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“Alleged gun-trafficking officer Nicholas Mina, 31, boosted four 9mm firearms from the seventh-floor locker room at the Ninth Precinct in the East Village,” reports, leaving open the question of whether or not Mina was caught during a stop-and-frisk. Ah, but how did officer Mina get access to these firearms, given that the locker room was under surveillance thanks to previous thefts? You’re gonna love this (or not) . . .

Mina — a six-year veteran who worked midnight patrol tours — was assigned to guard the lockers as part of a 24-hour security detail created by department brass after the embarrassing thefts began in February.

So New York’s Finest hired the fox to guard the ballistic henhouse. Only . . . how do we know that Mina stole the guns before he was assigned to guard them? How many weapons were stolen, all in? While we’re at it, there seems to be a pattern here. Sherman set the Huffington Post Way Back machine for May 2012 . . .

A Brooklyn police officer trying to make extra money to buy a house pleaded guilty Monday to conspiracy charges, admitting his central role in a smuggling case that involved guns, cigarettes and slot machines.

Officer William Masso, 48, could face roughly five to six years in prison at a June 15 sentencing. He was the first among a dozen individuals to enter a plea that negates the need for a trial in the case that was built over the past two years. Others charged include three retired New York Police Department officers and a New Jersey correction officer.

It seems kinda strange that New York doesn’t consider civilians responsible enough to carry a concealed firearm, doesn’t it?

[FYI New York State laws mandates trigger locks or gun safe storage for all firearms when “out of . . . immediate possession or control” of the owner.]

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  1. In countries and states with so called “strong gun laws”, crooks looking for a firearm turn to the police and public armories for their hardware. See Mexico also for an extreme case of this. If the felons cant find someone crooked enough to sell them out of the armory, they just plain steal them.

  2. Why would you buy a NYPD Glock? There are plenty of Glocks out there with only mostly-horrible triggers that aren’t also 7 pounds heavier than they have to be.

  3. Pretty simple solution, disarm the cops and hand them pencils and paper to do paperwork on DGUs instead.

  4. Wow- I tried to say the article title 4 times- fast. Couldn’t do it- will try again later during “coctail hour”.

  5. Why should we be surprised? The NYPD is, after all, Mike Bloomberg’s private army. Maybe things would be better if Bloomy hired some Congolese U.N. peacekeepers to replace them.

  6. Ah, another story to put into the file I keep around to send to those who bring up the ever barf-worthy “Only cops are trained and responsible enough to carry guns.”

  7. Now cops sealing from cops thats really sorry. NYC needs to bring back the Knapp Commission. Chi town police need that also.

  8. This just in, cops no longer allowed to carry firearms in New York City because guns are bad and scary.

    This just in as well, all precincts in the city have been overrun my heavily armed criminal gangs. Reports suggest the criminals acquired the firearms when the police disposed of them by handing them over to Eric Holder.

    More news coming in, the criminals are erecting a statue to their hero and spiritual leader, Michael Bloomberg for making this all possible.

  9. Nice use of Sherman there, Mr. Peabody. I wonder how many readers of TTAG don’t get the reference? Gawd, way to make me feel old Mr. Farago…

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