Ozzy Osbourne
Not a photo of President Biden in front of Independence Hall (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)
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Osbourne and his wife Sharon are returning to their Buckinghamshire residence after spending more than 20 years living in Los Angeles, the Black Sabbath singer told the Observer in a wide-ranging interview. Osbourne’s family life in California was famously documented on the MTV reality series “The Osbournes” in the early 2000s.

Gun violence in the US is part of what convinced him to return to the UK full-time, he told the Observer.

“I’m fed up with people getting killed every day,” he said of American gun violence. “God knows how many people have been shot in school shootings. And there was that mass shooting in Vegas at that concert … it’s f*****g crazy.”

He also noted that he didn’t want to die in the US. “I’m English. I want to be back.”

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    • Actually back in March during an interview. He said the reason they were moving back to England was because of the high California taxes and local regulations would not allow him to build a new recording studio on his property. Just like the one he is building currently building on his English estate. So I’m calling Bullshit on this statement.

      • Who thinks Ozzie is making these statements to curry favor with state and fed government? Conspiratorial I know, but I’m starting to think this is plausible.

    • Thank you.

      Interesting stats regarding our ancestral “mostly peaceful” UK.

      Ozzy and Sharon are Hollywood elite poseurs of the highest degree. Guessing that Ozzy’s drug-induced long-term mental decline (aka. the Biden Sickness) is terminal and he is going home to be buried.

    • Ozzy is a rich white man who like many in the very wealthy neighborhoods in California, never saw crime happen to them. Now crime is happening to the rich. But it was always there and growing in the rest of the cities.

      I saw him in concert in 1984. It was a great show I’m still a fan. But he like most rich entertainers, actors, singers, athletes, musicians, are totally clueless about the real world around them. They have private armed guards to protect them.

  1. He probably lives in a high security neighborhood, and probably has other people shopping for him, at least for things he can’t get online. Does he really think his life is in any particular danger?

  2. Two things….. First Ozzy is still more coherent than Brandon. Second he states he says he is from England and wants to die there in his home Country. It is not about guns even tho he tries to say so. He just wants an excuse to go home.

    • This is a really good question.
      I feel it is possible that they can. The UK has a culture of privilege.
      I hope someone can clarify here.

  3. Because….guns.

    Some Black Sabbath songs:

    — Die,Die, My Darling
    — War Pigs
    — Children of the Grave
    — Sabbath, Bloody Sabath
    — Die Young
    — Electric Funeral

    Just sayin’.

    I’ll keep my guns and protect my family.
    Ozzy can rely on the benevolence (cough, cough) of the UK government’s protection.

    • That Ozzie is still alive amazes me. Nearly got killed on a 3-wheeler awhile back, and so many drugs in massive quantities over the years…

      His guitarist Randy Rhodes died down here in Florida in the 80s, an absolutely bizarre story of his hired bus driver convincing him to stop at an airpark down here. The bus driver then stole (borrowed, without telling the owner) the Beech Bonanza at the house they were stopping at, and began ‘buzzing’ Ozzie and other members of the road crew on the bus. Then he offered plane rides to members of the band and road crew.

      The Bonanza is a bit of a hot-rod personal airplane. Potent 6-cylinder engine, V-tail, retractable gear. The bus driver/airplane thief slightly mis-judged the dive-bomb approach to buzz the bus again and clipped the wing on the bus. That flipped the plane on its back and into the adjacent house and garage, exploding.


      How the Ozz-meister is still alive at all blows my mind…

    • The same, on stage, real bat. He’s insane.

      The problem isn’t “gun violence,” it’s “violence.” Too many people don’t know how to behave, and had a crappy upbringing.

      • “The same, on stage, real bat. He’s insane.”

        Yeah, he did.

        But he was also very smart. He married the daughter of a record label executive who was looking at his band for a record contract…

      • Ozzy is so henpecked he forgot all about UK knife-violence. Guns trump knives and now criminals everywhere know loose lips Ozzy won’t have one. All aboard the crazy train.

    • Here, Oz talks about the bat ‘incident’ on the old Dave Letterman show :

  4. Two points:

    The linked article is from CNN Entertainment, which ripped it off from the UK Guardian. Also:

    ** Ozzy Osbourne gave a different reason for wanting to leave to the Mirror earlier this year: In March, the UK tabloid reported that Osbourne said “the tax is getting too much” and that while he’d miss Los Angeles, he didn’t want to continue paying current taxes to stay in the US. **

    Facts are inconvenient things.


