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“McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna has asked the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to overturn a ruling by Waco’s intermediate appellate court that lifted a gag order in the case of a Hewitt man arrested in the Twin Peaks shootout,” reporter Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune-Herald reported Tuesday. The not-unexpected move comes on the heels of an Aug. 7 intermediate appellant court ruling that 54th State District Judge Matt Johnson “abused his discretion by imposing a media blackout on parties involved the case of a Hewitt man arrested after the Twin Peaks shootout.” . . .

The Truth About Guns noted yesterday that autopsy reports on nine bikers killed in the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout did not include ballistic reports, leaving open questions of who fired fatal shots. That’s despite the ATF pledging to give those tests “top priority over other cases,” yet still not reporting results almost three months after the shootings.

The omission of that key information adds to concerns for the public’s right to know, especially considering Reyna’s cozy relationship with Judge Johnson, and past questionable practices by the DA’s office.

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  1. Personally I can only see one reason why they’d do this. That data must be completely damning to either the local PD, the ATF, or even both.

    We need to land on this case from space. We need legal experts crawl all over it with an electron micro scope. I bet we find another long chain of Federal abuses that eventually led to this.

      • +1
        The truth always comes out. The cover up is a always worse than the crime. That old adage my not apply here. I think it’s gonna stink really bad.

      • Yeah I hear what your getting at.

        And you know that’s why I just can’t stand social media anymore. It’s pretty much nothing but people posting crap like that. No real discussion of the issues. Just BS and noise.

    • +1

      something is really beginning to smell concerning this whole incident

      I would say that an outside agency needs to come in and take over the investigation but I stopped believing Fed agencies, all of them, long ago and that leaves just…..who?

      The more they try to conceal things the worse it’s going to be when the truth finally gets exposed.

        • Well sadly that would kill any legal legitimacy the investigation might have had if that happened. One piece of paper gets filed wrong and the entire case can be swung in the opposite direction.

          But hell, I can’t give you a good course of action either. The people who give a damn keep slamming themselves against the wall of the state’s power and the state just keeps changing the rules of the game as soon as the people can get some traction.

  2. Hiding information is an elusive strategy for which is most always of no good. The argument is to protect, but when only pieces are excluded, as in this case, there is a fairly high certainty the withholding of information allows for time for CYA development. The Prosecution is covering for something. This is the game.

  3. The “massive gunfight between biker gangs” narrative is weakening before our eyes and the police self defense narrative is collapsing completely. Nine bikers were killed, 17 others injured in a gun battle between cops and bikers, yet not one cop suffered a scratch? That’s kinda hard to believe.

    • Rival bikers bring deadly hardware to meet so they can enjoy coffee and brunch? They came armed for a war. They got one! Who cares who killed who? What’s the difference if they were shot in a gang fight or breaking into your garage to steal your bike. Dead is dead.

      • The unanswered question is whether they were actually “shot in a gang fight” or shot by police with a “shoot first, justify it later” attitude. The way the (huge number of) arrestees were treated and the ongoing information blackout has suggested there may have been some of the latter going on.

  4. Here is the thing. IF the proof comes out that the police illegally killed 9 people, then what?

    I bet not much would happen (from the government). I see citizen paybacks are a coming.

  5. Its a cover up of some kind; the only lawful thing thecould be trying to conceal is if they had an under cover agent/LEO involved. If that is not the motive it must be to hide to truth of a second Waco massacre

    • This is the first Waco massacre, the Davidians weren’t in Waco. Stop reading info wars/prison planet. You’re entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.

      • I seem to recall watching a whole bunch of news reports on my old ass 1980s TV way back in the actual 1980s that said it was in Waco, too…

      • The Branch Davidian incident has almost always been described in the mainstream press as happening in Waco. There’s nothing fringe about that description, even if it’s not entirely accurate.

  6. Lols, it took me until now to figure out what this “twin peaks” meant. I just figured there were some famous mountains near Waco or something.

    I miss bewbies…

  7. The nine dead have been in the ground for 3 months so the delay could only be due to them trying to fudge the facts.

  8. The DA and the cops are using the gag-order to control the narrative. Right now they get to have all the “truth” while denying defense attorneys and their clients an alternate voice. That’s an old ploy. The DA’s also using the excessively high bail to to sweat the jailed bikers into doing plea bargains just so they can get out of jail. He’s putting enormous pressure of innocent people who are watching their families and their livelihoods suffer. I think he’s hoping that he’ll make someone desperate enough that they’ll say whatever he wants them so say just to get out of jail. Happens all the time in Texas.

  9. So the Cops slaughtered bikers..(This TIME), most likely with a UC on the inside and most likely with guns from F&F.
    Ya can’t make this sheet up.

    There can be NO OTHER reasons for hiding Ballistics reports, putting a Gag on a Defendant and imposing a media blackout.

  10. Too bad for the ATF: it looks as if Codrea has uncovered another scandal. Will it be another Fast and Furious?

  11. If Swanton and Waco PD are scrubbing all of their public statements from social media it means that they are afraid that Broden will use their public statements to prove that the gag order is unfair to his client. The gag order issued to prevent contaminating possible jurors?

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