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The intent of the Founding Fathers in including the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights was to ensure that the American citizen had uninhibited access to the armament equivalent to that of the standard infantry soldier. That right is there as a check on potential tyranny.

As you are likely aware, the Founders’ intent has slowly and surely been violated over the last century via incremental anti-First and -Second Amendment legislation. And we all know the forces of civilian disarmament will never stop trying.

Their continual desire to limit human liberty is bottomless and is best countered with facts, determination, mockery, and technological innovation that render their incremental encroachments futile.

Thankfully, more Americans like Cody Wilson have been paying attention and are working tirelessly to counter the statists’ liberty-destroying long game.

While the ability of Americans to create their own firearms at home is nothing new, the ability to do so quickly, easily, and en masse with very little effort or expertise required is just around the corner. And there is nothing the state can effectively do about that.

That’s what makes Wilson and thousands more like him true American patriots.

A few of my favorite Cody Wilson quotes:

“Technology will break gun control. I stand for freedom.”

“People don’t like to register their firearms. They don’t trust government. That’s good because look at history, there is zero reason to trust the state.”

“This is an attempt to apply pressure to de-platform a legal, American business selling legal products to law-abiding customers.”

“The Revolutionary War was fought over soft drinks.”

“I love the example of Jefferson because he’s willing to murder his government and then he becomes a president and then his face is in a mountain. Just because he exercised his power.”

“Your fathers killed their government for far less, why won’t you?”

“It’s sad that as crushed millennials we live in the shadow of our parents, our fathers. We aren’t willing to murder our government. It’s like, come on, why is this scary? Jesus, every generation before you was willing to kick ass.”

I’ll leave you today with the figurative middle finger Wilson raised to hysterical civilian disarmament advocates and their mainstream media boosters who have portrayed Defense Distributed and their files for 3D printed guns as the end of western civilization.


Piper Smith is the founder & executive director of Armed EqualityArmed Equality National Discussion Group Armed Equality SoCal Training Group

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    • Interesting times we live in.

      But a patriot? Not yet. Shoveling code up the ars of the BATFE is not necessarily patriotic. By throwing out the label “Patriotic” to any Tom’s hairy dick, its the same at all those participation trophies we hate.

      Save it for the likes of McCain if you really care about both America and Patriotism.

        • You won’t fight for oil? You don’t have a car? You don’t live in an industrialized first world nation? Will you fight for water? How about food?

          In other words you want someone else to do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the benefits. Mighty david hogg of you.

        • Psh. Just wait till we’re fighting on the moon for all that beautiful Helium-3. That’ll make the current wars look like a Girl Scout meeting. And I’m sad I’m going to miss it. I personally don’t see anything wrong with galactic imperialism. The Moon: The Persian Gulf of the 22nd century.

      • If Cody was pushing a toaster or hammer that didn’t work, rather than a “gun” the can’t be fired, would the comments be the same?

        • Way to completely miss the point. It ain’t about the hardware. Its about giving the finger to the bad guys.

        • WTF are you talking about? The Liberator can certainly be fired. I’ve watched it fired in person. Anyone can watch the videos of it being fired.

  1. Gunz need gunpowder, primers and projectiles.. personlity I believe if the powers that be want to shut it down they can l

    • Bingo.
      That tells you what? That the ones with the MOST power do not want it shut down. I believe they are also well aware of the repercussions that would entail.

    • Take
      5 instant cold packs ( ammonium nitrate )
      1 gallon pool acid ( hydrochloric acid )
      Mix 50/50 of these into a shockproof glass container. After a bit there will be a gray layer and a oily looking layer. The oily looking layer is nitric acid.
      Dissolve mercury into your nitric acid. Pour this into ethyl alcohol. After the reaction slows filter this and wash the crystals.
      Congrats, you just made mercury fulminate . Guess what it used to be used for.

      • The nitric acid offers plenty of interesting options if you’ve got the mercury fulminate to use as a primary charge.

      • There’s a little more to it then that. It’s all there in the TM 31-210 if you like to mess with that sort of stuff.

        • Yes I simplified a bit but what I show will create a strong enough acid to dissolve the mercury.
          The ethyl alcohol is the real problem as it needs to be over 95% pure, something few home distillers can achieve. A simple pot setup will not do reach it no matter how many re-distillations you do.
          The pot setup will make nice spirits, just wish it was legal to do that. I’d have one setup in an instant to make carambola brandy for instance. We made wine out of them and it was to say the least terrible. A buddy asked if he could have it instead of me pouring it out in the backyard and I said sure. He gave me a bottle of the brandy made from it and WOW, that was some good brandy! He after we looked at the legalities of what he did decided that was not to smart so his still is no more.
          I haven’t made stuff like that for over 50 years, but still remember how to make stuff like nitrogen triiodide and flash powders that went off when water touched them. Yeah I was one of those kids that gave teachers gray hair.

    • People during prohibition made bathtub gin.

      There are videos on YouTube on how to make your own primers from crushed match-heads.

      So what’s next, the government is going to ban charcoal and piss so no one can make their own black powder?

  2. When people tell me America is dead, I tell them, it isn’t dead, the ones who control the media and entertainment outlets lead everyone to believe the whole country wants what they want.
    Well I’m here to tell ya, traveling all over, that is not the case, this country is full of patriots.

    • An other version of Wilson’s mike drop statement would be, “Your secure delusion is dead. The world is dangerous (always has been). Wake up.”

      Its amazing how hard the libs in both the media and government are fighting to maintain the lie that they are in control and they can protect you from harm. That’s their America and it can’t die because it never was.

      Watching these middle-aged pearl clutchers bloviate about the “dangers” of firearms they can’t “control” is like watching children coming to terms with Santa Claus not being real.

