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Crimson Trace press release [via]

Anyone viewing the mega blockbuster movie, Jurassic World, will notice the very prominent red laser sights on the firearms used by the InGen rangers when they encounter an escaped and deadly dinosaur. The movie’s firearms used in the dark jungle night encounter were equipped with standard Crimson Trace Rail Master (CMR-201s) laser sights and not created movie prop productions . . .

“Early on in the Pre-Production of Universal Pictures’ “Jurassic World,” when the time came for us to outfit the elite InGen team with laser sighting devices to regain control of the park, only one company came to mind—Crimson Trace,” said Guillaume Delouche, the movie’s Property-Master.

“Crimson Trace’s line of lasers is not only versatile, it is literally perfect for movie prop applications. We are able to fit them onto our collection of real—and stunt—firearms for an authentic tactical feel throughout every sequence.”

Crimson Trace frequently works with top Hollywood and New York prop companies and movie production crews across America. Those skilled groups are learning through firearms manufacturers, law enforcement and military units, plus from active shooters who are movie consultants, about the benefits of laser sights for firearms.

As many movies are planned in detail—such as Jurassic World was—Crimson Trace is contacted about working with the prop and production company staff to determine the firearms to be used and the compatible Crimson Trace products available. Today, more of those decisions for the filming centers on determining whether they want green or red laser sights. Crimson Trace offers a wide selection of both.

A special Jurassic World movie premier event was held in Bozeman, Montana in partnership with the Museum of the Rockies— Key movie stars, industry media members, along with several Crimson Trace partner companies, attended the special movie premier and series of related events.

The media members represented some of the nation’s top firearms publications, including: NRA Family Insights, SHOT Business, The Outdoorwire, Gun World, Harris Publishing and others. [ED: No love for TTAG.] This event also included touring BLACKHAWK! and FLIR Systems facilities in Montana.

Crimson Trace manufactures sighting and lighting systems that can be easily installed on a huge selection of pistols, revolvers and long guns. The product lines include: Lasergrips, Laserguards, Lightguards, Rail Masters, Rail Master Pros and the Defender Series. For more details, visit or call 800-442-2406.

Crimson Trace also provides laser sighting technology and products to military and law enforcement units around the globe. The company holds numerous patents for innovation. Crimson Trace, since its beginning more than 20 years ago, remains a proudly American company.


Crimson Trace, the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems for firearms, is based in Wilsonville, Oregon. Its award-winning innovations include LasergripsLaserguard and Lightguard  –all with Instinctive Activation.  The company’s product line also includes the Defender Series and Rail Master platforms – all are proudly crafted in America. More details are available at: or by calling 800-442-2406.

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  1. I really liked Owen’s (Chris Pratt) Marlin 1895SBL that he totes throughout the film. Very pretty modern but not tacticool take on the classic lever action. Stainless steel, grey laminate stock, but real McCoy .45-70 Govt.

    [SPOILER] (Maybe.) He is, though, quite reluctant to use it and when he does… not much effect. Dude in The Lost World had a better plan with the .600 NE double rifle.

    • Of course not. That would have made the movie too short and not as dramatic, and they didn’t want to show dinosaurs exploding from a single 45 hit.

        • It has been proven recently using data from the large hadron collider that 45 acp can generate enough energy to form tiny wormholes. One leading theory is that these bullets then travel back in time and kill random animals.

    • Actually, I’m pretty sure one of the rangers had a ump. I’m not sure it was in .45 but the mag was straight

  2. They needed to have Jerry Michlek with his Frenchi SPAS and a butt load of slugs. That would have made it a short movie……..GET SOME!!! …….roll credits..

  3. How about the hero’s lever action big bore? Is that a Wild West Custom Co-Pilot in 50 Alaskan or just the stainless stock Marlin in 45-70? I couldn’t get a close enough look at the shells he was carrying. Watched all the credits but there was no credit given on the lever gun.

    • Think it was the stainless Marlin .45-70. I really enjoyed the movie, but people of the gun should be prepared to cringe when our hero is able to fire the LEVER gun semi-automatically. It does at least show him reloading. And from his sling, no less, so there is that.

  4. “Crimson Trace frequently works with top Hollywood and New York prop companies…”

    Rather ironic – if the “bright and beautiful” in those places had their way, the only place most of us would see Crimson Trace hardware would be in the movies.

    • If you watched it without knowing what it was, you would wonder how a Syfy original got such a huge budget. There’s your review.

      • I am profoundly unimpressed with Chris Pratt the actor-although he seems like a great outdoorsy guy…my grown sons saw it and liked it-probably make way over a billion.

  5. Good for Crimson Trace, but I won’t be seeing their product on the silver screen. At least not in this movie.

  6. This is some of the dumbest “product placement” yet. I hope CT didn’t pay too much money to get their stuff in the movie. I mean, unless a character says, “Boy, this Crimson Trace laser really makes headshots on moving dinosaurs easy and enjoyable!”, how is anyone who hasn’t read this dumb press release going to know that’s a CT laser? You might need some new blood in the marketing department, guys.

    • I always thought that actors should be required to have a mini-commercial in the movie expounding on how great the product is which is placed in the movie.
      In the movie Fury, the crew of the Sherman tank could expound how the tank is built Ford Tough, that Pall Mall cigarettes are really great, how Porsche designs great Tiger Tanks, how GM makes great machine guns, etcetera. The Memphis Belle could be an infomercial for Boeing. Unbroken could be a Japanese tourism and labor relations promotion.

  7. I see that Hollywood’s Velociraptors are still several sizes too big. Think what caliber you’d need to kill a turkey and voila! you’ve got your ideal velociraptor gun.

  8. Overall the movie was pretty good, I give it a 8.5-9.0 out of a 10….Pratt’s relationship with the leading lady (Bryce Dallas Howard) was actually pretty good…

  9. On the Twitter feed, there is some gun blogger complaining about using a lever action against a T-Rex. After thinking about it, I think that a Marlin lever action in a big bore would probably be a better choice than 99% of the rifles in the world that don’t fire a .50 cal round.

    T Rex comes to my neighborhood, a Marlin .45-70 is likely to be the best option available at Wal Mart. ????

  10. This movie world was made for 7.62…NATO, X39, blackout whatever. Hose it until it stops moving and then double tap just to be sure…


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