Magnum Research pre-distressed BFR in .45-70 (courtesy instagram)
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In the video below, a chilled Magnum Research minion fires a pre-distressed Magnum Research BFR (Big Framed Revolver) chambered in .45-70. The company’s giving one away to a lucky Instagram follower. Wait. What? Who wants a new revolver that’s made to look like it was abused and neglected? Someone who wants to scare an observer into thinking his revolver’s gonna blow up? Anway, good luck with that.

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  1. Fender makes a series of guitars called “Relics” that appear to be heavily worn guitars. They cost four times more than the same guitar in new condition!

    What kind of dork wants a new product that looks old? I can do that same thing myself with a couple of years of using it carelessly. Sheesh!

    A fool and their money …..


    • The jeans market does well with people who have more money than sense.

      The revolver market can probably do the same*. (I like em too guys, calm down)

  2. Why anyone would want to shoot a handgun in .45-70 escapes me completely. Kind of in the class of the Ruger (I think) in M1 Carbine. Though by the way he shot it, it may be that a short barreled S&W 500 might be worse. I’ve got nothing against the round–a .45-70 with a 24″-30″ barrel is something I’d like to own–just the platform.

  3. >Pre-stressed revolver

    For the hipster who’s into the whole “carry” thing, and wants a worn-looking weapon to match his worn-looking jeans….

  4. Also, that really looks terrible… Does no one at Magnum Research actually know what a worn revolver looks like? Because I’ve seen many worn firearms in my day, and none have looked like they were PVC under cheap black paint, the latter of which attacked with a screwdriver and steel wool…

  5. This is Magnum Research, the company that blessed us with such objets d’art as the Gold Plated Tigerstripe Desert Eagle.

    Nobody should find it surprising that they built a .45-70 revolver, painted it with white Krylon, dragged it behind a pickup truck for several miles, and then put it up for sale.

  6. Looks like a laquered Crossman Pellet gun I had when i was a kid.

    This is beyond my comprehension

    To each his own….

  7. That is undoubtedly the ugliest gun I have ever seen in my life. It looks like a kid’s toy left out in the yard all winter.

  8. I know nothing about the guy in the vid but I assume he’s shot a revolver before. The fact that he hit with his first round, missed with the next three, then got it back on target leads me to think this thing is a flinch inducing nightmare.

  9. We are missing the bigger picture entirely. Unless you distress a 45-70 revolver it’s only going to look “test fired” FOREVER.

  10. I have a 45-70 BFR. Got it to match my Guide Gun. Suprisingly, recoil is on a par with a .44 Mag, maybe a little milder, depending on how you load it. But, it has a 7.5″ barrel and weighs just under 5 pounds. Love shooting it, had to start handloading 45-70 to feed it. Amazing revolver.

  11. The BFR is a pretty interesting piece. Might actually have some practical use as a woods defense gun, since if you’re getting charged by a bear you’ll probably only have enough time for one shot anyways; might as well make it with a .45-70.

    As far as the fake patina goes, the only gun I’d do that to is an AK. Almost seems like a crime to have one without that battlefield look.


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