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Christian Jenkins offers up the contents of his pockets and person in this “My Everyday Carry” post at Everyday Carry.

Christian works in the medical field and lives in Colorado.  At the same time he includes almost no details about anything in the photo except for the Taurus Poly Protector in .357.  Baby Jesus wept when he first saw that ugly revolver.

For a backup gun – or maybe his primary if he’s really, really good – he carries a North American Arms mini-revolver (.22 rimfire) of some sort.

Also nestled in his pockets rests an automatic knife of some sort, an old-fashioned pocket knife, a challenge coin and a 1978 silver dollar.  I never understood why people carry a silver dollar with them.

Regardless, that is one ugly revolver.  Given a lack of a holster in the photo, I wonder if he pocket carries it.





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  1. The revolver does have a brutal look about it; but it is a weapon after all. Not an inappropriate look is it?

    As to the silver dollar, I always carry 50 trillion dollars in my wallet. In Zimbabwe dollars that is. It is a reminder of how governments can run amok.

  2. Sorry JB but you are a pompous ASS.
    I’m sure the 16 different (read same) Glocks you carry with you Supper- dupper automatic knife are just the best!
    Also by the look of the NAA, it is most likely a .22 WMR.
    At least this guy carries. And maybe he isn’t as well off as others? Has a family to feed? People that work in the medical field are not all overpaid doctors.

    • That is an ugly gun. I prefer to carry $100 bill instead of a dollar coin. And whoever said a Glock was a attractive pistol?

    • Good eye. The North American Arms revolver is a NAA-22M (or a NAA-22MC combo with both 22Mag and 22LR cylinders) which is apparently his “New York reload” (spare pistol) since in his daily carry photos he shows spare magazines for the other handguns which are:

      Glock 43
      Glock 19
      H&K VP9 SK
      STI Staccato-C
      Sig Sauer P226
      Sig Sauer 1911
      M&P .45 Compact
      Sig Sauer 1911

    • Are you surprised? This is the guy who said he’d be proud to be first in line when the time comes to turn in all guns.

    • “Sorry JB but you are a pompous ASS”

      QFT. I like your other stuff, but this revolver isn’t even in the top (bottom?) 5 ugliest. Excepting the excessive swell under the hammer it’s actually a pretty clean looking design.

  3. US Army Veteran born 1978 who idolizes General of The Army (5Star)Eisenhower.
    USAA is the best! Good looking hardware. An ugly gun in capable hands is a beautiful thing. God Bless

  4. i like it
    if its reliable ill probably get one
    theres definitely uglier revolvers out there
    a significant amount of them say colt and smith and wesson on the side

  5. The gun is better looking and has better lines than a stock block glock I think. the automatic knife is a microtech which is a high dollar knife of good quality. He also seems tonhave good taste in flashlights which mini dont.

    and he carriers two guns….while the NAA might be subpar, its better than nothing, and certainly adequate to give home enough time to grab a speed loader for that 357!

  6. That little M605 Poly is a great B/U piece…When I’m home, outside walking the dogs, cutting grass, on the tractor, that’s what I’m sportin’, except I got the SS version because I’m always stuffin’ it in my back pocket…

    When I’m out and about, it makes a great B/U to my EDC, and even becomes the primary when I’m driving because of holster placement…

  7. Peeking out from under the wallet looks like the top loop of a Benchmade SOCP, which is a nice dagger. Wonder why it’s hidden in the photo.

    • So they don’t get flamed by the “It’s a BITCHMADE!” crowd or told how a dumb of a choice it is because [insert reason here] by some retard that has no idea how knives are designed or why this person bought it/how they intend to use it?

  8. I like a revolver. Not a personal fan of the Poly Taurus.

    Also not a mini revolver guy. Not dexterous enough to shoot accurately at leisure, let alone in a defense scenario.

    I’d get a holster of some type and at least a Slow Strip for the Taurus.

    • I have zero confidence in my ability to deploy a mini-revolver in a self-defense situation. I honestly think it more likely I’d fumble the thing and drop it than get it on target.

        • Well yeah. I kick myself for not buying one of the Freedom arms minis back in the day.

          A friend had a 22lr and that little fart was accurate and fun to shoot.

