Jillian Gilchrest moms demand action gunsense
courtesy Jillian Gilchrest and Pikstagram
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Jillian Gilchrest moms demand action gunsense
courtesy Jillian Gilchrest and Pikstagram

The push to drive down civilian gun ownership in coastal states via onerous regulation and confiscatory taxes took another small step forward yesterday with the introduction of HB 5700 in Connecticut. State Rep. Jillian Gilchrest, one of the co-sponsors of the tax hike, is proud as can be of her bill and announced it via Twitter yesterday.

The  #gunsense state rep’s tweet would lead you to believe that she’d increase the tax by 50%, but no. Her proposed tax, as she makes clear in the example she gives and in the language of the bill would be a 50% tax on any ammunition purchased.

Here’s the language of Gilchrest’s bill in its entirety:

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:

That title 12 of the general statutes be amended to increase the rate of the sales and use taxes on ammunition to fifty per cent.

Statement of Purpose: To increase the rate of the sales and use taxes on ammunition.

It will shock you to learn that Rep. Gilchrest isn’t completely truthful in the bill’s statement of purpose. The ostensible reason for the bill is to raise the amount of the tax. The real intent here is to significantly increase the cost of buying and using firearms for Nutmeg Staters in order to discourage it. If enacted, lower-income gun owners would, of course, be disproportionately affected.

Connecticut, isn’t the first to try this. We’ve seen similar taxes and fees added to the cost of ammunition in places like CaliforniaCook County, and Seattle. It’s not likely to stop there.

As for doing something about “gun violence,” don’t look for Rep. Gilchrest’s to accomplish much. So-called “sin” taxes and prohibitions never do. As the Heritage Foundation’s Adam Michel wrote…

Ammunition taxes will…fail to address the underlying social and cultural drivers of real and perceived increases in violent acts. Instead, those looking for guns and ammunition will turn to black markets or be undiscouraged by the tax.

A tax of any level would do little to dissuade attackers involved in recent tragedies—they would have committed their heinous crimes whether or not they had to pay extra money to buy the ammunition.

Much like traditional restrictions on firearms, taxes only affect law-abiding citizens. Those who wish to carry out illegal acts will have no problem buying tax-free guns and ammunition from a black market dealer.

The average gun-owning American will pay higher taxes, and criminals will profit from expanded black markets for illegal tax-free guns.

And ammunition. Same as it ever was.

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      • First the one, then the other. Both are feasible, especially if they try to tax reloading supplies.

        • @ Bob. Exactly my thoughts. I have had some success in casting my own bullets for smokeless cartridge firearms but my product is generally less than ideal compared to modern jacketed bullets. For my black powder guns, however, casting adequate quality balls and conicals is simple. One doesn’t even need a melting pot – a campfire, an old cast iron pot, a ladle, a mold and some old plumbing lead have served me very well.

    • That’s only $100 per month in Oregon after they pass the bill to restrict ammo to 20 bullets a month. Our only hope is that they decide to increase revenue by increasing the amount of bullets you can buy. Maybe they will LET us have 100 bullets per month so they can make $500 in taxes. But they will likely just say “no bullets” and then increase taxes anyway. What year is it, 1775?

    • Like the cigarette tax. In Chicago smokers just go to Indiana to buy them….along with the fireworks that are illegal here.

  1. I would do like Kalifornians do and go to a neighboring state. Arizona and Nevada have great deals on ammo.

    • The goal is to kill the local gun shops. Cabella’s in Cook County was killed by the Cook County tax. G.A.T., just down the road, profited.

      Same thing in California, soon the only thing that the local shops will be selling is handguns. But will they be able to stay in business?

      • With any luck, the new Supreme Court will order these states to reverse course on all these gun control bills.

        • They will NOT touch the tax. The Federal Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax has been on the books for a 100 years.

          • This has nothing to do with the federal taxes on guns and ammo. This is an un costitutional state tax.

        • A federal tax on *only* firearms and ammo is clearly unconstitutional, regardless of what the robed inmates say.

          • Yea, but that that tax is suppose to come back to the hunters and shooters by supporting public shooting areas and hunting land. Whether it still does that would be a good question.

