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Slain NYPD officers (courtesy

By ctsheepdog

It’s been three years since the NYPD lost an officer while on duty. No matter the circumstances of this assassination, its timing, causes, etc., this one is going to hurt the NYC area for quite some time. So, how soon before someone says THIS is another reason for greater gun control measures? How long before some misguided idiot, eager to exploit this senseless loss, decides to use it to make an irrelevant point that fits their narrative? I am sure it will come, and when it does, someone should be ready to remind that fool and their followers that . . .

1) The killer was a convicted, serial felon having most recently served time for felony illegal gun possession.

2) The killer first had his pistol in Maryland, a high gun rights restriction state, where he shot his ex girlfriend.

3) The killer brought that illegally owner handgun across state lines from MD to NYC without the strict gun laws in DE, PA, NJ nor NY making him think about violating those laws for a single minute. How much deterrence did those laws pose?

4) Irrespective of the pistol’s legality and the killer’s apparent scoffing at the existing gun laws, he fired a number of rounds that could be held in a single “standard capacity” magazine that might otherwise be legal in NJ, NY and CT. How effective was the 10-round mag limit at giving these officers a chance to defend themselves?

So, we should soon have some idiot either say, post or tweet on Sunday that stronger gun laws could have prevented this senseless assassination. Watts? Blumenthal? Murthy? Bloomberg? Someone else? But when that first idiot decides to speak out, let’s all be ready to remind them that, contrary to their arguments, this convicted, serial felon was not deterred for a moment by some of the strongest gun laws in the country.

In a sane world, the above list of particulars should be enough to convince even the most dedicated gun-grabber that this is a bad example to try to use to their advantage, but I am confident that they won’t be able to help themselves. Wait for it….

Here it is! Check out this comment by Steven D under a post on the shooting:

The NRA fought and worked so hard to bring into being, a world where everyone is afraid of everyone else and gun sales increase, and cops are ambushed, and women are shot by their abusers, and people of color are killed by police at rates approaching the era of lynchings.

I am ashamed of my county, and of so many of my fellow citizens, for buying into this deliberate attempt to polarize the nation, and to make gun violence a daily news story in every media market.  I am ashamed at everyone who has contributed to letting the NRA and its fellow travelers on the right get away with inciting death, murder, the militarization of the police and the continual sale of firearms to people who have no need for them, but buy them only out of fear.

So far, the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Facebook page simply says “our sympathies are with their families on this sad day.” It’s only a matter of time . . .

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  1. The others will take any oppertunity given to wave the bloody shirt.
    Even the sencless murder of 2 cops.

    • I tend to disagree. On flip side, when stupid breaks into your house looking to jack your TV, it would be a blessing to society if his family tree stopped then and there.

  2. I think it’s getting to be time to call for religion control measures.

    If the government has deemed that certain guns are able to be restricted, then isn’t that similar to calling for restrictions on religions that advocate for and attempt to overthrow our government and that encourage the murder of innocents?

  3. And of course nevermind that it’s communities with an acceptance of guns that seem to be less fearful and that the panicked fear of guns deliberately instilled through anti gun propaganda does more to make everyone afraid of everyone else.

    It’s like they are trying to win by simply exhausting us by stepping up the repetition of their lies. It is starting to get tiresome and depressing.

  4. Anyone ever notice that criminals tend to have older guns? Like super old police trade ins and beat up pawn shop revolvers… I’ve heard that black market guns sell for something like 100 dollars and it would appear that not many are being lost or confiscated from criminals.

  5. This case will be used as “proof” that no armed citizen could ever defend themselves, since even these highly trained cops were not able to. Therefor, they should not be allowed to try.

  6. ” people of color are killed by police at rates approaching the era of lynchings.”

    Ummmm….the killer was BLACK, the cops were Hispanic and Asian…..
    Wanna explain that to me?

    • It may be- and I don’t want to get ahead of myself here- that young Ismaaiyl was not particularly bright.

    • The cops must have been a WHITE Asian and WHITE Hispanic scoping out black victims to execute and this hero now martyr stopped them. This is CNN.

      Sarcasm off.

