CT Office of The Child Advocate Sandy Hook Slaughter Report Calls for Gun Control

Adam Lanza (courtesy pbs.org)

The Connecticut’s Office of The Child Advocate has released its report on Adam Lanza (AL). The reports look at the care given the spree killer before he murdered 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. It starts with a call for gun control. “The conclusion cannot be avoided that access to guns is relevant to an examination of ways to improve the public health,” the authors assert. “Access to assault weapons with high capacity magazines did play a major role in this and other mass shootings in recent history . . .

Our emphasis on AL’s developmental trajectory and issues of mental illness should not be understood to mean that these issues were considered more important than access to these weapons or that we do not consider such access to be a critical public health issue.. .

And then, in virtually the same breath . . .

This report will identify missed opportunities in the life of AL. Authors underscore however that only AL was responsible for his murderous actions at Sandy Hook. There can be no direct line drawn between one entity or person’s actions and a mass murder. [Bold italics by the authors.]

As TTAG reader CJ points out in his email, “The authors advocate collectively punishing gun owners, even though they admit they didn’t study that aspect of this crime, and then just two short paragraphs later want to absolve the specific health care professionals who missed opportunities in Lanza’s care, because Lanza’s actions were his own.”

The intro states, “It is vital to note that AL was completely untreated in the years before the shooting and did not receive sustained, effective services during critical periods of his life.” The report chronicles some 16 years of failed, abandoned and incomplete treatment by dozens of mental health professionals and the school system.

When he was 14, AL’s parents and school officials sent AL to the Yale Child Center. The experts warned that without proper treatment, AL faced “a deteriorating life of dysfunction and isolation.” Both AL’s father and the school ignored Yale’s recommendations for “extensive special education supports, ongoing expert consultation, and rigorous therapeutic supports embedded into AL’s daily life.” Instead, the school placed AL on “homebound” status through his education plan, “a placement for children that are too disabled, even with supports and accommodations, to attend school.”

As the school abandoned AL, his father followed suit. You may not sympathize with the mass murderer’s plight prior to his heinous crime, but the boy suffered from OCD, anorexia, Asperger’s and plain old loneliness. Removed from society and all treatment, AL’s sense of isolation increased. AL became the proverbial nutter in the attic, only in the basement, playing violent video games and collecting clippings on mass murder. As far as his “caregivers” were concerned, AL was out of sight, out of mind. And, clearly, out of his mind.

The report’s timeline is so damning that the authors felt obliged to repeat their claim that the repeated failure by health care and education workers to treat AL – never mind treat him effectively – in no way indicates that they bear any responsibility for AL’s killing spree. Point 31 (of 37), once again bolded and italicized.

This report suggests the role that weaknesses and lapses in the educational and healthcare systems’ response and untreated mental illness played in AL’s deterioration. No direct line of causation can be drawn from these to the horrific mass murder at Sandy Hook.

And, in conclusion . . .

While authors describe the predisposing factors and compounding stresses in AL’s life, authors do not conclude that they add up to an inevitable arc leading to mass murder. There is no way to adequately explain why AL was obsessed with mass shootings and how or why he came to act on this obsession. In the end, only he, and he alone, bears responsibility for this monstrous act.

I’m not so sure. Let me put it this way: if I was one of the psychiatrists or educators who knew AL and did nothing to stop his slide into murderous madness I would not be sleeping well at night.

What’s more, the authors’ desire to absolve dozens of people who interacted with a clearly crazy AL does not bode well for the future. Yes, the report makes numerous recommendations to see that future AL’s don’t “slip” through the [wholly inadequate] mental health care net. But without real accountability, lessons will not be learned. History will be repeated. [h/t CJ]


  1. avatar Gordon Wagner says:

    Sandy Hook has more loose ends that a frayed rug. Have you ever heard of demolition workers being sworn to secrecy before? Or all material being pulverized *on site*? Do a web search on “Wolfgang Halbig” and read the questions he’d like answered regarding Sandy Hook.

    1. avatar Another Robert says:

      Well, Waco, Texas comes to mind. Site bulldozed within days; the metal door taken by the feds and then “lost”, never to be found to this date (it would have pretty clearly shown who fired through it, the Feds or the Davidians).

    2. avatar DGM says:

      I was very young when Columbine happened, but I do remember that the DEA, Secret Service nor the FBI being among the first on scene with tactical teams. The same thing with Aurora. The myriad of alphabet agencies that did get involved with Aurora and Columbine did so AFTER things had quieted down.