    • Lots of UK musicians bailed on England in the 70s and 80s because of confiscatory taxes. The US was a bargain back then for living expenses. John Lennon was another UK tax-dodger, and a US nut-job shot his ass dead…

      • There are plenty of low tax places in America. Just not in blue Leftard states…I saw Paul “Crocodile Dundee” Hogan found out living in Malibu ain’t fun anymore!🙄

      • The irony of the guy who wrote “imagine” getting his Rolls Royce repoed for not paying taxes. And that he had a spare to boot!

    • Taxes, eh? What if the corporations thought like that? We should probably up the taxes on them so we can justify more completely unnecessary spending. If they leave, they leave. At least we got to print more money. What could go wrong?

      • Corporations don’t pay taxes, you do. They are just the conduit for your money going to the guvmint.

      • Taxes, eh? What if the corporations thought like that?

        They did, that’s why so many of them moved their headquarters overseas, Trump cut a deal got lower corporate taxes brought them home along with over one trillion dollars that went back into the economy. Unfortunately for Ozzy, he lives in a state that is set up EXACTLY what he’ll be moving back to with a tax rate in England standing at 45% that is probably about equal to his current state and federal tax combined. Gas is about eight bucks a gallon in UK, they are about to find themselves in an energy crisis, but the daily cost of living is about 4% cheaper in London compared to LA… However, living in Orlando Fl costs 39% LESS than LA and 35% less than London AND no state income tax… Location, location, location.

  5. So he made this announcement because he is delusional and somehow believes someone will notice he’s gone or even care?

    • He made this announcement because “rebels” like him are products of the establishment who are always helping to push the narrative. “Don’t mind what a terrible person I am. Look how virtuous I am.” Notice how people like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey immediately pivoted to “fighting for the cause” when there was finally too much bad behavior to ignore. It usually works up until a certain tipping point.

  6. I’ve know people who move back to their origin countries but wee disappointed. A man told me, “You can go back to a place but not a time”.

  7. Well buuuuuuuuuubye…..Now you can go home to the mass migration in England, of jihadist, with NO GUN…GOOD LUCK WIT DAT!!….

    p.s. no more new songs….I’ll continue listening to the classic ones ummmkay….

  8. “God knows how many people have been shot in school shootings.” – Ozzy

    Statistically less than those who died in their bathtubs in the same given year.

    “Slips and falls in bathtubs and showers were found to be the most frequent type of accident. Burns from scalding water were less common, but generally much more serious, resulting in over 70 deaths each year. In addition, over 100 people drown every year in bathtubs.” — CPSC
    (note the 70 deaths were from burns/scalding and over 100 were from drowning resulting in at least 170 for the given trend—75% of which involved children.)

  9. Hope he did the math because taxes in the UK for ‘entertainers’ is pretty darn high. Ask that lady who wrote the Harry Witch books..

  10. He’s still in the US? Last March he was leaving because of taxes being too high. Guess it takes time to transfer the bank accounts and get a clean whizz quizz to get his passport clearances.

    • I bet there will be financial gymnastics to reduce UK tax burden. A basic one is to move the corporation that collects royalties to a Guernsey Island “off shore” account. The corporation can disburse money as cash and there are delivery services. So I believe a wealthy person can move to UK and avoid most income taxes. Curious how he will avoid being stabbed though.

  11. Dacian sex is much better with a partner, but I already took you for a chronic masterbater. I bet your hand falls asleep. Is that what they call a short stroke.

  12. One piece of advice for this lout:

    Ozzym don’t let the door smack you on the bum as you exit.

    You are trading the land of not enough guns in the hands of good guys for the land of far too many knives, cricket bats, clubs…… and NO valid means of self-defense for the plebes.

  13. Any sane person would agree with Ozzie. Its amazing he did not see the light and leave much sooner. Even natural born Americans are fed up with the gun violence and mass shootings every day and the Republicans advocating political violence since Trump was raided for stolen classified documents.

