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TTAG reader Matt in FL is “that guy.” The guy who reads everything we write, researches it on the web and kicks our ass when we get it wrong. And yes, CO Private Apartment Complex Bans Guns got it wrong. I reported that a California real estate company owned the Oakwood complex that told Marine Art Dorsch to ditch his guns or pack his bags. It doesn’t. The Douglas County Housing Partnership owns the apartments. It’s taxpayer supported public housing. So all those most excellent comments about gun rights on private property don’t apply in this case. Sorry. The good news: reports that the Partnership held an emergency board of directors meeting late Wednesday afternoon. They threw out the gun ban which, we now learn, was implemented by the Ross Management Group (as suggested by the original TTAG post). The Partnership’s statement upbraided Ross in no uncertain terms . . .

“These community policy changes were distributed without the knowledge or authorization of the Board of Directors of the Douglas County Housing Partnership or its staff,” a Douglas County Housing Partnership release said. “This board does not support any action that infringes on an individual’s rights and will not allow Ross Management to implement these changes.”

The Denver Housing Authority wants to know if Ross Management Group is trying to pull similar rogue gun bans in the city.

The company manages properties in Aurora, Arvada, Denver and Greeley.

“It’s unconstitutional to prohibit the legal possession of a gun or a firearm on public housing property,” a DHA spokesperson said.

For its part, Ross is staying stum. points out that the company’s owner has contributed cash to local Democrats. Go figure. [h/t Matt in FL]

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  1. @#&%@!* Front-Range Libtards!!

    And a tip o’ the hat to TTAG for owning up to an error. You guys have no political potential what-so-ever; your moms should be proud! 🙂

    • “Front-Range Libtards”

      Well, it is Douglas County. Not so much “libtards”.

      Now, the Denver Housing Authority does surprise me a little.

    • Hey Bob, let’s keep it cordial. Saying “@#&%@!* Front-Range Libtards!!” is a broad generalization that insults more than the guys who implemented the ban, which we can all agree was over the top. Personally I’ve always found that kind of language very discouraging to new readers and, more importantly, makes you look like a close minded fool unwilling to have a reasonable debate with someone of a dissenting opinion. We don’t want people to think that we, the gun loving public, adhere to that stereotype.

      Props to Matt in FL

      • JSG – They can stay in the blue part of the state, I’ll stay in the red! Take our water, our taxes, and don’t give us but pennies on the dollar, in return.

        DougCo is becoming an bedroom annex of Denver. I can almost see Giron being elected in Pueblo, but if they can elect Morse in the Springs/El Paso County, they have their own stupidity to deal with. Those on I-25 in and south of Denver are the fools these mortals be.

        And as much as I spout off, I’m always open to a dissenting/contrary opinion. Your go, sir. (y)

        • “DougCo is becoming an bedroom annex of Denver”

          Right. That’s why our Sheriff was not only one of the original 54 in the current lawsuit, but was also one of the 18 that showed up for the press conference on 17 May.

          Douglas is still one of the most conservative (second only to El Paso?) counties in the state.

      • An addendum – Not all liberals are libtards, it’s just easier to type than “left-leaning hoplophobic Kool-Aid drinkers”. Their conservative compliment would be contards, which I’ve used just as often, and may be as apropos in a given circumstance, less frequent with Second Amendment issues, but entirely possible.

        Hickenlooper came into office with a professed respect for 2d Amendment rights to Colorado residents, and sold us out to ride Bloomberg’s coattails. THAT, my friends, is the shame of Colorado politics. I can’t say I’ve seen that in Republican candidates, office holders.

        In closing – politics and it’s attendant issues are not for the thin of skin and faint of heart. I don’t think I’ve discouraged any new readers from professing their views. If so, they need to re-read the first sentence in this paragraph.

        • DonS – Your sheriff and mine (Mesa) both. And as far as DougCo not being a bedroom community, why are C-470, E-470, 225 and I-25 a PITA inbound in the a.m.and outbound p.m.?

          As far as Conservatism, move down one, unless you’re talking votes and not percentages. Then I would concur.

        • Maybe a “bedroom community”, in the sense that a lot of Douglas County residents commute north for their jobs.

          Certainly not in the sense that Douglas County matches Denver politics. We’re way too conservative and rich to do that.

        • DonS – Aaaaaaaaaarrrrghhhh – You got me with that last one, pal! And let us be thankful that our sheriffs care enough about us to do the right thing! Ours is on his last (term) legs, but the heir apparent (Steve King) has had a pretty good track record thus far. Best to you, and all the others on this thread and on this list. Whether we agree or disagree, the Second protects the rest.

  2. And this folks is why a good blog, supported by a healthy active community is superior to a newspaper.
    Quick news dissemination, followed by quicker fact checking, followed by even quicker correction and re-dissemination.

  3. To be clear, Lemming had it first, in the other thread. I just did what I often do and made sure that the writers saw the information by sending it directly to them, with some amplifying information. The real credit goes to Lemming.

    • Quite the upgrade from “quit flaming the site, Matt!”

      Maybe they’ll give you the copy editor job, and at twice the standard starting rate.

      • Heh, I never thought of it like that. The stuff that I’ve criticized in the past has been largely absent lately. That’s a good thing.

        For the record, I never advocated getting rid of supermodel links. Cast those stones elsewhere. 😀

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