      1. avatar ropingdown says:

        “do remember that NEITHER the DEA” etc. Intended?

        1. avatar DGM says:

          Yes. You caught what I had intended. Not entirely sure why I just skipped over and left out neither.

    3. avatar pg2 says:

      Don’t even try that angle here, this site has agenda troll(s) which go full on ad hominem to anything questioning the official story line to anything from JFK to 9/11to sandy Hook.

      1. avatar The Senator says:

        That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Flight 370 still has yet to be found. At this point Aliens is the only logical explanation left. That plane was straight abducted.

        1. avatar TheBear says:

          Wouldn’t surprise me. Whether it was terrorists or aliens.

        2. avatar int19h says:

          You clearly haven’t been keeping up. That flight was found – it’s the one that was “shot down” in Ukraine, all to frame the rebels! ~

      2. avatar spartan says:

        Get a grip wizard.
        If you cannot see through all the gaping holes in Sandy Hook once you truly examine the facts, then you deserve to be reduced to the type of person that actually believes Lee Harvey did it all by himself.

      3. avatar Clown Syndrome says:

        Yea just believe the gov and the mainstream media. Because they never make shit up. Ever.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    [I]f I was one of the psychiatrists or educators who did nothing to stop Adam Lanza’s slide into murderous madness, I would not be sleeping well at night.

    Actually, if you were one of his psychiatrists or educators, you would have actually done something, unlike the bureaucrats and social parasites who did nothing and now seek to place blame on everybody else.

    1. avatar Roymond says:

      My thought also!

    2. avatar JasonM says:

      And that insomnia wouldn’t necessarily mean responsibility, just empathy and compassion.

      If a person standing next to you jumped in front of a subway, you’d probably have similar “what if?” insomnia, but you wouldn’t be responsible for the suicide.

      The school employees and psychiatrists who failed to help him are no more responsible for his actions than the clerk who sold his mother the guns he used.

    3. avatar ropingdown says:

      They all get paid. They all abjure responsibility. But a fact in point, the law does not enable most of those workers to enforce any of their prescriptions for the tracking and caring for AL.

      I’ll be blunt. I consider the parents responsible, Nancy most, but the father as well. He put his head in the sand, “here, have some money…I need to have a life with people I actually love, and I need to keep promotions coming.” Call me cynical.

      Who would I consider responsible if a severely developmentally-disabled teenager managed to get keys to the family car and drive around town until he crashed into a crowd? The parents.

      1. avatar James Miller says:

        No you blame the car, duh. It whispered to him from the driveway urging him to kill….oh wait, that bit only works if talking about guns? Dammit.

  3. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

    Out of 120 some odd pages, only one mention of gun control. I would call that fair and balanced.
    Also they are not coming back saying ban 30 round magazines, or demand registration. More to the point, knowing that this person was having mental issues, it seems like a safe assumption to assume that allowing such a person unfettered access to firearms, or any weapons for that matter with out supervision would be an issue.
    There are reports that suggest that AL was devolving and the mother was in a sense of denial. Key issues were ignored, and shouldn’t have been.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Only one. At the beginning of the report. Included why? Because guns.

    2. avatar Gary Lee says:

      They didn’t have to say it, Connecticut already passed it. No more AR sales, register the ones you have, failure to register, now you have become a felon. Want ammo? Now you need a state issued ammo permit to buy ammo. Good luck duck hunting if you forgot about this new infringement. Move here and have an AR? You have 90 days to sell it out of state, turn it in to the police or destroy the firearm. Magazines over 10 rounds must be registered. Caught with a mag over 10 rounds that isn’t registered with the state? Become a felon. Have that registered mag with you but have more than 10 rounds in it? Congratulations, you’re a felon. All because this little shit flipped his lid. All the failures in care for him aside, the liberal response of “ban all the guns” just seems more and more ridiculous in light of the facts that keep coming out. Did they forget he committed his first murder at home, stealing his mothers guns (2 felonies) before assembling his tactical kit and heading to the school. He trained for his mission by playing video games. He never even emptied a magazine, he switched them out gamer style to ensure he didn’t run out of bullets. Doesn’t matter. Gun Control, only thing that would have stopped this. Oh, by the way, the gangs in our cities haven’t seemed to be slowed down by all these laws at all, how can that be?

