Screen capture by Boch. Via Facebook / CWB Chicago.
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The Chicago PD recently tracked down a six-time felon with an enviable collection of firearms and accessories. Among his toys were suppressors, which are off-limits for mere mortals in the Land O’ Lincoln. But that isn’t all that made the case of Ryan Gamboa uniquely unique.

You see, Ryan had set up an improvised shooting range in the basement of his house. Heck, the genius even posted a video on Facebook of him shooting a suppressed AR in his private range. In Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago.

How did police catch up to Mr. Gamboa? Was it the sound of gunfire from his house? Well, no. He used suppressors to muffle some of the noise and, well, it’s Murder City, USA after all. Gunfire is the norm there.

Did the Facebook video he uploaded on Christmas do it?

Nope. Who uses Facebook anymore, anyway? Nobody even bothered to report the video.

It seems Mr. Gamboa’s sweet private shooting range set-up came crashing down because he (allegedly) ordered his silencers online from China. The good folks at US. Customs and Border Protection detected something “suspicious” in a package destined for Mr. Gamboa. They teamed up with US Postal Inspectors to make sure it got a special delivery to the intended recipient.

CWB Chicago has the story . . .

It started when customs agents in New York City intercepted a silencer that was being shipped to Chicago. It ended with police finding two guns, an additional silencer, and an indoor shooting range at the home of a six-time felon, prosecutors said.

And then there’s the Facebook video that allegedly shows the accused man dancing with his guns and firing them on his basement range.

Ryan Gamboa, 34, is charged with two counts of unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and unlawful use of a silencer. Judge Susana Ortiz ordered him held in lieu of $200,000 bail…

Prosecutors said Gamboa admitted to possessing all of the guns, gun parts, and ammunition that police found. He also admitted to buying both silencers, Kalliantasis said.

Gamboa has previous felony convictions for possessing a stolen motor vehicle, escape, narcotics, and retail theft, according to Kalliantasis.

There’s an expression about committing felonies that goes something like this: After the first one, the rest are free. In Mr. Gamboa’s case, given that he’s in Illinois, he’s probably not going to spend much time in prison.

Even if he’s sentenced to a stint in the big house, prison time in the Land O’ Lincoln is a lot like dog years in reverse.


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  1. Victimless crimes. At least as far as suppressors. And he was shooting indoors and not at people, indoors or out.
    Sounds like a cut above any Chitcago politicians.

  2. Most folks use the public streets as shooting ranges in Chicago. And silencers? That’s just being polite to the neighbors.

  3. Yeah, I’m envious of the indoor range at home thing. Not so envious of his not so nicely finished basement.

      • We tried some “basement range” rimfire at a friend’s home back in the ’90s.
        The fumes after one mag showed us the err in our ways.

        • James Campbell,

          Not only do you need significant ventilation to remove the smoke from shooting, you also need significant ventilation to remove the lead dust/smoke that ejects out of the barrel. (The back end of bullets are typically exposed lead unless you shoot special indoor range rated bullets.)

        • And ‘i’m better’ is a certified expert with *decades* of personal experience at being an idiot. Among other repulsive things.

          Do you thank your imaginary wife every time she spreads for you? You really should, you know.

          Oh, and you’re an overall waste of life and a jerk-wad in general. You truly are “A legend in your own (puny) mind…” 😉

    • I’ll second that..If I ever win the lottery…have it planned out in my head…sigh. lol

      • I was thinking a 30-inch concrete culvert buried for 20 yards or so for the pistol range, and 100 yards for the rifle range, for my lottery ticket home gun range.

        But I’d also really like a set-up similar to what Hickok 45 has, with a cleared shooting range going into the woods for casual back-porch plinking…

        • Nice thing about being out here on the homestead. I rented a cat for a couple days and leveled out an old sand pit. I now have a 500 meter range with 20 ft. sand berm around it. Neighbors don’t care about gunfire because the nearest one is a mile and a half away. Built a covered shooting bench so, while not indoors, still shaded and dry.