        • Marty, I hate to tell you this, but ANY tax that is suppose to be for this or that is a LIE. The ONLY effect is to lower the burden on the general fund so…… (I will let you figure out the last part)

          • Yup, for sure when it comes to state and local “special” taxes like for highways, roads and other specific stuff. Many decades ago I use to shoot at an area in the National Forest designated for shooting close to my house. The ass hole shooters continually left the place like a garbage dump, fridges, ovens whatever. One time while I was there, a forest service clean up crew showed up in a large stake bed truck and started loading all that crap up. I talked with them and they said the clean up was paid by that federal excise tax. But, eventually they closed off the area due to the constant “targets” being brought there. So, I know of one for sure time my tax money was supporting my ability to shoot.

        • It’ll be funny if this becomes the trend for everything. No prohibitions, just $1,000 tax on a bottle of booze, $50000 tax on abortions, $10,000 tax on an ounce of marijuana, cigarettes $100 tax per pack. There’s already cigarette runners and moonshiners who traffic in overtaxed commodities. CT is so small, it’s easy to go to VT or NH and load up. If shipping ammo hasn’t been outlawed, there’s Lucky Gunner and a billion other retailer ready to serve your needs.

      • was just there last Friday they have cut the amount of stocked ammo by half or even more plus if you buy a firearm there don’t forget about the $25 cook county violence tax. So on top of %10 sales tax add another $25 to an already marked up firearm.

        • So, after you’ve paid your violence tax, are you covered for murder, or just ADW, armed robbery, and so forth?

        • Skippy Sanchez for the win!

          This proposed tax hike on ammunition is not about reducing violent crime. Rather, it is about punishing “deplorable” people who have different values.

          And why not when you have willing legislators, governors, prosecutors, judges, bailiffs, and law enforcement officers willing to implement it on your behalf?

        • Don’t forget Colorado. It’s only taken 2 weeks for our state to go into the toilet. Our House, Senate, Governor and Attorney are all Democrates.

          • Yea, the one good thing folks from Colorado did was recall the socialist POS who passed that anti gun bill several years ago.

      • Yup.

        And since we’re allowed silencers (for now) there’s no way to drive them out of the state legally. Which sucks since a lot of CT folks own places in VT and NH. But we’re completely surrounded by states that are even more irrational, or irrational in different ways.

        I haven’t read the bill, but I assume they will also be outlawing buying ammo over the internet?

        • That’s what Kalifornia did. I know that law was challenged, don’t know where it is at this point.

        • You can still by ammo over the internet with the following stipulations:
          -there’s no local law against it
          -it’s shipped to a ffl “licensed ammo dealer”
          -ca sales tax is paid at the time of pickup
          Soon they will be adding:
          -pass a background check ($5 + whatever time it takes)

          It’s bad

        • CA Shooter: The so-called “background check” is an automated check against California’s APPS list of prohibited persons, the charge is $1 for residents, and takes a few seconds. For nonresidents, the bite is much bigger, and presumably the check more expansive:$19.

  2. CT is firing on all cylinders, legislators introduced 2 bills removing the states last non-medical vaccine exemption for school kids. The goal seems to be to neurologically impair such a significant percentage of the population so that no one has the mental ability to understand/care about losing what’s left of their rights.

      • Not against vaccination, but against being coerced or forced by politicians to inject a product which has never been safety tested against an inert placebo, and a product which you cannot hold the manufacturers legally liable if and when product causes injury or death. If you’re comfortable with that, go for it.

      • Says the idiots that demand vaccination of boys for cervical cancer. And vaccination from self induced “illness” such as Hep C (stay away from hookers and queers and no Hep C).


        • Yep, and the aluminum heavy hep B shot at birth is a clear signal the people running this program do not have you or your families best interests at heart.

  3. “I’m hearing push back about the need to protect one’s home… but how much ammunition does someone really need to do that?”

    And how much ammunition does someone really need to shoot up a school or kill someone? Particularly as that person may not care about paying their credit card bill later?

    Like most anti-gun bills, it can’t even claim to have plausibility to reduce crime. It’s just there to try and punish gun owners, close stores, and prevent ‘good citizens’ from becoming them. God forbid someone likes to go to the range to shoot.