      1. avatar Rad Man says:

        Are you the same Gary Ree that is a frequent contributor to Gun Dudes?

      2. avatar James Miller says:

        And not one, not one, of those new laws would have changed the outcome of what went down and the one thing that could have prevented it, no one wants to acknowledge.

        Oh BTW, what the eff is “gamer style” when switching mags. I assume you mean switch-out the still-loaded mag that may be low with a new one but I hesitate to link video games with a style of shooting because I’d love to see someone “quickscope” a Barret .50BMG and hit a moving target if that’s the case.

        1. avatar brando says:

          Jerry Miculek is as close as it gets

      3. avatar Johnny says:

        Speaking of ARs… On the radio I heard a student commenting on the FSU shooting that “it sounded like an AR”

    3. avatar Erasmus says:

      Only one mention? I can find many more than that, See pages 77 et seq, and other places too numerous to mention here. Here’s a beaut, just as an example.

      “The conclusion that access to guns drives shooting episodes far more than the presence of mental illness is inescapable. Those countries that have tight gun controls in general experience less overall gun violence and have fewer episodes per capita of mass shootings.”

      1. avatar scoutino says:

        In other news, countries with no indoor plumbing experience much fewer bath tub drownings and bathroom accidents per capita.

    4. avatar Matt says:

      It doesn’t matter if it was one mention, an official report still suggests it as a viable solution.

      In the course of that suggestion, they also use incorrect terminology and terminology that had no legal standing at the time in CT. That rifle was CT compliant (pre PA13-3) as far as I can tell; that means it wasn’t an assault rifle. There was no legal definition of high capacity magazine in CT prior to PA13-3 as well.

      The audacity to use incorrect and factually misleading terminology that is designed to illicit fear in an official and factual capacity is beyond reprehensible. And they are not the only state agency that has done that, the governor, legislature, and state police right from the get go has done the same thing. Numerous requests I made to them to use proper terminology have been fruitless.

      That pisses me off more than anything. They heap dishonestly onto a tragedy in order to shift blame onto a group of people that had nothing to do with its manufacture. All because number one, the parents dropped the ball followed very closely by the state.

      The entire affair has been disgusting, dishonest, and secretive for no compelling reason.

  4. avatar Mud says:

    Why do we try to hold Penn State et al. responsible for not taking action when their was overwhelming evidence of wrong doing in the showers, but AL’s caregivers get a pass? Not my problem perhaps? Is this not the same?

    History will repeat.

    1. avatar Avid Reader says:

      Because guns. Fits the narrative.

  5. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    “…access to guns is relevant to an examination of ways to improve the public health…”

    I whole-heartedly agree. It was the school teachers’ and administrators’ access to guns, or rather, the lack thereof, that prevented them from stopping his killing spree and saving lives. Children are dead today because school employees were disarmed by legislatures.

    1. avatar NJ2AZ says:

      Considering they made a point of saying how the principal ran out of her office unarmed and was gunned down…you’d think at least a FEW people might get the idea that maybe if she had access to a weapon it could have gone down very differently.

  6. avatar The mayor of Candor says:

    Check spelling in headline.

  7. avatar Josh says:

    What else can they do to gun owners in Connecticut? Reduce magazine capacity to one round? Put in place a background check system that makes a TS/SCI security clearance investigation look like a walk in the park? Confiscate all of them? CJ also hit the nail on the head; they’re advocating collective punishment of people who had nothing to do with it and complete absolution for those in a position to have made a difference. Sad.

    1. avatar General Zod says:

      The only law that could’ve prevented this is if they made it illegal for someone to murder another person and steal their firearms.

      Oh, wait, that’s already illegal, isn’t it? Then driving to a school and shooting people should be made illegal.

      Oh wait…

  8. avatar former water walker says:

    Sorry everyone. Mom had custody and did little or nothing. Taught the crazy cretin to shoot and gave him carte Blanche to kill. And had plenty of $ to change the outcome. I agree we did NOT get the real story.

  9. avatar Yngvar says:

    He should never have been given that car. That was his means for mass murder.

    1. avatar Gene says:

      If his driver’s license was revoked or not even issued he couldn’t have drove! /sarc

  10. avatar pg2 says:

    Was wondering there the daily TTAG toeing the official Sandy Hook article was…..

  11. avatar NJ2AZ says:

    So you have someone is broken to the point where they decide they are going to murder 20 children.