      • If I ever win the lottery I won’t even be living in any city like htat. Nope. I’ll own enough land out somewhere quiet where I’ll be ble to set up a thousand or twelve hudnred meter range outdoors, along with all the reloading equipment to really play properly. And I’ll happily host any of my friends who migiht want to honetheir own skills in such a place. I know quite a few of them already, and will likley find more. No need for sa suppressor, cause no one will live close by enough to even hear our noise.

    • My parents had a range in the basement of our Homewood home. I began using at 11 yoa. I shot there for years until I left for college and they sold the house.

  4. Another funny part is that his “silencer” from AliExpress is probably just a fake that doesn’t actually work. They’re kinda famous for that sort of thing.

  5. Chicago is absolutely amazing. This guy has an unlicensed silencer and weapons he is not supposed to have as a convicted felon, so he is held on $200,000.00 bond pending trial, where he will likely be sent to prison for decades. And just across town a gang banger murders his second victim in as many months and is released without bond just like he was released for the first murder.

    Don’t you just love the consistency of democrats?

  6. Just imagine if they put that much time and effort into the “other” shooting ranges, downtown with the moving targets!

  7. Nice AR.🙄
    In controlled and relatively clean conditions, its failure rate was over 30% (in the posted vid). 🤣

    What brand AR ya got there rerun?
    Crap-tasic Jam-O-Matic?

  8. Well that sux for him.
    And there wasn’t a big shoot out, maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all?
    Thank goodness he didn’t have a wife, kid , friend, dog ,and lived way out in some remote area and sold a sawed off shotgunm to the wrong person, or worse yet a religious cult with a building full of followers and their children.
    Hey Chicago PD theres a guy in Nassau Ny asking for gunms , hows about you donate those you took from him, you know, do the American thing, arm other countries to help their Wars.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          ‘fake it’ is the biggest joke of a human and a 🤡 in TTAG…

          Right, 🤡?

        • The best part is the little tard is too stupid to know what my response post to possum means.

          S/h/it proves s/h/it self dumber than dog sh!t with each and every post.

          Surprised s/h/it’s not dead from hypoxia due to forgetting to breathe. 🤣

      • Maybe someone stepped on his prehensile tail or something…

        • Lol. Of course Geoff’s an idiot. But be kind. After all, he has never been with a woman in the biblical sense.

  9. I don’t know what he did to become a felon, but dancing on Facebook with a firearm? I’d almost have been embarrassed to make that case.

    • Right. He could mount a plausible defense by forcing them to PROVE beyond a reasonble doubt that whatever that “thing” he was hoding as hejigged on FBook was really a functional firearm instead of some sort of toy prop or plastic replica.

  10. Hmmm. I would really think twice about living above an amateur-built shooting range. Unless it was done properly there would be enough lead particles floating around to be a long-term health hazard. Or maybe he was running lead free ammo. Who knows.

    • I seriously doubt he was bright enough to ventilate…

  11. What’s the problem here? I’d love a shooting range in my house. Suppressor should be paperwork free, anyhow. I’m not seeing a crime here.

    • Me too neither. Real crimes have VICTIMS who are HARMED in some real way. The only one harmed here was the poor schmuck who had all his toys taken away. Looks like the only “winner” here is the chinkey outfit sold him the hushbox then failed to package it in a way that obscures its real shape. BATF ought be aboloshed, and all its crew sent out to find REAL and productive work. Theyve been sucking at the public teat for far too long.

  12. In the grand scheme of things the fact he had a suppressor doesn’t really bother me any more than the fact he’s a felon with a gun. And I already support felons getting their gun right back once they’ve done their time. Well… assuming that he has done his time and wasn’t just let out by a leftoid judge that doesn’t believe in law and order.

    • in that case, me he meet up with anohter judge just like him when this faux rap comes down on him. Should be case dismissed. But won’t be.

  13. Six time felon? How the F**K? Been convicted on felony charges 6 times and still dumb enough to get caught for something stupid? Fool deserves a life sentence on principle alone.
    I’ve done my share of dumb stuff over the years. But, have managed to get old without anything but a couple misdemeanor bar fight charges 50 odd years ago as a young and dumb grunt. Of course a weekend in the stockade is enough to make a dumb kid wise up fast. As is the ass chewing from the 1st SGT.

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