      • And if the majority of the crimes are committed by blacks, should the blacks nevertheless be arrested/shot/stopped from committing crime at the lesser white rate because their quota would be filled?

    • Wait, didn’t the Kosians once claim to live in some sort of reality-based community? Did they move?

  7. Yep, I’m expecting The Usual Suspects to come out with The Same Tired List sometime this afternoon.

    Since the NYC cops are going to start “Selective Enforcement”, I’ll bet the biggest cottage industry there right now is making whatever improvised weapons they can and frantic attempts to acquire a handgun.

  8. Steven D used an interesting and overlooked expression that shows the lefts tactics. He said, “the NRA and its fellow travelers on the right.” For those who don’t know, the expression ‘fellow travelers’ refers to subversive elements in the US (typically Communists) who desire to overthrow the government. Meanwhile, he dresses gun control and himself as patriotic by referring to the left as ‘fellow citizens.’ The new patriotism stems from the 1960’s hatred of the Establishment. Having become the new establishment, the leftists are seeking to end any discourse or dissent by painting the right as monsters and non fellow citizens. Good is called evil and evil is called good.

    • Thanks David B, The phrase rang a bell deep in my mind but I couldn’t remember. Oh how easy it is for the left/progs to spin and co-opt anything they want to [feebly] make their case.

  9. I think some of the antis are trying to be a bit less hysterical lately, witness the article from HuffPo posted here a couple of days back, and a similar article from Slate posted the week before. So maybe the “Moms” non-reaction will be about the most that will be seen from all but the most radical antis. Besides, this kind of thing has put the progressive gun-grabbers ( yes, I know it’s redundant, but there’s a purpose) between a gun-grabbing rock (“Trained police are the best protection, so only the police should have guns”) and a progressive hard place (“The police are a bunch of trigger-happy racists randomly shooting down defenseless black men”).

    • Well, the obvious answer, from a leftist position; is that no one has a gun, even the cops.

      This is actually in the stated UN position on armaments and who should have control of them. One of their stated policy points is that your average street cop would not carry a gun. Only a very special body of federal/world police and military would have weapons, every one else would be disarmed.

      I would not be surprised if this current narrative by the Powers That Be of the common street cop as targeting minorities for “murder” is laying the groundwork to make this policy point a reality.

      • Yeah, the UK is having so much success with that! Robbers, rapists, knife murderes running rampant, but they give prison time to a poor old sod that supposedly didn’t have his gun safe properly locked when they came to “inspect” his house, and another man, a veteran that had a small collectible handgun he hadn’t turned in for destruction. The bobbies hide and call for backup, wait until the elite CWAG (cop with a gun) shows up. Most crime isn’t even reported, people know nothing will be done even if the perp if arrested he’ll be back on the street before dinner gets cold. Yeah, that’s what we need here. Do you notice the UN is now controlled by coutnries where de facto dictators stay in power by controlling their citizens? That’s why they’re pushing this disarmament agenda,

  10. “The NRA fought and worked so hard to bring into being, a world where everyone is afraid of everyone else and gun sales increase, and cops are ambushed, and women are shot by their abusers, and people of color are killed by police at rates approaching the era of lynchings.”

    What they always fail to mention is that murders are down by 50%, and are now at 1950’s levels. The rate of killings of blacks by cops is also down by half.

    The people who’ve been whipping up this hysteria over what should have been a couple of local crime stories have blood on their hands, and those people include Holder, Obama, DeBlasio, Sharpton and the media.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t hold bad or incompetent cops accountable, but this myth of an increase in killings of minorities is only getting more people killed and injured, and costing untold millions of dollars.

    • Yeah, murders and general gun violence is down (along with most violent crime) while the number of firearm owners, first-time buyers and civilian-owned firearms has gone through the roof. If there were ever an agrument against more guns = more violence, it would that simple observation.

  11. You would actually expect logic from the people who actually encourage schoolchildren to commit multiple felonies, and put themselves in mortal danger, by stealing their parents’ guns, taking them to school, and turning them in to their teachers?