    I have been in even poor East European Countries out on a Friday night and the first thing I noticed was that the young women did not automatically have a look of fear in their eyes at any approaching strange male. I did not see the violence in bars or on the streets that I see in American big cities, or even in the small towns.

    It has gotten to the point in the U.S. where most people are even afraid to walk down to their mail boxes in broad daylight, never mind considering going out for even a loaf of bread at night to a convenience store. Guns are everywhere and people kill each other when they get cut off in traffic showing that an armed society is not a polite society, its a murderous one because you can always count on the naked ape to live down to his lowest beastial level. A woman several weeks ago was even arrested for threatening to shoot another woman who took her parking space so why wouldn’t Ozzie get the hell out of the U.S. as fast as possible.


    • “Any sane person would agree with Ozzie. Its amazing he did not see the light and leave much sooner.”

      Why are you still here? When are you going to see the light and GTFO?

      ” I did not see the violence in bars or on the streets that I see in American big cities, or even in the small towns.”

      Any republican small town has this. Nobody there lives in fear. Big cities are run by democrats. The constituency of democrats are the down trodden, the “oppressed” which includes criminals themselves. As a result, democrats are naturally more weak on crime, because their constituency ARE the criminals. Virtually all big cities are run by democrat mayors and democrat city councils, alongside democrat school boards to anything that governs at all, being democrats. As a result, when you walk down the street of a big city in the USA, a democrat might try to play the knockout game with you. If successful, they will probably take your wallet too, because if they don’t, somebody else will. Any cop that tries to enforce the law in these big cities, eventually makes a mistake. When they do, the criminals (the democrat consitutuency) then have an excuse to destroy the city and loot all the shops.

      What is hilarious, is the types of shops being looted:

      “The Foot Locker, T-Mobile and GameStop stores in the city were among the stores looted last May, said Mark Allen, the president of the Brooklyn Center Business Association.”

      So as an example above, riots broke out, and the looters literally went after shoes, phones, and games and game consoles! LOL! Also a liquor store was looted. So – top priority stuff was looted. And this is how the democrats run things.

      Lastly, dacian is complaining about people living to their lowest beastial level. Because people can’t be trusted, guns must be taken away, is his argument. His solution isn’t to improve the people, their upbringing, or their behavior. It is to take stuff from them. So really, he just advocates for the status quo that democrat mayors in big cities across the nation support. Keep the people as beasts, but reliable voters, and control them. That is dacian’s goal. Endless compassion for the down trodden, but simultaneously holding zero desire for them to act right.

      • Lie all you want Klingon but the facts are that with the proliferation of unlicensed firearms the U.S. is the most violent and murderous industrial nation on earth.

        • It’s even worse than that, damien: just 2% of the entire damn country, and only 2%, is more violent than the rest of the civilized world! I mean, that’s damn significant! I’m surprised you don’t point this out more often…

        • How do you explain the demographics?
          That violence is severely classed along age, sex, and race?
          If guns cause violence then why does it do so biased by demography?


      Who knows where you grew, but you certainly didn’t grow up to be a learned person.

    • WTF is dacian? And, WTF is Ozzie? And, why should anyone care what either of them thinks? Are you brothers or something?

    • “…I noticed was that the young women did not automatically have a look of fear in their eyes at any approaching strange male.”

      Is it because you were in drag again, dear?

    • dacian the demented,

      When did you accomplish growing up??? And when were you planning to illustrate it to the rest of us by posting something other than adolescent drivel???

      If you hate America so much, please f*** right the hell off to the country of your choice. You will NOT be missed.

      • to The Lamp that went out in his head.

        What you label as hatred, civilized and educated people label as the necessary changes to move the U.S. into the 21st Century where people are not terrified to go to a concert or go shopping at a mall or go bankrupt because the criminals in the health insurance industry will not pay their medical bills.

        The Far Right ignorant Fanatics like yourself do not realize that you are a minority gun owner as the majority of gun owners support Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws as well as Socialized Medicine that the entire rest of the civilized world has enjoyed for decades.

        In Switzerland which is awash in guns, they have 20 times less firearms deaths do to strict gun control laws which once again is irrefutable proof gun control laws work and work well.

        • changes to move the U.S. into the 21st Century where people are not terrified to go to a concert or go shopping at a mall.

