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Like last year, Angus Hobdell, CZ pro shooter and co-owner of CZ Custom, was kind enough to give us a tour of CZ Custom’s SHOT Show booth to show off the new products for 2016. Video tour is above, and photos of some of the new offerings follow . . .

CZ Custom does worked-over CZs for everything from concealed carry to competition, and they’re all nicely tuned and butter smooth. I think it’s this P-09 that catches my interest the most.


I dig the rear sight in front of the optic. Lone Wolf offers that in their replacement GLOCK slides and it’s cool to see it on a CZ as well.

The CZ 75 Shadow Long Slide isn’t actually new, but I sure do love the looks of the standard frame with the extended, but not tapered slide.


A ‘spec-ops’ style SP-01 Shadow with CZ Custom threaded barrel and Picatinny rail rear sight replacement. Now the standard Shadow can be run in Production Optics division.


That rail has a rear sight blade cut into it. Hopefully they’ll be selling the rail sight separately for those who want to pop it onto an existing CZ.


Pro-Tek I or II. De-horned P-01 with or without rail and intended for carry. I dig the “tri-topped” slide.


CZ Custom is making a lot of Scorpion Evo replacement parts as well. 2-port compensator, stainless steel fluted barrel (threaded with both the standard Evo threads and 1/2×28 threads), trigger shoe, hammer, disconnector, and sear.

DSC04492 DSC04491


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  1. “That rail has a rear sight blade cut into it. Hopefully they’ll be selling the rail sight separately for those who want to pop it onto an existing CZ.”

    They do. Its already on the CZ Custom sight for 56 bucks. The parts listing says it fits standard CZ75b’s and almost all the 75 variants, not just the Shadow.

  2. CZ custom is kind of pissing me off. They “added” their trigger job to the 75 Shadow and jacked the prices up 500 bucks. I have a 75 Shadow from two years ago cost me $750. All I added was lighter springs, an extended firing pin (the stock one would actually jam into the channel if the firing pin spring was too light). The “short reset” in a shadow is just an original larger dis-connector from a pre B CZ that I put in myself for $25. I have most of the same upgrades they did on the new shadow and I’m into if for 450 less (3.5 / 7 lb trigger and will set off ALL primers and crazy short reset)
    FYI the oversize dis-connector really reduces the tolerances for resetting the trigger, if I was ever to carry my shadow I would put the standard one back in. I have had a chance to shoot a few of the higher end CZs such as accu shadows and my honest opinion is just get a standard SP01 shadow (or 75 if they were still available) and slap in an extended firing ping and new dis-connector and springs and you covered 90% of the gap between a normal shadow and the breathed on CZ custom stuff.

    • They pissed me off too. I sat on the waiting list for 9 months for an SP01 shadow that I wanted to upgrade myself over time. When I called they said they would only sell me a shadow custom for $500 more, and that all shadows in the foreseeable future coming in were slotted for custom models. I don’t understand why they list a stock CZ pistol and take orders for them if they have no intentions of delivering them.

      Fed up, I went a different route, which I should have done from the beginning, and called David at Cajun Gun Works and got a pistol within a few weeks. Since then, I have ordered a few guns from David; he does amazing work.

  3. Not sure why CZ USA is holding the US shooters to ransom. They should bring in the SP-01 Shadow. We still get the regular Shadow (Canada) which is a fine pistol without any mods, I prefer the rail less frame and have 2 x 85c, a 75 Shadowline, a New Edition as well as a 97B. All perform great. Stick to a M&P for IDPA though, Just love to shoot CZ`s



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