    The solution these people propose to “solve” this problem is to try and prevent this broken person from obtaining 1 possible means of killing a large amount of people and they intend to try and do this by passing laws that would not actually be effective.

    i suppose it would be better if someday we’re dealing with school bombings or the crazies driving their cars onto the field at recess instead..or any other of the may ways one person can pretty easily kill many.. i mean, obviously the alternatives would be better than big scary guns!

    maybe its my engineer brain kicking in but this complete failure of problem diagnosis and solution makes my hair hurt…

  12. avatar ckirk says:

    Well, the report is partially correct. Access to firearms – more precisely the LACK of access to firearms – by anyone in the school had a major impact.

  13. avatar S.dogood says:

    just look at his damn picture that fucker was on some type of fucking drugs man and the ocd didnt help ( and befor the folks that are going to blame it on aspergers do a little research on it)

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Well, he wasn’t on prescription drugs, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t on drugs.

  14. avatar James Miller says:

    So nearly every person charged with his care missed and even contributed to his condition and poor mental health BUT GUNS! This is such a politically-biased piece of garbage. They scream for more background checks to keep guns out of the mentally-ill’s hands yet completely ignore cases where the system failed to red-flag these individuals as threats before they kill their mom and steal their guns. Shit some of these wackos write manifestos detailing their sick desires but again the system fails and another passes a BGC, buys/steals a gun and goes on a spree.

    This politically correct world is killing more people than ever before because people get too butt-hurt over every little thing. We’re too afraid to help people because it may hurt their feelings. Feelings, feelings, feelings, blah, blah, blah. I got my ass kicked on the playground just like every other scrawny little white boy and played violent video games growing up (the NES came with a gun!). To the Left, I should be a ticking time bomb but yet AL with all his issues, gets a pass in the mental department and was completely sane when he committed that crime, bullshit. Nobody, NOBODY, is of their right mind when they shoot up a school and nearly all recent mass shooters had histories of mental issues.

    But let’s target guns as the culprit. Let’s target the endgame and not the events leading up to it. Seems silly doesn’t it? For nearly all other crimes not committed with guns, it’s the criminals fault BUT toss a gun into the equation and suddenly the gun is the mastermind of the operation.

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      When has any government official, agency or people who work in the public sector ever admitted to a “mia culpa”?

      It is always someone or something else’s fault. Much of society has lost taking responsibility for themselves and their actions — they find some nonsense reason to blame themselves.

      Once in my lifetime I would like to the government (local, state or federal) say, you know, “We effed up, but here is what we will do to fix the problem” and not lay blame on someone else or pass some stupid useless law

  15. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Was there really a slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in December of 2012? The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Report for 2012 shows that Newtown, Connecticut police reported zero (0) homicides in 2012.

    Here is the relevant link:

    1. avatar preston says:

      dude, stfu with that shit, go watch alex jones

      1. avatar pg2 says:

        Nice response. Convincing.

        1. avatar Hannibal says:

          Conspiracy nuts will never be convinced by anything, especially evidence.

      2. avatar uncommon_sense says:


        I am 100% serious. Why has no one reported 25 murders for Newtown, Connecticut in 2012? What facts can you bring to bear?

        1. avatar Ing says:

          Everything that is already known about Sandy Hook is a fact that can be brought to bear. You have to balance things like this against all the solid information we do have.

          By itself, that omission in the FBI stats means virtually nothing. There are any number of simple, plausible explanations for it. (Clerical error, wishful thinking, cooking the stats by removing a “misleading” number, the state’s failure to submit data, etc., etc.)

          On the other hand, any attempt to prove that the massacre at Sandy Hook was faked — to counteract all the facts that are currently known — is going to involve so many unlikely assumptions and so much complicity on the part of so many people as to be completely absurd. Yet people insist on making the attempt. Support can be manufactured for almost anything if you put enough effort into making parts fit the desired end and ignore everything that doesn’t fit.

        2. avatar Clown Syndrome says:

          @Ing You have been duped. Completely. Just like most of the country. I’m sure that the FBI just happened to overlook the statistics for the worst recent mass-murder in American memory. Couldn’t be faked, huh? You accept the official story as gospel while being given exactly zero evidence. That is truly sad and pathetic. Meanwhile there is an orgy of circumstantial evidence to the contrary. Please investigate it and use some critical thinking. The whole thing was an op. Do you really believe obama was shedding real tears at that press conference? Freakin really?