          Ohhhhhh, I GET IT…. YOU want us to be like Canada, so we can feel SAFE in our homes like… REGINA, Saskatchewan (AP) — Canadian police searched across the expansive province of Saskatchewan for TWO suspects believed to have stabbed to death 10 people in an Indigenous community and a nearby town in one of the DEADLIEST MASS KILLINGS in the country’s history.
          The suspects also injured 15 people in the series of knife attacks that led the James Smith Cree Nation to declare a state of emergency and badly shook residents of the nearby village of Weldon.

          Racist STABBINGS? in a CIVILIZED country like CANADA? That CANNOT be true. Damn if only those people had some means of protection that might DETER an asshole with a knife…. Hmmmmmmm if only such a device existed…

          STFU dace, your bullshit rhetoric is getting old AND once again proven to be just that.

        • I’m not afraid to go to concerts, shopping malls, stores, parks, or anywhere else, you uneducated dolt. Only paranoid idiots, like you, are “afraid”. If it weren’t for your fascist idiot friends from Antifa/BurnLootMurder (and STEAL!!), the U.S. crime and murder rates would be the lowest they’ve been since the 1950s (and still are, in most of America outside the blue hellhole cities).

          You’re a pathetic clown. Go back to your circle jerk with MajorStupidity and Prince Albert the Fake-Limey Wanker.

          But go do it in Jolly Old (so Prince Albert, the Fake-Limey, can actually see the country he claims to be from).

        • Please explain the demographic bias to violence involving guns. Why does it vary so much with age,sex, and race?
          Can you buy guns illegally in Switzerland?

    • Back in 2019 I went to England on vacation and I met some friends in London. I mentioned to them that I wanted to go to Birmingham to visit the “Gun Quarter” where many of England’s famous firearms where made. They told me to go only in the daytime and to avoid being in the City after dark, and they strongly encouraged me not to go at all. I took their advice and did not go since the “Gun-Quarter” is really just a shell of what it used to be.

      The racial tension in that City are as bad or worse than anything here in the states. So Dacian don’t give me your made up stories about Eastern European people feeling safe. I have friends who have been to Hungary and Poland both Conservative countries that don’t take crap from criminals masquerading as underprivileged residents and yea they feel safe there too.

  14. Oh, my!!!!

    Some over-the-hill, mediocre, Brit “rocker” is threatening to leave. How EVER will we cope???

    FWIW, as others have noted, he has previously said he was leaving because of excessive taxes and regulations (NOTE: He lives in KKKalifornia).

    Ozzie, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. “Well . . . bye!!”

    Oh, and, “How can I miss you, if you won’t leave?”

  15. Someone should tell him that drugs killed well over 2X the people that guns did in the US including suicides. It’s more like 6 or 7X if you exclude those. Then again there may be a level of irony to that given his history.

  16. Ed Sullivan was a communist.
    Edgar J Hoover said it right before his dress fell off.
    The Hoove couldn’t really help it though, EJ had a thing about Eds accent.
    What evil lurks behind closed doors?

  17. Ozzy Osbourne is returning to the UK because his hopes of a revival of a career here in the US with his type of music is dead due to the insane amount of stupid ‘wokeness’ – that – and the rumblings about the IRS is looking at him for millions in back taxes.

    • It what a lot of British celebrities that move to the US do, they come to the US to make money because their own country version of feudal tyranny government doesn’t let them flourish with their style of ‘entertainment’. Then they make money here and skip on the taxes, then like cowards they run back to the U.K. the home of the art of “sponging off the rest of the world” to avoid paying the back taxes and blame it on something wrong with the U.S.

  18. If Ozzie actually leaves, he will deserve more respect than all those Lefties who announced they would leave the US after Trump was elected.

    • And when he hears enough of the ‘younger crowd’ saying “Ozzy who?” then maybe he actually will pick up his ball and stomp home. I’ll bet a twoonie that he stays though. No, wait, a loonie… max.

  19. Great, the sooner he leaves our oxygen the better. Anyone who bites the head off of a bat is bat sheet crazy anyway. Cretins as Ozzy belong across the pond

  20. Ozzie should be an expert on gun violence. Didn’t he destroy part of his English property when he was in a drug induced stupor?

  21. One, who cares? He’s the dumba$$ that moved to LA (a third world schitthole).

    Two, Don’t let the door hit you in the Arse on your way out.

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