tried for HOURS to respond to posts, and never could connect to the server. Same thing a little while ago. Last night, I just deleted all the TTAG posts, because I didn’t want them in the queue, on top of 30 of today’s things.

          VERY frustrating. Needs fixing.

    • It’s because they’re really on the same side. That side being THE SIDE THAT ISN’T OURS.

    • The op-ed also neglects to mention that 65 out of 67 NRA-endorsed Delegates won their races. This is just a guess, but I doubt the NRA-endorsed candidates were big on gun control.

  3. This is why glock is out for me. If mt primary hand/arm is taken out, my other hand is not strong enough to keep from having this issue with a glock.

    • Do you feel like that would take most polymer-framed pistols out for you then?

      That’s not an attack, just curious. My XDm is just like a GLOCK-brand GLOCK, except I think the slide is actually heavier than a comparably sized/calibered GLOCK. If it doesn’t have a full or nearly-full magazine in it, it’s positively top-heavy.

      • MAC did a series on limp-wristing. He could get the XDm to malfunction, but not as readily as the Glock. He couldn’t get metal framed guns like the Sig or CZ to malfunction at all. For what it’s worth, I took a new shooter out with my PPQ, and she got three malfunctions in a row after I had put 1000 rounds through it without a single bobble.

        • Even Sigs will do it on occasion. Our issued duty gun was a 226. First 9’s then 40’s. Part of the standard qualification was a 1 yard, one-hand 3 shot string, “hip shooting” position, weapon not extended. Never failed to have one or two malfunctions at that position during quals, almost exclusively with smaller statured officers with less upper body strength.

      • That’s where grenades and Molotov Cocktails come in handy. You pull the pin out with your teeth, or you light the gas-soaked rag, and there you go! 😉

    • Oh, please Frank, I’ve never met a semi-automatic handgun that couldn’t be made to malfunction under similar circumstances. And that’s after 32 years as a leo, firearms instructor, armorer(6 handgun/4 rifle/3 shotgun makes). Glock is no more susceptible to that than any other make.

      • Glocks are a bit more susceptible than all-metal pistols, because as the magazine empties, there’s less mass left against which the recoil works.

        When a Glock is full, I agree with you – there’s no more or less tendency for short-stroking with a limp writ that most other recoil-operated semi-autos.

        • Not the guns fault. I have a touch of arthritis in my dominent hand. With polymer framed pistols I have to make sure of my grip. After a long session or if I’m overly tired I can get short strokes causing problems.

          With the smaller pocket pistols the problem is worse, but i can get it on full size duty guns as well.

          I don’t seem to have any problem at all with all metal guns.

          • Yeah, not really different from my experiences. I don’t currently own any polymer guns, but I am looking at getting an EAA polymer compact .45, as the metal Witness, with compensator, is a little heavy in the OPMOD bag I carry, sometimes. Mostly I just keep the full-size EAA in the big zipper compartment, about 5 feet away from the computer. Unzipped. Spare mag in a side compartment.

    • It’s definitely possible to cause a stoppage. My first time shooting a G19, my wife’s friend had just bought her first gun and I took her to the range, and she had 4 malfunctions in the first 3 mags. She’s a fairly petite woman (5’1″ and maybe 110) but after adjusting her grip, the problem went away.

      I think part of it may have been break in (the slide was probably only cycled 5 times before we shot it) and it had not been cleaned yet, but after the first 3 mags, it ran 100% for another 150 rounds. I’ve tried to do the same thing with my .40 XD, but with it well broken in and the higher pressure round, I can’t even make it malfunction.

  4. I heard on the radio that famed scumbag micheal moore(on), was just busted for a bunch of child porn, due to his bowling for columbine crap I guess it may be relavent. (maybe it was a different mike moore though, idk for sure)

  5. Weird. Mcauliffe had a 20pt lead until he started talking disarmament. They, as a party, very nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • If a shooter doesn’t hold a semi auto pistol tight enough during the firing cycle, the weapon may fail to load the next round.

      I wouldnt be concerned about it.If you do your part, the bad guy will be too dead to shoot you in the hand.

    • I agree that the concept isn’t new. My thought was that if it works like it looks like it’ll work, it will be something you can just pick up and slap in with your whole hand, if that makes sense. Rather than threading a smaller flag in with your fingers, it seems like this would work more like slamming a magazine home. Gross movement, grip it and rip it. Like I said above, it seems like it’d be less “fiddly,” and that appeals to me.

  6. I believe that, in the Virginia race, the democrate was leading by large margins (double digit). After gun-control advocates jumped on the coattails to ride a “sure-thing” to victory, the margins shrank. I’m sure Obama care had something to do with it as well. But they were not helping their cause. If the repubs had a cleaner candidate, the race would have gone differently.

  7. Copy/Paste from wikipedia to clear up (or confuscate) re pistols in the UK:

    “Long-barrelled revolvers” and “long-barrelled pistols” meeting specified criteria are not classified as small, and hence prohibited, firearms; it is legal, with a Firearm Certificate, to possess them. The barrel must be at least 30 cm long, and the firearm at least 60 cm long, which can be achieved by having a permanently attached extension to the grip or butt of the firearm. Long-barrelled single-shot firearms of any calibre, and semi-automatic pistols of .22 rimfire calibres, are permitted with FAC.

  8. I suppose this product accomplishes the purpose of indicating the slide is open, but a 5 cent bright orange cable tie or piece of string trimmer line does a better job of proving that no round is actually in the chamber.

    • The nose of it goes into the chamber throat. It won’t go in all the way if a round is chambered in front of it, and though I don’t have one yet, based on the way it looks, I think it’s designed to fall out if it’s not inserted all the way.

      • Shit like this is why I tend to stay away from public ranges. I miss going (about 2 1/2 hours trip) to an Isaac Walton range in WV that must have been at about 3000 ft. elevation. Many times, we were the only ones there. One time, though, when we nearly done, a gaggle (as in gag) of ATF agents showed up. BAD VIBES, MAN!

        Fortunately, this wasn’t the time we used a print of Arnold Schwarzenegger I made as a target…

  9. tdiinva: Where in Arlington is Westover? I used to be pretty familiar with NVA, but things have changed a lot since I’ve hung out there. It’s been decades, really. For a little while, I lived in Arlington, a couple blocks from the Naval Annex building, easy walking distance to Bailey’s Crossroads.

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