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I like it! CZ’s new Scorpion 3+ has more modern aesthetics, improved ergonomics, and controls that are more familiar to U.S. shooters. Here’s the press release . . .

Kansas City, KS – The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 set the standard for large format 9mm pistols. The new CZ Scorpion 3+ builds on those proven features, adding customer-requested upgrades. The fully redesigned pistol not only improves the Scorpion’s ergonomics and user-friendly operation, but it incorporates advanced materials that are tougher and lighter than before.

Ambidextrous controls are the gold standard in modern firearm design. In addition to the ambi safety found on the EVO 3, the Scorpion 3+ includes an ambidextrous bolt catch allowing for the user to operate it left or right-handed. The new AR-style mag release is accessible on both sides. The operation of the 3+ is now super intuitive – essential in high-stress situations!

The new ergonomic grip design makes it a more comfortable shooting experience for the user. The M-LOK® handguard is now upgraded from aluminum to polymer to reduce heat transfer.

A slimmed-down upper receiver accommodates more options when attaching different accessories to replace the end cap. A redesigned magwell is resized, adding more purchase on the handguard for large or gloved hands. The adjustable four aperture aluminum sights are updated to deliver lower 1/3 co-witness with popular red dots, providing a better sight picture and reliable backup.

CZ added recessed texture to the magazine for positive purchase during reloads. Users will also notice a locking window on the mag body that accommodates the new AR-style mag release. New Scorpion 3+ magazines are also compatible with previous generations of the Scorpion.

The micro features a 4.2-inch cold hammer-forged barrel is threaded 1/2×28 and comes equipped with a removable flash can. The micro is an extremely compact pistol for maneuverability in tight quarters. The newly redesigned Scorpion 3+ pistols build on the success of the original’s proven features with enhancements throughout the gun.

CZ Scorpion 3+ Pistol Features:

    • Ambidextrous bolt catch
    • Ambidextrous mag release
    • Upgraded grip design
    • Enhanced sights
    • Redesigned polymer handguard
    • Improved upper and lower receiver
    • New magazines, backwards compatible with Scorpion EVO 3 models

CZ Scorpion 3+ Micro Pistol Specifications:

    • SKU: 91420
    • Caliber: 9mm Luger
    • Magazine Capacity: 20 Rounds
    • Magazine Type: Double stack polymer
    • Frame/Slide: Fiber-reinforced polymer
    • Sights: Adjustable, Aluminum
    • Grips: Polymer, adjustable for reach to the trigger
    • Barrel: 4.2 in, Cold hammer-forged, threaded 1/2×28; (micro)
    • Weight: 4.7 lbs.
    • Overall Length: 14.63-inches
    • Height: 8.9-inches
    • Width: 2.4-inches
    • Safety: Ambidextrous thumb safety
    • MSRP: $1,299

About CZ-USA

Since 1997, CZ-USA has offered American shooters and hunters the best firearms the Czech Republic has to offer. In 2019, CZ-USA completed yet another milestone by producing CZ firearms here in the United States at CZ-USA’s Kansas City, Kansas, facility. With the aid of this new production capability, CZ-USA will continue to improve, innovate, and add to the CZ-USA line-up of high-quality, affordable handguns, rifles, shotguns, plus custom-quality handguns from Dan Wesson. See how CZ-USA can make your shooting better, easier and a lot more fun at


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  1. Curious as to how well optics hold zero with a polymer hand guard. I second the 10mm option!

    • Direct blow back on this! Are you sure you want it in 10mm ? > B&T, “the APC10 Pro utilizes a hydraulic buffer system to drastically reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise.” (cost $2700) Or a MP5/10, you’re doubling the price of a CZ.

    • …‘take your worthless self…’ writes the drug and alcohol addicted fatso who’s done literally nothing for society, while taking so, so much from me and every other producer. Do everyone a favor and drive your rascal into traffic. Bonus, you’ll be reunited with everyone who would miss you🖕👅.

    • Nobody Cares, That was inappropriate. After all, I’m sure someone is concerned for you. Even if it is only your mother. Why don’t you get out of the basement and visit for a few minutes.

        • avatarJust Kidding, Nobody Cares
          March 14, 2022 At 16:56
          But telling someone to kill themselves is appropriate? 🖕🤡!

          ⬆️🤪 HEY LOOK EVERYONE!
          What we have here is the TTAG comment section equivalent of a mentally deranged person who spends years darting out from between parked cars to cross busy streets (NEVER looking), than 😭s like a little girl when a truck hits them.
          Adjust your meds 🤡.

          This shape-shifting 🐒🤡troll loser lacks anything that could possibly be construed as self-awareness.

  2. Oh, back to the weapon. Overly large for a handgun for the intended purpose. I didn’t read the article in detail, but I didn’t see a shoulder stock, or a full auto selector switch. I love a good SMG. This ain’t it.

    • Gadsden- Garand Thumb web site on you tube would show intended purpose. He SBR tax stamped his, as you’ll see why. With ATF’s stated intentions, it’ll be interesting what happens to all those pistol braces sold. He (and many others)had made some of these changes already.

