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The reviews are in. Savages isn’t terrible. New York Times critic A. O. Scott reckons “Savages is a daylight noir, a western, a stoner buddy movie and a love story, which is to say that it is a bit of a mess. But also a lot of fun, especially as its pulp elements rub up against some gritty geopolitical and economic themes. Rather than grandstand about these, the filmmakers embed them in a story full of ambushes, betrayals and bloody reprisals, mostly carried out by an especially vivid cast of villains and double dealers.” TTAG review to follow. [Note: YouTube is on a copyright jihad at the moment. They’ve pulled all kinds of gun-related videos. Click here for official, non-embeddable trailer]

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  1. Blake Lively is too annoying for me, tbh. Plus the whole two guys with one girl thing? Are you ****ing serious?

  2. So the New York Times thinks it’s a stoner buddy movie, a love story, a bit of a mess and lot of fun. Is that the Times’ review of “Savages” or the Obama administration?

  3. I’ve been looking out for this movie, the book was an old school crime anti-hero type thriller, I don’t know about all the rap music and stuff, I imagined mexicano/south of the border country type stuff when I read but, I guess they had to make it “hip” or whatever.

  4. Other than the sex stuff looks great. I just don’t a bunch of half clad wannabe actors ruining a good ol’ blood and guts gorefest.

  5. Good ‘ol guns / drugs / crime flick. Classic American cinema.

    Been a fan of Mr. Benicio del Toro since “Usual Suspects” and he looks to be at his best… the role in this flick looks “Traffic”-esque. And Ms. Hayek seems to be aging like a fine wine!

    I agree with the Blake Lively = annoying, but Hollywood’s gotta whip the teenagers / college kids into a frenzy to see the latest flick, right?

  6. I’ll skip the film, fattening popcorn, and soft drink, and go buy some more Hornady ammo. I don’t like supporting Hollywood with its support for anti-liberty politicians.

  7. Selma Hayek is still looking hot. But I’ll wait until it hits the $5 bin at the local Boxmart.

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