    • How much ammunition does it take to practice to an adequate level of proficiency to defend a home?

      At this rate Connecticut citizens will only be practicing their shooting skills as much as the police officers who only use their department provided ammunition. That definitely wouldn’t be making people any safer.

    • How much ammo do you need ????
      If Rodney King Riots Style Civil Disobedience is going on in your neighborhood, I’d guess about 2,000 to 4,000 rounds of rifle or heavy pistol. Per Day.

  4. “Doesn’t apply to law enforcement.”

    It should. What makes this woman think that a given LEO would need more (or cheaper) ammo for their own personal use than any other law abiding citizen? Police are provided their duty ammo, so this exemption impacts only their private, personal use, just as for all other citizens. There isn’t even a weak-sauce “training” argument here, as is sometimes put firth with certain weapon restrictions; law enforcement training has nothing to do with personal ammunition expense or availability – we all use the same kind of ammo and in the same ways. This is just a sop to police unions and other orgs who will push back unless they get their special carve out. Rights for me, but not for thee. This is un-American garbage, and it needs to stop.

    • There will be the classic LEO carve-out to stop police from objecting to the new law. It also makes the LEOs feel privileged from us mere civilians (said with a sneer).

  5. This type of state legislation is exactly why the interstate commerce clause to the Constitution, was created in the first place. I can’t find the quote now, but Madison explained that it was intended to be a negative right or power of the fed. gov. Negative, in the sense that it is the power to remove onerous state laws, not a power to add fed. regulations like pres. FDR did.

    The question is, do we have a president or fed legislature with the cojones to use it in cases like these. Definitely not the legislature. I don’t think Trump would attempt it until his second term.

  6. Michael Bloomberg is getting traction from massive politician buys in blue states. Interestingly this particular measure is being pushed in Connecticut that used to be a real center for firearms manufacture.

  7. Minneapolis Star Tribune Company v. Commissioner

    A tax on the goods required to exercise a constitutionally enumerated right is unconsitutional prima face.

  8. Three multi-billionaires exited the state a few of years ago and moved to FL for tax reasons, leaving the state with an enormous deficit.

    After a lot of restructuring, CT is still in a $700 million annual revenue shortfall and the gangsters who run the state will rape anyone they can to steal their money.

    I remember when CT was a tax haven. Now, it’s just another failed socialist experiment thanks to the head thug, Gov. Dannel Malloy.

        • The roads still lead out of Connecticut, for now.
          There is also no ‘exit tax’, for now.
          Since Malloy 2.0 won, my girl and I have been on a 365 day count down.
          Things don’t improve drastically, which they won’t, we’re pulling the plug.
          I’d rather be free and broke than what CT has in store for it’s ‘citizens’.

        • I lived in Stamford for a decade. Thom Serrani was an ethically-challenged snake of a mayor. Esposito was an ineffective one-termer. And then came Malloy, who was later elected Governor so the whole state could hate him (which it did).

          And to top things off, Ned Lamont was elected, and he’s such a jerk that we almost miss Malloy.


        • @dog, no they won’t Improve, wait till the underfunded public pensions along with everything else perform controlled demolitions on private property through massive tax hikes. Communism for everyone when the government steps in to fix the problem that the people who run the government created. All by design.

    • I got the impression that she actually did not understand the difference between a 50% tax increase and a 50% tax. As in, she doesn’t math very well.

  9. Amazing how these people can continually con the left wing masses into thinking that by only letting the cops and military have firearms they’ll be safer.

    Yet at the same time they can push that the police and the military are bad.

    • By their thinking only the military and police need to train. We normal citizens, just trying to defend our homes or go hunting are fantastic shots and never miss. Total garbage bill. Alert the cartels, big black market opening up for illegal sales of ammunition.

  10. Infringements against OUR 2nd Amendment rights requires it to be made into a “Captial Crime” for any politician/goverment agent/ private entity claiming “Sovereign immunity” to usurp another US citizens lawful constitutional rights! Imprisonment of NOT less than 5 years, 250k in Compensatory Dispensation to the individual or group for event, including addition fines, damages, and any government agency to be refunded!