      3. avatar Clown Syndrome says:

        @preston & Hannibal

        I’m sure you’ve bothered to look into the many amazing discrepancies in the case.
        You are beyond help. So go back to sleep. It would appear that’s what you’re best at.

        1. avatar Mark says:

          Lol.. faking a bunch of deaths was easy, but “forgetting” to add the deaths to the fbi crime report was that critical smoking gun. These conspirators could tie up a thousand loose ends, but that report.. wow.. just inpenetrable & impossible to affect.

    2. avatar CJ Minnesota says:

      Clearly you ONLY looked at the one page and were convinced. If you seriously looked at the report you would have figured out that the deaths were reported at the state level rather than the city level.

      Research. Don’t just take the small picture.

      1. avatar The Senator says:

        Damn you just owned them. Well done sir.

  16. avatar preston says:

    absolutely sickening. the human race is fucking doomed.

  17. avatar Roymond says:

    This reminds me of when I was talking with a mental health professional one day out where there were no others to overhear. He had worked with government (county, state), and hated it: his take was that when government finds someone with a mental illness who is a problem, the first reaction is to put the person into a situation virtually guaranteed to make the illness worse; if someone was only borderline suicidal, government will make sure he’s thoroughly suicidal; if someone was alienated, government will make sure that alienation turns to anger aimed toward violence.
    This situation should have been followed up. The moment it became evident that the parents were doing nothing, the boy should have been taken to a place where people would actually care about and for him, and the parents sent the bill for housing. If as a society we can’t care for those whose minds have been screwed up enough they are a danger, we may as well stop claiming to the “the people” and agree we’re just a pile of selfish bastards uninterested until it hits us.
    Though as long as Republicans are in power to stop things, we’ll just continue the tradition Reagan began: dump the mentally ill on the streets, turn them into criminals, shun them and ignore them in hopes they’ll just go away.
    I suggest an National Militia Safety Act, which would provide care and safety for anyone who due to mental conditions is not capable of serving in any organized militia. If we can’t let them exercise their right to keep and bear arms because they could be a danger to the rest, we owe them at least that in return.

    1. avatar DickDanger says:

      “we may as well stop claiming to the “the people” and agree we’re just a pile of selfish bastards uninterested until it hits us.”
      But isn’t that Humanity in a nutshell?

    2. avatar John M. says:

      In fairness to the late President Reagan, dumping the mentally ill onto our streets is a thoroughly bipartisan consensus. The Republicans love not spending the money on the hospitals, and the Democrats love the disorder and crime (and bureaucratic jobs) that they create on the streets.

      This is why you never hear anyone campaigning to do anything about the obviously insane among us, except for the ongoing increase in the permanent bureaucracy.

    3. avatar juliesa says:

      I agree with you except for the blame part. The states were all to happy to shut down hospitals to cut costs, but they were only able to do that because of the deinstitutionalization movement begun in the 60s, when the new meds came out.

      Did you ever see One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? And don’t forget all the ACLU suits that make it very difficult to commit anyone involuntarily. It was a needed correction, but it went too far. Bleating “Reagan!” is common, but simplistic.

      1. avatar ropingdown says:

        Agree. The dumping began with progressive lawsuits against states for mere warehousing of mental patients….and at great cost to the state due to union wage demands. In the face of the court requirements for maximum freedom for the mentally ill consistent with public safety…we got street-people. In PA, where the first successful suits of that kind were litigated (by acquaintances of mine, no less) we still don’t have mandatory drug-therapy compliance for those placed in the community having severe mental illness. Really.

  18. avatar DickDanger says:

    One can’t help but wonder; Should AL’s mother have been held at least somewhat accountable for not noticing these signs of violence and insanity. I know she’s dead, I’m not saying it’s all her fault, but shouldn’t she have, at at least one point in time, gone, “Gee, should I really be taking my increasingly mentally unstable and violently aggressive son to a shooting range on a regular basis and have easily accessible firearms on hand? Him? Crazy? Nah, my child could never be crazy.” Stupidity kills.

    1. avatar ropingdown says:

      AL’s mother did not “do nothing.” She actively supported his withdrawal from school, coddled him after he refused the medication and therapy recommended by the Yale Child Center, actively encouraged him in shooting sports, enabled his huddled basement hideaway, and so forth. And I recall that the father sent him money for his rifle, and did not object to Nancy’s encouraging of shooting sports for his clearer dysfunctional son.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Yes, exactly, but they only did so because their son was “specially abled” rather than disabled and was a their little snowflake.