    • Truth be told, no one is more cognizant of the astounding capacity for self-contradiction inherent in leftist doctrine than I am, altho on occasion I can still be taken by surprise. ( I actually figured that the folks who were pushing a half-term senator for the Chief Executive of the nation were hardly in a position to complain about the lack of experience of a former mayor and governor running for a mainly ceremonial office). But I am thinking that there is perhaps a limit to that kind of thing for those “mainstream” leaders who still have at least one functioning brain cell.

    • Chip,

      I’m sorry that I watched that. That was one of the stupidest, lamest “messages” that I have ever seen. That lad will feel safer when he’s imprisoned for the crime of bringing a loaded pistol to school. Or, maybe not. And, he couldn’t come up with a better, safer way to “get rid of the gun”? Puh-lease.

      • I’m sorry that I watched that.

        You, me, and everyone else with a brain. This is the state-of-the-art in anti-gun propaganda, and it’s an enormous, epic fail – and one that very well may get some kid killed.

          • Seems like an appropriate message for the target audience, although it is doubtful that the target audience would ever have much of a chance to see it, and I doubt it would hit paydirt even if that audience were to see it.

            Given that I’m not part of that target audience, I don’t really have much more thought on it.

  12. We have NO desire to overthrow the government, never have, never will. We simply wish to reboot it to it’s original intent and purpose, correct it into a working system that serves the citizens. Nothing evil, illegal, or unsconstitutional about that, in fact quite the opposite. Only proves how messed up the current people in power are that they are so afraid of that, they must demonize a group of patriots.

    I cannot remember the NRA ever advocating violence, class warfare, racial disparity, or religious divisions. Those things have all come from the anti-gunners, liberals, race baiters, and our elected officials, including the president.

  13. Would love to see all leftys an “conservatives” spend 10 min on a range. An one day in battle training with the armed forces. An a 2 week crashing in depth study of the constitution, and our founding. As well as the bill of rights, an a 🙂 20min thriller on a paint ball course against ex special forces.

    An similar to like Germany I would like all kids at 18 to be included in the military.
    (18yo get a 2year enlightenment enlisting, in USA) if they refused they will get to finish their 2 years in a minimum security military “institution” an spending some time like AWOLS working. An also like AWOLS they get a dishonorable discharge. . . The only exception to avoid enlightenment enlisting is to get on a police or fire fighters “track”. Or being put on scholarship would delay the enlisting also being given a sports contract would be allowed in the avoidance.

    (I would like imo to see some enlightenment enlisting “rules” taking place by say 2016ish)

    Those with a dishonorable discharge cant be politicians either.

    These police officers were “ambushed.” An I thought picked at random. They should be honored, not touted for anti gun rights, an negative agendas. They were heroes who died by ambush in the line of duty. If anything those with criminal backgrounds should be kept in jail an on short leashes.
    Speaking of criminals, those on death row should not get a final meal of there choices, sterile needles, an coddling, an 20 years waiting for death.

  14. I’m still curious about the, um, religious affiliation of this disturbed man. He offed himself without being trapped. Not the usual MO for spree killers. It sounds like it happened so quickly, that he could’ve gotten away without being tied to the murders.

  15. The weird thing is that I’ve seen comments from cops in Australia, UK, etc who respond to this incident as if the gun is the problem and… I’m paraphrasing an actual quote here… “I’m sure glad we don’t have the right to bear arms!”

    Just makes me shake my head.

    • Hi Hannibal, I’m an Australian cop, 30 year career – and I promise you that we aren’t glad about having no 2A rights!!!! Also, we are a long way different from the UK here. I’ve heard they are unarmed on patrol there? If the government pulled that one here, forget it. Whoever posted a comment like you described, I’d say they do not represent in any way, what the actual felling here is.

  16. Are we afraid to say that someone who believes something they read and carries our violence then commits suicide is crazy?

    Are we afraid to ask what is wrong that Brown had to manhandle a store owner or rush an officer?

    Are we afraid to say why the police didn’t just write Garner a ticket and leave the scene?

    Can you instead of defending your “stand your ground” position, which I believe in, realize that perhaps Martin was scared and felt threatened by someone following him? Only person who didn’t belong there that night was Zimmerman. Disagree?

    Can you imagine each of these situations from another perspective. The media gives us one. Here we hate it when they say “the gun went off.” Can you apply the same scrutiny and benefit of the doubt for five minutes just to see?