  11. You’ll notice it is almost always well off, white liberals who do this shit.

    I can’t think of a more elitist, Ivory Tower move than to price out the lower earning classes from their own means of defense.

    “Why would anyone need a gun? Just let the maid do it.”

    Fuck you and your out-of-touch rich lady bullshit.

    • The majority of CT twit voters very deliberately put these twits into office. Why would they recall them for doing what they were elected to do.

      CT is caught in a classic upstairs-downstairs trap – a few [white, liberal] rich people and a whole ton of dependent poor people, with little left in the middle.

      Time to dust off the exit strategy.

      • Plenty of people will tell you stay and fight but after a threshold is crossed you are outnumbered, outvoted, outspent and Lorded over. The tipping point is obvious on election day and soon after the new laws come down with little opposition.
        If you live in a state or city where checks and balances are gone then it’s a race to the bottom. Staying means you continue to pay for it all and the left likes to snare people with taxes.

        I’ve lived in several states and countries and won’t put roots down that might keep me from exercising the most important right and that is freedom to live where I want. Capital flees taxation and so do people.

  12. How do you keep people from going elsewhere for ammo? Search every car that crosses the state lines. Tell the women that gun death minus suicides PALES in comparison to abortions and including suicides it still pales. If they go to this nonsense like NY and Virginia were talking about they have no right to even question firearms ownership and ammunition sales.

    • First CT puts this on. Then NY and Mass follow with ID checks to make sure CT residents are not tax scofflaws. It’s easy to enforce internet purchases. Get pulled over with a cache of ammo and it’s going to be seized until the tax payment is determined, or assessed.

      NY and Mass will probably follow with their own restrictions on ammunition shortly.

      • “Mass will probably follow with their own restrictions on ammunition”

        Too late. Anyone who wants to buy ammo in Massivetwoshits must have a MA firearms license. No exceptions.

  13. We should also introduce a bill charging anyone who votes to make it harder to defend thmselves with a gun an accessory to all new gun crimes where the victim was unable to defend themself.

  14. Why hasn’t CT and everyone in it died yet? CT is in debt something like $120 billion. Can’t China just buy it on the cheap and turn it into a giant rice patty?

    • Because the Chinese are not that stupid. I wouldn’t give you $5 for the entire state. Even if it was not 120+ billion in debt.

  15. This is why people who don’t understand guns shouldn’t be making laws. The asinine statement “how many bullets do you need to defend your home” tells it all!

    The question isn’t how many bullets do you need in a self-defense situation. The question should be: How many bullets do you need to be PROFICIENT in the event you are in a self-defense situation.

    Most of the responsible gun owners that I know will run through 100-200 round at each visit to the range in an effort to make certain that their skills remain functional! Laws like this will make it more difficult for people to practice, thus increasing the potential for unintended injuries.

    But they won’t care, so why am I wasting the digital ink to write this??

    • People like that live in gated communities or nice safe neighborhoods. They don’t think about firearms protecting themselves, they don’t worry about home invasions.

      If they did they would keep their pie holes shut.

  16. I feel yer pain CT folks. We have the same BS in Cook County. No doubt coming to the entire state. I cross the border into Hoosierland and buy. Unusually with a Club card at Cabela’s. If they refuse in the future there’s Blythes,Westforth and South County. And Wal-Mart. And others farther out. They all love ILLinois $$$$…

  17. but how much ammunition does someone really need to do that?

    I dunno. How much ammunition do you think you would need to defend your home, business or family during the Ferguson or LA riots? But that never happens here/often enough, right?

    • And why would somebody ever need a 30 round clipazine to defend their loved ones and lively hood against a violent mob that never ever happens in America except when it does?

    • Q: How much ammunition does a homicidal psycho need to kill children in a school?

      A: The government will be making money off the ammo purchase, so dead people don’t matter.

  18. Maybe I’m just another “blood in the streets” sort, but wouldn’t this drive up the miss rate since they’re hellbent on incentivizing people loosing their proficiency? Not a good state to be an innocent bystander in. People are fiscally prudent, of course a hike on ammo would equal a drop in practice sessions.

