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A Home Depot department head sends us his everyday carry ensemble today.  Most of it, at least.  Courtesy of Everyday Carry.

Celeste1! says this of his submission:

This is the essentials I carry every day, I forgot my pen and the holster and mag pouch I carry everyday along with watch bracelet etc. I’ll post another with the stuff I forgot.

Before you give me a hard time about assuming Celeste1! is a man, not a woman, he’s got a beard comb.  I’m guessing if Celeste1! were a woman, she wouldn’t carry a beard comb everyday.   (Although we did have the guy who carried a bottle of cologne around a while back…)

Something about that GLOCK 19 looks odd.  Either he had some work done on the trigger guard or it’s a Polymer80.  Or maybe Airsoft?  Put your thoughts in comments…

Given how Celeste1! is supposedly a 41-year-old guy working in a management position at Home Depot, I cannot imagine he’s an adult man carrying an Airsoft pistol.  That would be epic foolishness. And he has a spare mag there loaded with what look like hollowpoints.

Streamlight Protac 2L, a fairly common light and brand and a great choice for EDC.  And a well-worn Spyderco Delica, just like the one I carried for a lot of years back in the 90s.  A great little folder!

In addition to the blade, he carries a multi-tool.  Specifically a SOG S60-L Powerlock.  You know, especially when teaching at the range, I find myself asking if someone has a multi-tool almost on a daily basis.  Thank heavens at least a couple of our team can cover for me!

Anyway, enjoy.  And feel free to submit your own pocket dumps over at Everyday Carry.

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  1. It’s actually pretty difficult to believe that there is someone now days that doesn’t have a cellphone.

    • Used to take the picture? Maybe? It’s how I take mine. I just list it in the description.

  2. True Glock with full grip reduction and stipple job, undercut trigger guard X2 (fwd cut for support hand) and added backstrap beaver tail. Seems Celeste wants it his/her way. Deep beard comb works for some types of hair and no frills styles too. Wallet and lip balm can go either way. IMHO

  3. Good carry. Like the GI issue memorandum books. Just bought some myself, but top bound. Personally, if I forgot to include some things in the picture, I’d just retake the picture before uploading it.

  4. Who knows now a days about the beard comb, I saw a guy/gal? at the store the other day, beard, mustache and boobs and a dress

    • I see that everyday at work, one girl comes in on the regular. Her beards filling in real nice, not as patchy as it was last year and starting to cover both chins.

  5. If he’s working for Home Depot, he’s not carrying. Corporate does not allow weapons on site, even in your car, and you can be terminated. I work there and don’t want to jeopardize my job.

    • Concealed. As long as he is comfortable, nobody will know. Either way, just because it’s his job title does not mean he carries at work.

    • Yeah and there are places where you can be arrested yet people still manage to carry guns.

      Maybe he has made the decision that his life is worth more than his job. Last time I checked employees at Home Depot weren’t going through metal detectors on the way in to work.

    • Some people are brave enough to carry anyway, regardless of what their betters have to say.

      • “working in a management position” , so he’s the boss and everyone knows the boss is above the rules. “working in a management position” , so his in the back stacking lumber, hanging out with his friends sipping a cold one, everyone knows them guys don’t give a fck about rules.

  6. I’m gonna say it……that comb may not be for a beard…..just sayin….

    Seriously though, some heavy modding to prevent Glock knuckle.

    Pretty tidy. Who combs their beard anyway?. I grew a beard so I wouldn’t have to shave as often….damned sure not combing it.

  7. Sure beats a 2×4 with a 16 penny nail driven through the end of it. Good job Homer!
    Out of curiosity, is the beard comb for maintaining neatness with a specific look or is it to clean out nits and flavor savers?

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