          I may get one of the new top break NAAs. Looks cool.

      • With the NAA revolvers you are not limited to the tiny rose grips in the photo… although they are the most concealable. Any of the magnum frame grips, including the ones for the mini-master, will work on the NAA shown.

        I have a NAA Pug (1-inch barrel) 22LR/22Mag combo that at short range I’d have no problem using in a self-defense situation. I’ve carried it as a backup for months at a time. Admittedly, I prefer the much larger grips which increases the overall size of the NAA.

        • An NAA Black Widow is my daily carry. Initially, I felt like the disadvantages outweighed the advantages. Then one day I realized, my .380 was in the door of my truck and I really wanted it to be in my pocket at that moment. As light and concealable as that little thing was, it still got left behind…..

          The NAA’s are crazy easy to practice with. Simply remove the cylinder and draw, and dry fire to your hearts content. I’ve practiced with mine a lot. Some models have good sights, and decent grips. Typically they are lighter than a spare magazine.

  9. Wow!

    I’m a snubbie man when I can be but these two revolvers show more love to the platform that I’ll ever know.

  10. I also carry a silver dollar. It belonged to my father. He always said as long as you carry it you’ll never be broke. I carry it as reminder of the greatest man I ever knew. It is so worn. You can no longer read any of the letters/symbols and can barely see the images of Lady Liberty or Eagle. It is from the 1930’s. The revolver would make a good backup piece or a hider for emergencies.

  11. Eh, I don’t think it’s all that bad-looking. It ain’t a Colt Python, but it ain’t an RG, either.

    Now, if he’d been EDC’ing a Taurus View, I might go along with you. That is one weird looking wheelgun!

  12. A Taurus and a Microtech plus an an SOCP dagger (under the leather thing, left of the NAA) .

    Dat juxtaposition.

  13. 78 ain’t really a silver dollar. Lots of young folks nowadays have no idea of the difference in a real silver coin and the junk coins that pass for money.

  14. Yeah, the Taurus ain’t pretty but it’s not ugly enough that I wouldn’t be willing to carry it for defense. Not a BBQ gun, that’s all.

  15. I actually like the look of that revolver. Its got a stout, purposeful, ‘bulldog’ kind of look going that I dig. It’s certainly more attractive than any Glock ever made.

    Also, yes, the author does come across as pompous…

  16. Maybe he was the first enlisted man to salute a newly minted officer and the silver dollar was the one the officer gave him.

  17. I don’t know Mr Jenkins, but that little Taurus doesn’t look that bad, and if he can put his rounds where he needs them to be, it may be the best carry for him. That little backup is not an option I would choose, but whatever.

    As to the coin: there is an old tradition, at least in the South, of giving a child a silver dollar to keep, so that he or she would never be flat broke. I have several 1880’s silver dollars that were presented to us by my Alabama-born grandmother – a teacher during WWI. Several are worn quite smooth.

    Just because you don’t understand something does not mean that there is not a very meaningful explanation for it. Now you can continue life just a little less ignorant than you have been.

    • Great points about the gun and coin. If I and a person I have recently met are comfortable with each other, I’d ask, “is there a story that comes with that coin/scar/tattoo?” The answer is usually enlightening.

  18. This was only 1 upload of 9 he did within 15 minutes. Cool carries, but no holster in any of them. With that many daily rotations, I hope he is proficient in all of them and I would like to see some holsters.

    Plus, he is a USAA member, so more than likely a VET or currently serving. Does USAA offer their services to anyone else? Spouses? I know Navy Federal does that, but that bank also sucks (like the navy – boom).

    Could care less about the “lack of info”. A picture is worth 1,000 words and I feel these kinds of EDC’s don’t need to give a 3 page description of how/why/when they are carried. I like to think that anyone who carries a silver dollar like that “makes their own luck”.

  19. 9 different carries? No holsters (except whatever is covering that NAA)? Bullshit revolvers?

    Alright dude, you do you.

  20. I had a 605poly, the front sight kept working loose. Nice EDC, functional piece- but for the sight issue. It was a handful with a 357 mag round but would do the job. Not pretty, but not really ugly either. I wanted to keep it but I can’t be constantly fixing a loose sight….


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