    • They’re hellbent on disarming and force vaccinating the public. All for your own good. That should be crystal clear to even the dimmer wattage bulbs.

      • Boy howdy, you really are a one trick pony aren’t ya? Holy shit, I didn’t think it could get any worse than vegans yet here you are.

      • PG2 has hit the point the best. All the congress people want to do is keep making laws that will irritate us,
        humiliate us, and in general, just make us lose our patience and give up because of the red tape, not to
        mention the cost. Socialism is on it’s way into our government and and the people to stand up to the left
        is decreasing. You cannot understand communism or socialism unless you have been in the countries
        where it is the power and the people are stubble on the boot heels of those in power. We as free Americans
        are becoming that stubble. Look into the history of Adolf Hitler and how he came to power. The big difference is the time he had and the time the left has right now. They have the time and it is in their favor.. Our U.S. Constitution means nothing to the left, if it did, we would not be where we are going. God is
        being mocked at all levels of government, the American Flag is being ignored in schools, National Anthem
        is called racist, and prayer in a public place is looked down upon. Abortions can be performed even at
        time of delivery, but you cannot have the right to defend yourself. I will admit that there has been a lot of
        school shootings, but where is the shootings? At places of no resistance and if you will take the time to
        check into it, you will find that those that did the shootings have not even been convicted yet. Nickolas
        Cruz, the shooter at Parkland school in Florida is one of those that have not been convicted yet. If all
        those shooters were to be hung for murder in a short trial, no exceptions, I will guarantee the shootings
        would come to a quick stop. But the media will only blame the innocent gun owners and the criminals
        just laugh at the system. The automobile kills more than any firearm, the drunk driver is right behind the
        automobile and the list goes on but those in power do not care because they want us disarmed and it
        will be done by any means. Socialism cannot be in control while the people are armed, it is that simple.
        G.I. Joe

  19. “I’m hearing push back about the need to protect one’s home… but how much ammunition does someone really need to do that?” I guess this putz never heard of practice? It may only take one round to defend the home but thousands of rounds to perfect the marksmanship necessary.

  20. Connecticut State Pension Fund has a $127.7 billion underfunded liability or $35,721 per person in the state. Politurds trying to raise revenue anyway they can.

  21. It’s time to put a 50% tax on registrations for children’s soccer, ballet lessons, softball, etc. as well as on tickets to these sporting events. These violent sports ruin the bodies of impressionable young children, who are then crippled for life. What’s more, shuttling the kids off to hire someone else to babysit robs them of precious time with their parents, which then gives these idle “Moms” time to dream up ways to restrict gun owner rights.

    When it costs $500 in taxes to enroll little Jimmy or Tiffany in soccer, and another $50 in taxes per game to spectate, they can reflect on what they are doing to us.

    • Those activities are used by lazy “Moms” to get shed of their children for a while so they can engage in politics, watch soap operas or screw the milkman. They are not necessarily good for the kids. Hitting a soccer ball with your head causes brain damage. Playing too much No-Score TeeBall creates noncompetitive persons who will fail in the real world of dog-eat-dog. Little wonder that most of today’s American youth can do little more than fart, poop and text..

  22. “How much __________ does someone really need…?”


    How about freedom?

  23. Connecticut and Rhode Island should be combined into one state. Named Shitopia.
    New York can then be split up into North New York and West Shitopia.

    • What about Massachusetts? and New Jersey? (North and South respectively or possibly a new naming convention)

  24. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Wednesday, April 19th, 2017/Letters To The Editor

    Legislators taking aim at gun owners?

    “One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that evils in this world are to be cured by legislation.” — Thomas Reed (1839-1902). Congressman from Maine, Speaker of the House of Representatives, lawyer

    Floyd Hancock’s April 11 letter, “Proposed legislation threatens citizens rights,” hearkens back to two Klamath Falls Herald and Letters of mine which ran in 2016: “Lawful gun owners shouldn’t be punished”: ( July 20 ) and “Trump description would fit LBJ well”: (Sept. 27), respectively. Floyd’s April 11 letter also states: “The only purpose of this type of legislation is to feed the ego of the author and to bolster his conviction that he is “doing something” to alleviate a perceived problem.” I consider this punitive malevolent ” LBJ/KGB” style legislation! A perceived problem? There is obviously more to this: “class warfare!”