        Too many doctors don’t know how to do anything except dispensing pills. The little snowflake wouldn’t take them. The parents didn’t institutionalize their little snowflake because it would have made them feel guilty about bringing that abomination into the world. They had to protect their own genes, even if they were defective.

        The perfect storm.

        1. avatar pigs die says:

          TTAG supports coercion whenever convenient. Learn to enjoy the leash.

        2. avatar John M. says:

          @pigs die: Everybody supports coercion when they think it’s convenient. How many of your mumbling street people get coerced into taking a few 9mm pills every year (from cops or armed citizens) because we as a society won’t hospitalize those among the manifestly insane who can’t even begin to care for themselves?

      2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

        Adam’s mommy provided the electricity to keep her little Frankenstein monster rolling to its conclusion.

  19. avatar Taco says:

    So the Federal Laws establishing it as a gun free zone wasn’t enough gun control for them? Maybe they’re finally realizing that all it did was make certain these attackers on who knows what kind of drugs had no one to shoot back at them…because just a few days before Sandy Hook, there was a mall shooting with an AR15…but once they saw a concealed carrier gun drawn they took cover and killed themselves.

    I really believe Sandy Hook was a plant…this kids meds or his therapy was abused and he was set up to do this…because Obama, who had remained quiet about gun control until after his reelection, stood on the bodies of these children to push his totalitarian agenda.

    Either Obama cares more about his political situation than people or Obama cared more about these kids than the movie theater folks in Aurora because he didn’t say much about Aurora yet didn’t hesitate to about Sandy Hook…

  20. avatar Hannibal says:

    Oh, good, I’d gone like two months without seeing a glossy photo of that little creep.

    1. avatar Taylor TX says:

      My thoughts exactly, tired of seeing media continue to immortalize these bastards. Talking about the incident to analyze it is one thing, searing the image into my memory is another.

  21. avatar juliesa says:

    As an adult, Lanza had the right to refuse treatment, which he did. Perhaps his parents should have tried to get him committed or into one of those monitored treatment programs, but I find this was horrible case. In the old days Lanza would have just been locked away, which would be cruel to him but would have saved those 27 lives.

    1. avatar ropingdown says:

      Anti-psychotic medications and therapy were specifically recommended for Adam when he was fourteen, by the staff at Yale Child Center. He refused to comply and his parents indulged his refusal. They had control of him at that time. He was a minor.

  22. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    So what’s the real answer? Families are responsible from letting their psychotic kids get access to firearms? Okay, and had that psycho’s mother lived, she could and should have been held responsible. But she paid the ultimate price for her negligence.

    The real answer is that you can’t keep guns (or any other weapons) away from psychos or criminals. You have to keep the psychos and criminals away from guns. But we de-institutionalized all of the psychos, and have what amounts to a catch-and-release program for violent criminals.

    But, hey: let’s blame the guns!

  23. avatar B Bradley says:

    If I was this kid’s guardian and knew he was one taco short of a combination I’d lock up my firearms. Although I am against any laws that requires one to do so but in this case common sense prevails.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      My understanding was that the guns were locked up.

  24. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

    Translation: “We don’t care how many people die, as long as it doesn’t make for sensational headlines that make us sad.”

  25. avatar Javier says:

    Connecticut government agency wants more gun control. My surprised face….

  26. avatar DaveL says:

    Isn’t it convenient how the lack of “a direct line of causation” or an “inevitable arc leading to mass murder”is enough to absolve the mental health system of all responsibility, but they have no problem blaming gun access with no such qualifiers?

  27. avatar GuntotinDem says:

    There are a lot of probably really intelligent people listed on this analysis. and not a damn one of them know anything about guns. Pgs 78-80 are incredibly inaccurate. you’d think that some thing of this purported value there would be someone saying “whoa, This makes you sound like an idiot”

    It also sounds like Mom was crazy on her own. Kind of reminding me of the mother in Carrie. Though having seen the photos of the home, She kept the fire arms locked up and AL used a crowbar to force open the door after he shot her. Not a whole lot could be done there.

