CZ USA Monday Morning Sneak Peek: 457 Varmint MTR
courtesy mfr

This week in CZ USA’s Monday Morning Sneak Peek series, a lead-up to SHOT Show (see last week’s post here), they’re teasing a gorgeous rimfire rifle. Seen here is the 457 Varmint MTR. It’s a heavy barrel, walnut stock variant in CZ’s new series that has replaced the 455 rimfire.

CZ USA Monday Morning Sneak Peek: 457 Varmint MTR
courtesy mfr
CZ USA Monday Morning Sneak Peek: 457 Varmint MTR
courtesy mfr
CZ USA Monday Morning Sneak Peek: 457 Varmint MTR
courtesy mfr

…and that lead photo one more time in case you want to click to enlarge:

CZ USA Monday Morning Sneak Peek: 457 Varmint MTR
courtesy mfr

That’s definitely a fantastic looking stock! I’m curious about the extra tight match chamber, too, but man I’m a tough sell these days for a non-threaded barrel. You too?


      • Keep in mind if the stock is correct for the free float… meaning you can put a skinny “trainer” barrel in any stock, but ya can’t put a .920 bull barrel in the “trainer” stock.

        Also it only cost me $50 to have my gunsmith thread the barrel on my 455 Varmint (20″ bull barrel).

    • .22 Mag? Consider the Browning T-Bolt in .22 Magnum. I picked up one last summer in the heavy barrel and mounted a Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24 x 50 on it in time to catch a colony of prairie dogs sunning themselves during MT rifle season (no luck with my elk permit this year…however, there were lots of prairie rats harvested). It is a tack driving SOB with Hornady 30 gr .22 WMR…quite a few KIA’s out to 400 yards…the Vortex EBR_2C reticle makes walking rounds in almost too easy.

      • indeed. i have lusted after a tbolt for years. that was the original plan.
        choices. seems i’ve heard the ol’ tbolt’s been discontinued…? and a childhood pal has just been hired up in rice lake (henry) so we’ll see what that yields.
        scratch and ding sale?

        • My .22 Mag T-Bolt is new manufacture. Have a Henry in .22 S-L-LR that is a hoot for cleaning pigeons out of the barn using CCI CB Shorts.

          You can’t go wrong with either the Browning or Henry…wish you the best of luck on getting an “amigo” deal!

    • Consider yourself blessed as a lefty. Righties fight over the handful of right-handed 452s that are oddly still trickling out of CZ. I have two 452 Americans – one LH and one RH – that were far more accurate out of the box than my 455 Varmint. My experience seems to be pretty common. I hope the 457 is an effort to return the line to the accuracy and quality of the 452. Based on what I have heard of the 457, I have some serious doubts but I still retain some hope. Kind of feels like an effort to further reduce production costs at the expense of quality.

  1. A suppressor on a .22 rimfire, say what? Whatever…. I do like a quality .22 rimfire rifle, they have a lot going for them, low noise, accurate, cheap to shoot and a developer of good habits. I’d rather have a good .22 rimfire,then a good AR type firearm.

      • Ruger used to. They can still be found on gunbroker.
        Having one would be a trifecta for me as I have the 10-22 and the .44 mag.

        Or if money is of little or no object, you could get a Volquartzen .22 mag.

        • Hey Tom! I’m with ya. Got the .44 mag, and 3 10/22s set up in different configurations. .22 mag would be sweet!

    • Possum is right on all aspects in today’s shooting. Unless you need too reach out to 200-250 yds a 233 is still cheap but 308 is a total waste unless your deer hunting or hogs. 22 LR Rule and a 17 HMR does a very good job on smaller targets. see youtube before you buy any of them. Cheers and all the best

  2. I started reading this thinking it was a .457 caliber rimfire. I guess my brain wasn’t properly engaged. Sure is a pretty rifle.

  3. I had a CZ 455 Varmint that I used strictly for target shooting, I had no issues with the accuracy. I traded in for a 10/22 target model, mostly for the wealth of options to play around with. Accuracy was basically similar.
    Now that I’ve seen the 457 Varmint MTR, the 10/22’s days are numbered; The 457 MTS is just plain beautiful in my eyes. And given the insane cost of most suppressors, I can live without a threaded barrel


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