    Consider Yakov Savlovich Agranov (1893-1938): first chief of Soviet State Security or NKVD and early disciple of Comrade V.I. Lenin. Also, top deputy of Genrickh Yagoda (1891-1938) and leading member of the Cheka: (the original Soviet Secret Police, established in 1918). Also, main organizer of Soviet political repercussions and Stalinist show trials in the 1920’s and 1930’s during Stalin’s reign of terror. Comrade Agranov once stated:

    “If there is no enemy, he should be created, denounced, and punished!”

    Question: Is this anti-gun agenda Bolshevik legislators in Salem are perpetrating intended to despise gun owners, the NRA, private firearms ownership, and our Second Amendment heritage and the big money behind it?

    A related April 10 2017 article: “Senators Push for Federally Funding Gun Control Research” by Beth Baumann is now posted online at JPFO, Inc. at http://www.jpfo.org. JPFO, Inc. is “America’s aggressive civil rights organization.” Gun owners, be forewarned.

    James A. Farmer, Merrill

    • Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, January 17th, 2019/Letters To The Editor

      Petty Tyrants Want To Take Our Guns

      Responding to, “Bill would require permits to buy guns, limit ammo”: Tuesday, Jan. 15 Herald and News, naturally angered, but didn’t surprise me. I predicted the socialist, elitist, Bolshevik legislators in Salem would perpetrate their anti-gun “class warfare/people control” agenda against autonomous Oregon gun owners.

      Jeffrey R. Snyder’s “A Nation Of Cowards: The Public Interest Quarterly 1993 states it best under, The Unarmed Life: The private ownership of firearms is a rebuke to this Utopian (socialist ) zeal. To own firearms is to affirm that freedom and liberty are not gifts of the state.

      “It is to reserve final judgment about whether the state is encroaching on freedom and liberty, to stand ready to defend that statement with more than mere words, and to stand outside the state’s totalitarian reach.” Freedom in America (and Oregon) is more than an illusion. Is further proof required the socialist treasonous elite in Salem want us common citizens disarmed? It doesn’t matter if firearm is a matchlock or flintlock musket, a handgun, or AR-15 type rifle: these petty tyrants don’t want us to own any firearm, period!

      Class warfare? Absolutely! Two Ashland Daily Tidings commentaries of mine bears this out. They include: : “Anti-gun agenda is class warfare” (Friday, Jan. 9, 2009) and “The war on America’s gun owners” (Monday, Aug. 3, 2009), respectively. These remain archived via the Ashland Daily Tidings at http://www.daily tidings.com.

      Finally, “Gun Confiscation for Dummies: ‘Red Flag’ Laws Are Glorified SWAT-ing: Sunday, Jan. 13, 2019, at http://www.thetruthaboutguns. A YouTube video courtesy of a pro-Second Amendment woman attorney is likewise posted at this same site and is titled: “Paying (bribing) states to confiscate guns.”

      Write and urge your local state representative/senator to oppose Senate Bill 501.

      James A. Farmer, Merrill
      Long Live The State of Jefferson!

    • “One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that evils in this world are to be cured by legislation.” — Thomas Reed (1839-1902). Congressman from Maine, Speaker of the House of Representatives, lawyer

      This is absolutely correct. I don’t know if there is a single person in congress today that comprehends this truth.

      • I know. I only learned of this quote from The Roseburg Beacon of Roseburg, Oregon.
        This is a monthly non-establishment newspaper which remains outside the control
        of the establishment socialist news media and major newspapers, especially those
        in the larger urban Democrat Party controlled metro jungles. Learn more at: [email protected].

  25. Demanding Commie Mommy’s of Commienecticut should try reading the 2 nd. amendment as ammunition is covered in it ,the same as arms.

  26. This is a proposal offered by one legislator. Others might support or oppose it. Be interesting to see/hear what reaction is had from the people of CT., and should this thing pass, from the courts.

