Cops Pull Guns on Pirahna 3 “Star” Kelly Brook. Or Not.

“Kelly Brook got a nice fright during the production of the horror film ‘Piranha 3D,'” the New York Daily News reports, auguring in for ample alliteration. “But it had to do with the fuzz, not fanged fish. Brook tells us that during a break in filming, she and co-star Jessica Szohr decided to drive from the film’s set in Lake Havasu, Ariz., to Las Vegas for a little R&R, but ended up lost late at night at the Hoover Dam. ‘The next thing I know, there are three police cars following us,’ says the British Brook. ‘In England, the natural reaction is to get out of the car and ask for directions, which is what I did,’ she explains.” Sure. That’s what I did whenever I had three cop cars following me in the middle of the night in The Land of Hope and Glory. “Unfortunately, she says, this prompted the cops to jump out of their squad cars with weapons drawn . . .

Well duh. Hello? Dam. Terrorism. Late night. You think cops are mesmerized by silicone? Not in this case . . .

Brook, who bares all in the film, which opens Friday, and on the pages of this month’s Playboy, says: “Next thing you know, we have got our hands on the bonnet [hood] of the car and we’re trying to assure [the police] we’re just actresses on our way to Vegas.

Dash cam? Otherwise, I’m not buying any of this.

“To have a gun pulled on you and then be asked for your autograph in the space of a minute is just a bizarre turn of events.” Yes, but we bet those cops went home happy.

Happy they hadn’t shot a B-movie actress. Good trigger control guys! If you know what I mean.

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