    • I agree, there is a definite place for the 9mm subgun, but these stockless semi-autos? Don’t they just do the same thing a Glock 19 does, but cost more and are bigger and harder to shoot?

        • Thanks, I was just wondering if I was missing something. Put a laser on it and shoot from the hip? Add a brace and wish the brace were actually long enough to shoulder it properly? Illegally convert it to full auto? I appreciate that some people want it and more power to them, I just don’t “get” it. Wait, I know — pay the $200 and SBR it — that would be worthwhile for me.

      • Longer sight radius, more velocity out of a longer barrel if it has one, stocked or braced there are more points of contact for more stability.

        Some of us just like subgun looks but can’t pay subgun prices.

        In my case the wife liked it’s looks, so I got a newish gun and it didn’t count against me 😉

  3. So is it new, or is it improved? Kinda hard to be both at the same time, isn’t it?

  4. Hope that’s high-temperature polymer they’re using or it’ll be gooey hardguard time after a few magdumps.

    • The whole thing is high temp polymer. Has been for over a decade, no meltdowns. The design concentrates heat in the barrel and trunnion, to the point that you can now 3d print the clamshell and build your own. Good luck finding a bolt, though.

  5. This is a painfully mediocre glock-like announcement. The people really wanted delayed action.

  6. Can anybody explain exactly what is the use for this weapon in the hands of civilians? A MICRO pistol with TWENTY rounds ?? You are having a bloody laugh over $US1200? What the hell for/ Over four and a half pound in weight? The only way it can possibly be fired is two handed A pistol weighing that much for SELF DEFENCE. Where do you intend carrying the bloody useless bit of junk. Whatever it’s described as it’s a BLOODY SUB MACHINE GUN in all but name.
    For self defence NOBODY needs anything more than a good 9mmSLP or a .38 revolver. ITalk from experience a an ex – Sargeant UK Forces Small Arms Instructor/Coach of many years in the Royal Air Force and later in the UK Infantry Reserves.
    Nobody actually NEEDS, as opposed to merely wanting, anything more than a Browning Hi-Power 9mm though they are by now I suppose a little long in the tooth. Go with the professionals I say . And the Professionals worldwide overwhelmingly use 9mm SLP’s in one guise or another. Including ALL of NATO which all use NATO Standard 9mm Parabellum ammo.
    I simply cannot understand why Americans , or more truthfully the inadequate American, is so easily fooled by the US Arms industry into buying all this basically high priced useless EGO BOOSTING junk.

    • My friend said to me, “Who needs thirty bullets in a gun?” I said, “A young black woman home with her kids when a pickup full of Ku Klux Klan pulls up.” He looked at me blankly, so I followed up with “A rancher fixing his fence when a pack of wolves comes out of the tree line.” He said the woman could just run out the back door.
      This is the mentality we are dealing with.

    • Well Sarge, you’re entitled to your opinion, and that is all it is. And by the way, it is 9mm, just like you believe it should be. PS: A machine gun is FULL Auto, I’m sure you know; this is not.

    • So Albert – you only fire your Glock one handed ? Never with 2 ? you’re just awesome.
      In this country we can buy what we want in firearms, just might have to license & pay a tax on a few versions. Amazing how something so useless sells so well here. There are some states that don’t like “Happy Sticks” (30 rnds or more) in most others we can by 50 or 100rnd drum of a store shelf. – Because we can. Get over it. Don’t like it – Stay Put !
      So you understands it use ->”” Enjoy!
      His original was a “Pistol” with a brace. G.T. decided to keep it and SBR & silencer it with a couple tax stamps.

    • Crimson Pirate -> “Pisses them off” – Exactly ! ! ! And because I can !

      Maybe the Limey should watch a few of our ops dudes put it though it’s paces. Garand Thumb is just one.

  7. Looks darn nice, I wonder if they may consider marketing it, in the new 30 Super caliber? More capacity, less recoil . . Sounds like a winning combination for a firearm like this! Oh yeah, how about a 6-6.5” barrel version, or offered as an option?

    • Daniel S. – Comes in Micro(4″), Pistol(7.75″),Carbine (16″) Best if a brace is included or just SBR it for the shorter ones.

  8. Awfully expensive for a direct blowback gun with no delay/locking mechanism.

    (And for the people clamoring for this in 10mm or 30 carbine or whatever – it’s pretty obvious you have no idea how direct blowback works or why a hotter cartridge isn’t practical in this setup).

    • Dude, I didnt say it had to be the exact same op system. Just the format…there is a void in the market for a good 10mm ppc/pistol that is affordable and obtainable. The 3k version that BnT used to offer….yeah, not so much.

    • It’s kind of obvious if a manufacturer built a 10mm option it would be designed for it.

  9. Probably primarily due to the popularity of the 9. And big companies are loathe to do much in the realm of “new and innovative” when they make plenty off of the guaranteed sells. But CMMG sells a ton of their Banshee in 10…but it sucks because it destroys the brass.

  10. Actually it does not come in those sizes, as those are not the 3+ version, those are the EVO versions; they are not entirely the same . . .I am aware of those models.

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