    You know some cops are racist. You know some cops aren’t.
    If you’ve never met a power mad cop who was your same race who treated you unfairly for a traffic violation, I’m surprised.
    You know some people are low life slackers. Problem is, if you think all people of a color or religion or class are.

    People have a right to demonstrate. What can you do to change what their grievance is? No one is condoning looting!

    You know all frat boys aren’t rapists. You know personally some guys who would take advantage of a drunk girl. So do something about the problem. No one has to prove it to you. You know.

    • Can you instead of defending your “stand your ground” position, which I believe in, realize that perhaps Martin was scared and felt threatened by someone following him?

      Factually, demonstrably untrue. Martin evaded Zimmerman’s visual contact before Zimmerman ever got out of his vehicle, and had about 4 minutes to go 430 feet to the home where he was staying. Martin didn’t go home. Instead, he either remained in ambush, or circled back to accost Zimmerman.

      Martin was in no way frightened of Zimmerman that night.

      And even if he had been, that fear was not reasonable, and did not in any way justify the use of force in self-defense against Zimmerman, who had not threatened the use of unlawful force against Martin.

      Only person who didn’t belong there that night was Zimmerman. Disagree?

      Disagree. Zimmerman was somewhere that he was lawfully and in every other way allowed to be.

      As was Martin, for that matter. Nothing unlawful happened until Martin assaulted Zimmerman.

  17. good article, ctsheepdog, …

    kos is only only one level of crazy higher on the leftist evolutionary scale, than say, Democratic Underground, where Journolistas go for stories to phone in to Raw Story or Rolling Stone, which I’d put at roughly the amphibian level for thinking ability…

    You have to give Moulitsa credit, he figured out how to use the innertubz to tap the ‘crazy’ on the left, in the famous PTBarnum way; “There’s a sucker born every minute…”

    • And thanks for he reminder, as I haven’t read kos in awhile.
      My guess is the smell of hysteria is in the sewers there, and defections are mounting for the few with a clue…lol.

      And it might be worth dropping a hint, with a link, to TTAG, from time to time, even if just for entertainment when a jr troll shows up in a rage…

      Seriously, if you believe as Ralph says, that we are in a Culture War, and agree with the brilliant Andrew Breitbart, that in order to change politics you must shape the culture, then being ahead of the left, in blogs, and elsewhere is part of the Work to do, bit by bit when you can, to do your part. Hearts and Minds, as they say.

      And a few “words of reason, empowered by FACTS delivered with passion, in a moral narrative” (h/t Ben Shapiro), is how you attract minds that are ready to break out of the high cognitive dissonance that is the sign of a liberal being mugged by reality on the way to becoming independent thinking/conservative,

      who btw, can quickly understand what the 2A right to self defense is all about…
      once finally freed from the Progtard Cult, or as I like to say, the Kool Kids at Kos Klub.

      “know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories…” ~ Sun Tzu

  18. Bullet point #3: owners should be “owned” & for all intents & purposes, PA is a free state. We do not have strict gun control laws here, just overzealous & extremely unprofessional cops in Philly that harass open carriers. No waiting period, no magazine limits, & shall issue cc license without any requisite training. Reciprocity with the surrounding states would be great, hope to see it in my lifetime.

  19. “So, how soon before someone says THIS is another reason for greater gun control measures?”

    It didn’t take long…Mrs. Watts, herself, has already taken to Twitter to call for the closing of “loopholes” that allowed the guy [a felon] to acquire a firearm [from a state with extensive “gun control” in place] even though the NY Times article she sourced made no mention of the guns origin, whether legal or [likely] not. So apparently a felon, who almost certainly acquired his handgun illegally, is using loopholes to buy a gun by circumventing the law entirely. Did he also use a “loophole” to illegally murder those officers? Honestly, they can’t possibly be this dumb.

  20. Much to do about nothing.

    There is NO “debate”… every law or word written, thought spoken, money given, gun collected, video submitted, promise of protection…means nothing when a criminal is standing before you ready to do harm if you do not comply with his demand. None of the above stops me from ending a criminals demand.

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