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Newton’s third law of motion: every action elicits an equal and opposite reaction. That’s kinda the principle at work behind a new group called the The Basic Freedoms Defense Fund. Their purpose is to show Colorado’s legislators that their actions (abrogating their constituents’ right to keep and bear arms) have consequences. And they intend to do that by recalling some of the most prominent civilian disarmers in the state legislature. First up: Senate President John Morse . . .

You remember John. He’s the servant of the people who advised his fellow Dems to ignore the anti-disarmament clamor they were hearing from their constituents and adopt the Nike approach to ramming through gun control – Just Do It! He’s also the author of a FOPA-be-damned bill that would hold manufacturers, retailers and gun owners liable for crimes committed with their guns.

“The reality is, these folks don’t have a Second Amendment right to buy these guns. I’m not going there in this bill. I’m granting them the right, if you will, as long as they take 100 percent of the responsibility, both to sell it, to buy it, to possess it, to shoot it, the whole kit and kaboodle.”

Now, thanks to BFDF, we may get to see how the senator’s delicate psyche stands up to a group that doesn’t just oppose one of his bills, but wants to actually fire his ass and send him home to Colorado Springs.

Nick Andrasik, the BFDF’s PR guru, told me the new org has about 500 members so far. They’ve received a few larger contributions from un-named gun industry contributors, but most of their members are individuals sending in $20 or $50 at a time. As Andrasik told me, every $20 contribution helps them send a message to those who voted to restrict Coloradans’ gun rights.

And it won’t take too much to get a Morse recall measure on the ballot. He only won his Colorado Springs seat by a gerrymandered 300 votes and BFDF needs a mere 7200 signatures to give his constituents another crack at him.

Oh, and as far as you other members of the Colorado house and senate are concerned, you should be concerned. Next up on the BFDF hit list is Evie “The Stats Aren’t On Your Side” Hudak from Westminster. Here’s their press release:

Colorado Springs, CO, April 3, 2013–Colorado grassroots group begins recall of State Senate President for attacks against Constitution and Bill of Rights. The group has the Colorado Secretary of States’ approval to begin gathering signatures for the recall of Colorado State Senate President John Morse (D.) for his stand and leadership against the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and his attack on the constitutional rights of Colorado citizens.

The Basic Freedom Defense Fund (BFDF) was recently formed to educate the public concerning their Constitutional rights and to hold state politicians accountable for voting against the express wishes and Constitutional rights of their constituency.

BFDF’s spokesperson, Nick Andrasik –“Senate President Morse has made it very clear – through both his words and his actions – that he put greater value on the thoughts of interest groups in Washington D.C. and New York City than those of his own Colorado constituency.

“In a recent interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Morse stated that he advised fellow Senators to ignore the thousands of emails* sent in opposition and that he (Morse) was ‘proud of my caucus… and the way they’ve gotten this done.’ This behavior is more that of a tyrant, not an elected official. The contempt and arrogance displayed in the face of an enormous outcry of objection from tens of thousands of Colorado citizens shows how little Mr. Morse cares for the will of the people of Colorado and solidifies our position that he should no longer be in office.”

Several public meetings have been held in Colorado Springs, with hundreds of concerned and outraged Coloradans turning out to protest what they feel are extremely dangerous attacks on the Constitution and innocent citizens’ rights by Colorado politicians supported by outsiders from Washington and New York City.

BFDF intends to educate and support disenfranchised Coloradans in an organized effort to remove elitist legislators from public office through a more informed constituency in future elections and through the recall process initially.

More information about BFDF as well as links for corporate and individual financial support and volunteering are available at the BFDF website,

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  1. Bring down Morse and watch all the others squirm! And don’t get me started about Mister Maddow….

  2. It’s depressing that a supposed servant of the people could say such a thing as that italicized paragraph and still have a job. Says a lot about Americans today.

    Tyrants will always exist. The measure of a free nation is whether the people allow them to gain power.

    • I’m more concerned that he can say that and still not be a head shorter. Last time I checked treason carried the death penalty.

  3. You reap what you sow you tyrant clowns. Send them packing to the unemployment line Colorado!

  4. While I’m happy they are working to take these guys down, I wonder why they aren’t going after the governor.

    • When you take a shot at the King, you had best not miss. Meaning start with the soft targets first. Build on victory. Send a couple legislators packing, then the rest start getting more agreeable. I would love to see Hickeyboy recalled, but I don’t know if it can be done. Yet.

  5. Hopefully this has a chance, if you go after these people and can’t get them sucessfully recalled then you just embolden the enemy. Look at what happened with Scott Walker, he whipped down his opponent even worse than during the last election and really disheartened the Wisconsin Democrats.

  6. I’ve visited Colorado many times. I really enjoy the scenery. The mountains are awesome. I just sent BFDF some money so that maybe they can clean up this mess and I’ll be willing to visit again. I may not be able to cast a vote in their elections, but I sure can vote with my feet and my wallet.