  27. I’ve been saying it for years. Why would the Feds go around and and try to confiscate all the guns in America? When it’s a fact and would be much easier to raise the cost of ammo to ridiculous amounts and ban others outright. Reducing pistols and handguns into paperweights and rifles into door stops. It amazes me that they haven’t done so 20 years ago. It will start out only in the socialist states that exist today and once the other states catch on it will spread nationwide. My advice, buy ammo now.

    • Because some few of them math well enough to understand that 10 million gunowners with only 100 rounds each descending on Washington with blood in their eye would not bode well for those who supported such an idea, not their parents or their children.

      • Exactly. Make it so that I can obtain no more ammo and you will force me to think very carefully about what I do with my last box.

  28. Are we not going to talk about how this tax is only for certain classes of citizens and doesn’t apply to everyone? I pay the tax but you (leo) do not?

  29. Idiots run for office. People will travel out of state and buy ammo. Skipping the tax altogether.

  30. Want to stop these sort of laws? Manufacturers need to hike up the cost of ammo to all state agencies in this state to make up for the loss of revenue from citizen sales. The cops can have their LEO carve outs but they’re going to have to pay way more in exchange.

  31. Create a “Penny Mart Ammo Club” Store. Club membership fee is based on amount of ammo and caliber you want to buy. Selling price of all of the ammo is discounted to One Penny per Cartridge. Membership expires after purchase.

    • I like it, make it so.

      I’ll make a donation to GOA or whoever for court costs if it is challenged by the state.

      Worst comes to worst, I’ve got no problem with anyone sending ammo “in care of cooter in Kentucky” to be picked up at a later date.

    • In principle this is a good idea but the state will shift the locus of the tax from retail sales to wholesale transactions and/or production pushing up the cost of ‘membership’ in the club. Similar concepts were attempted a century ago to get around alcohol taxes via private “clubs”. As a result, alcohol production and distribution were regulated and these regulations gave us the ‘A’ in the BATFE.

  32. It’s not called “The Bill of Needs”. Certainly a well stocked ammo box does more for my emotional well-being than my neighbor’s emotional support dog does for his.

    How arrogant for this politician to use her rich white privilege to tell others what they are allowed to want or need. Did she wear a KKK mask while drafting the bill?

  33. people who don’t shoot don’t know -or don’t care – that people who do shoot will fire hundreds or even thousands of rounds every range session.

  34. When the heck are the challenges to all these attacks on our 2nd Amendment going to be addressed by the Court’s? It seems like everyday there is yet another assault on our God Given Right(s) by democrats!!! Darn it I want something done and it made clear that these gun grabbers are socialistic communists in disguise!! After all it is these power hungry tyrants who understand that an armed public keeps them from having total unfettered control over the non-elites!!!!

    • Keith, they are no longer in disguise, they proudly display it where ever they go. But I do believe the Supreme Court has avoided new cases because they couldn’t guarantee a pro 2nd outcome with the libs on the court. Now, with a more conservative majority, I think we will see them taking more 2A cases, such as the New York case they just took. I know Roberts cannot be relied on completely, I still think they are going to hammer these anti 2A states. It may be wishful thinking, but I think not.

      • I wish America had a strong SCOTUS that protected our Constitution. Alas, rubber spins rule the day. Roberts? What a joke!

        • Roberts didn’t start out as a joke. I really believe he became a victim of the deep state intelligence. From what I’ve read, Roberts adopted children ‘under the table’ and is being blackmailed. If he doesn’t vote the ways of the deep state, he will loose his children. That’s no excuse for Roberts. If this is true, he brought it upon himself, and he needs to resign for the good of the country. He should resign asap so Trump can replace him with a clean conservative. Will he? I’m not holding my breath.

  35. I knew it, said it years ago. Buy twenty bullets have to turn in 20 empty, it’s coming.

    • I could see that coming to pass. Fortunately, I have a lot of spent brass – even about half of a 5 gallon bucket for cartridges I don’t shoot.

  36. It continues to amaze me that the very states where thousands of Americans lost their lives to win our freedoms are the same states working as hard as they can to do away with these same rights, very ironic.

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