  28. avatar Gregolas says:

    A sad,sad, story. Parents, the school system, and the medical system apparently failed to help or perceive that AL was a bomb waiting to go off. The parents abdicated their responsibility, and afterwards the school system denies responsibility. Government often fails. Sometimes families fail. The divorce rate is high in families with autistic or otherwise handicapped children. I’ve seen it in the classrooms of my own autistic son, whom, praise God, is of far higher moral character and self-control than AL. Maybe that’s because my wife and I have never coddled him or allowed him or anyone else to excuse impolite, rebellious or cruel behavior simply because of his condition. Maybe if AL had had some real parental love, we would never have had this horror occur, maybe it would have happened anyway.
    But one lesson remains. If just one armed, willing person had been at the school that day, the death toll would likely have been limited to AL and his Mom. Hold fast to the truth, friends.

  29. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    So because psycho retard Dory from “Finding Nemo” went postal, demonstrating yet another spectacular failure of the government and mental health profession to exercise prudently their already excessive powers, that means the rest of us must go defenseless? Oh that’s rich.

  30. avatar Mediocrates says:

    I call for the abolishment of the state of Connecticut.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      A good start, expand it to the BosWash corridor and many problems would be solved.

  31. avatar Marcus says:

    Man, if I weren’t legally bound by HIPAA to keep such things secret, I could shed some contradictory light to some certain things stated in a report about a certain mass murderer.

    I hate to tease people with stuff like this, but I also hate to keep my mouth shut about medical records of a dead scumbag, and would even more so hate to face legal recourse for not doing so. Damnit.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Hypothetically, if someone goes to a public access computer in a town far, far away, and using a fake name, that kinda info could make it out there to the web…

      Just say’n…

  32. avatar Bob says:

    How exactly is “access to guns a health issue?” Access to guns is access to guns. When you have someone who is mentally ill, you have a health issue. Access to guns then simply is common sense.

    1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      Hell if I know, but perhaps our friends in the UK can provide some insight. I read this week that in the UK they’re pushing docs to narc on their patients. From the article I read:

      “‘Doctors are told to report on mental state of gun owners.’ The title aptly summarizes plans to enlist doctors to inform police when a patient exhibits mental or physical characteristics (including terminal illness) the doctors deem incompatible with gun ownership.

      In explaining why he wanted to draft physicians as informants, Chief Constable Andy Marsh of Hampshire Constabulary lamented, ‘Lots of things happen in people’s lives which the police don’t know about.'”

      How about that? Now, for my part, I would call privacy a feature, not a flaw, of the doctor-patient relationship; but then again, maybe this is just another example of Americans and the English being divided by a common language.

  33. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    . But without real accountability, lessons are not learned. History will be repeated. And the statists will love it to further push for more gun control.

  34. avatar Kyle says:

    Guns aren’t a public health issue. And “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines” are made-up terms. Which everyone here knows, but it shows the ignorance of the authors of the report. Look at the Virginia Tech mass shooting, done with handguns.

  35. avatar spartan says:

    no video. no flight to life helicopters, no ambulances present. Parking lot full of silver sedans and black suburbans. Helicopter footage showing multiple guys running into the woods and pulled out. Where are the pictures of the students running for their lives like Columbine? 26 dead and ONE injured (shot 4 times, disappears, reappears to drop puck at Bruins game). And since when does a medical examiner own pronouncement of death?Gene Rozen interview, medical examiner interview and slip ups. Speaking of doctors: who was Adam’s? He took all kind of meds, right? What did he take specifically? how does michael jackson’s doctor get sentenced on TV, and no one even asks about “Adam’s” doctor? Where are videos of him trying to buy guns? What gun shop does not videotape every counter? What is up with Robbie Parker going into full character and his horribly photoshopped family photos? 50 MILLION to rip down and replace the school? 50 MILLION in a state with a 1B budget deficit. All police radio conversations pulled down. Gag order placed on all participants. 26 lawsuits and not a single suit here? Why?

    Yup. Go ahead and attack all of it as tin foil hat material, don’t investigate any of it, or even attempt to tackle any of these questions. Same mindset as the gun control crowd you claim to oppose. Ironic is it not?

  36. avatar The Dark Night says:

    Sandy. Hook. Was. A. Sham. You. Have. Been. Lied. To. Wake. The. Fu<k. Up.

  37. avatar John Boch says:

    Can we not use that piece of shit’s likeness?

    Or at least ridicule him in the image with photoshop.


  38. avatar Hank Zappa says:

    Add me to the Fake Sandy Hook believer list.

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