  7. “The reality is, these folks don’t have a Second Amendment right to buy these guns.”

    Who the hell are you to determine what weapons are, and are not protected by the 2A? I guess they love to ignore the Heller case which stated which weapons are protected, weapons in common use. This guy needs to lose his job ASAP. Yesterday is not soon enough!

    • “… I’m granting them the right…”
      That is the scary part. This fellow is either mighty noble, or terribly misguided about who he is supposed to work for. If I had to guess, there is not much nobility in him.

      • “… I’m granting them the right…”

        That speaks loud a clear as to what his basic beliefs are. He’s a collectivist, who believes rights are inherent to the collective and granted to the individual by the government.

        I have a Swedish colleague who asked why there cannot be compromise with the (Prog controlled) DNC. It’s simple: for an individualist (i.e., the founders of this nation and all true Americans), there can be no compromise with collectivists.

  8. There is the first campaign ad against this guy, right there.
    “We don’t care what you think nor wish to discuss it.”

  9. Sure would be nice to see his head roll./// A TTAG advertiser, MS Roggensack won in Wisconsin btw for state Supreme Court. She is in for 10 years now, Randy

  10. They have a long road ahead of them, but the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

    • Checked out your link.

      You would think that these Dems would at least have the intelligence to educate themselves on the subject they are voting on before casting their vote and impacting their entire electorate with the consequences.

      This stupid lap doggie party line slave embarrassed herself with her ignorant statements and probably still doesn’t know it.

      Of course, when you have an electorate that doesn’t bother to educate themselves on what and whom they are voting for BEFORE they go to the polls and cast their ballot, these are the kind of brainwashed ignorant political hacks you end up with.

    • Dear God. OK, she’s a grabber. I get it. But if you are going to vote on, much less review legislation that affects magazine capacity, the least you can do is pop over to Wikipedia quickly to get clear on what a magazine is. That’s just unprofessional.

    • What?! You mean that guns don’t come pre-loaded like Bic pens, and when the bullets run out, you don’t just toss them aside? That’s how they does it on the TVs–ever see anybody reload one of the things, h’mmm?

      “This new learning amazes me, Sir Bedevere! Explain again how sheep’s bladders may be employed to prevent earthquake!”

    • Apparently that stupid broad is completely unaware of all the ammo stockpiling going on. The gunnies in America have stockpiled ammo 100,000 times her wildest budget request.

        • Not yet. Stockpiling has been going strong since Clinton first got elected. I just bought 800 rounds of 7.62×39 that a fella stockpiled in ’94.

          Don’t forget reloaders. Powder, primers, cases and bullets are just as scarce as loaded ammo. I’m running on components for 3,000 rounds of .223 and I’m behind the pack.

          The American people have more ammo than the DHS could get delivered in years.

  11. This will be the stake to the heart of the civilian disarmament movement if they succeed. Start praying/meditating/casting spells/ whatever you do.

  12. Just donated $25. I’m a resident of the People’s Republic of Maryland and am going to do my damn best to go after the gun grabbers here as well. Maryland is very blue, but unlike a lot of the other very blue states, has a very strong gun culture and Gov O’Malley has stirred a hornets nest. He can kiss his presidential ambitions goodbye.

    • I feel for you over in MD, since I am in VA. The Lincoln Bedroom fundraiser running for guv in VA scares the bejeezus out of me. He’s already come out and supported an AWB and magazine limits.

  13. I truly hope BFDF is successful. This guys elitist arrogance should be enough to do him in.

  14. If they only need 7200 signatures it should be cake. Colorado springs is home to the entire 4th infantry division at fort carson. Get it onto post and 90% of the 20+k Soldiers will sign it alone.

  15. I’m with them all the way as well! I just hope the legislators can’t use tax money to defend themselves. They should have to dig into their own pockets.

    Pet Peeve: Obama and Company using my tax dollars against me.

  16. Predicting this guy holds on and the lefties retain control of the Colorado legislature next year. Now if someone tried to take the good peoples pot away, there might be some consequences.

    • What’s with you idiots?
      I, like many others, voted to legalize pot.
      No, I don’t smoke it.
      It’s government interference in something that is mostly harmless.
      But I’m sure your god talks to you and tells you how right you are about everything, right?
      Again, the repubs will put up some religious asshole, like you most likely, and wonder why they don’t win.

      • You know Jimmy, u seem like a stupid bastard. Don’t know why u brought God into this, but again, u are a stupid bastard. By the way schmuck, electing democrats is why your rights in Colorado are being restricted. Put that in your bong and smoke it.

  17. I have little to no faith in any sort of due governmental or lawful process. That said, I still hope this works.

  18. 7200 signatures seems like an incredibly easy number to get. Fund a few events with free music and BBQ and you’re done.

  19. I would hope there are going to be people collecting signatures on street corners in Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs

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