  3. Purchased Defense Distributed’s “Come & Get It” patch with the file folder (instead of cannon) on it this morning!

  4. Cody has no doubt been elevated to the exalted position of Public Enemy #1 by the gun controllers and haters – including by those (or maybe especially by those) in positions of political power.

    Semper Fi, Cody.

  5. “Thankfully, more Americans like Cody Wilson have been paying attention and are working tirelessly to counter the statists’ liberty-destroying long game.”

    You nailed it, Piper. Thanks for this. Molon Labe!

  6. Yeah, Cody certainly is a modern-day patriot, just like Samuel Whittemore, Hezekiah Wyman, Mother Batherick and David Lamson. And Paul Revere. Take your pick.

    Cody does this stuff not without personal risk to himself, his liberty and potentially even his ability to earn a livelihood.

    Hell, if they’ll poke my tires with an ice-pick for what I do in Illinois, I imagine Cody darn sure better make sure he’s armed 24/7 for what he’s done at the national level!

    God bless you Cody.


    • The “Goliath” is the Bill of Rights and the Armed American population with 600million guns and 16 trillion rounds of ammo…. Wilson is just reminding people who actually has the real power in this country and the pro-statists can’t stand it. Their “power” is dependant on maintaining the lie that you are safe, because they have been placed upon the throne. Dethrone them and the world will implode, just like when Trump was elected.

  7. Here I am in TX, where he is also, I gather, and he has my vote for any office up to and including US Senator whenever he’s ready.

    • 5 years ago I first heard what Cody Wilson was up to. He was still a student at UT. I wrote “Cody Wilson for president “ on a piece of paper and stuck it on my refrigerator,so as not to forget.

  8. “It’s sad that as crushed millennials we live in the shadow of our parents, our fathers. We aren’t willing to murder our government. It’s like, come on, why is this scary? Jesus, every generation before you was willing to kick ass.”

    Were they? I don’t recall any rebellion over the 73rd Congress and FDR literally implementing food burning to fix the great depression (yes, they actually thought that would work). I remember outright capitulation from the NRA when they followed it up with sweeping gun bans. No rebellion when the 75th congress and FDR doubled down, during a famine, on food burning. Virtually no objections to FDR implementing concentration camps or the 77th/78th funding them. In fact, despite all this, the so called “greatest generation” apparently worshiped the wannabee dictator who did all that while ruining the economy.

    • @Nanashi…Each and every generation has it’s own relatively unique things to regret that it could have done better. So don’t go all self-righteous on the Greatest Generation. These people spent their childhood surviving the great depression. They jumped out of airplanes to kill their enemies. They attacked battleships with destroyers. They attacked in-coming raids even knowing they were out of ammo. They sailed sub infested waters. They got into the landing craft, scared shitless, and landed on the beaches anyway. They braved typhoons and blizzards. They were people that just wouldn’t quit. For you to collectively blame the Greatest Generation for things that we see in a very different light with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight is wrong. So, out of respect for your betters, just stop it.

      • I’m pretty sure combating famine by burning food was as retarded then as it is now. I KNOW concentration camps were as horrible then as they are now because that’s what Justice Roberts wrote in late 1944 (Reminds me to add right to a speedy trial to the list of Democrat victims): “But to infer that examples of individual disloyalty prove group disloyalty and justify discriminatory action against the entire group is to deny that, under our system of law, individual guilt is the sole basis for deprivation of rights. Moreover, this inference, which is at the very heart of the evacuation orders, has been used in support of the abhorrent and despicable treatment of minority groups by the dictatorial tyrannies which this nation is now pledged to destroy.”

        To assert that hindsight is needed to see that the horrific actions of the Democrat party’s hero were horrific is absurd.

        • “…the so called “greatest generation”…” You seem to have no problem with attaching blame to a whole collective generation for the actions of a few individuals. Practice what you preach.

        • The MAJORITY of them voted for the guy FOUR TIMES (and the congresses that helped him even more) once even after he created the concentration camps, and contemporary polling puts him at fairly high approval. Hardly the actions of a few at that point.

    • Also, millenials’ parents are post-Vietnam, and therefore a vanishingly tiny percentage of them have any direct connection to military service, and none of them compulsory service. I’m not sure what “ass-kicking” he’s referring to. The Cola Wars, maybe? That’d explain the line about soft-drinks.

      • Um no….

        Millennial parents are the Boomers, the ones just in time for Vietnam. My father was born in 1950, my mom in 1958, and I was born in the late 80’s. May have been on the late side but still my parents weren’t the only ones.

        So stop trying to deflect the failures of the millennials on Gen X, they are the products of Boomers. Gen X are the ones raising Gen Z who are becoming more conservative.

    • Yeah, I just wish he wasn’t so melodramatic; that’s 90% of the problem with 3D printing, are all the completely delusional expectations on both sides. Machine tools & skill are FAR less common now than 50 years ago, which is the only reason the panic over printers even exists. And the only reason people want to bother printing crummy gun parts or machining them in a crummy micro-mill, is because the anti-gunners overplayed their hand.

  9. “…every generation before you was willing to kick ass”
    Uh, draft, much? They weren’t all that willing, many times. That particular quote was goofy as hell, and not based in real history.

    Historically, we Americans consented to slowly increasingly levels of tyranny at a steady clip starting with Washington & the Whiskey Rebellion (almost immediately), actively fought *for* tyranny during the Civil War (both sides fought for tyranny, over slaves & the South, respectively), and completely surrendered to tyrannical economic management & abuse of authority during WWI-WWII while off at war or in economic privation. From an objective historical standpoint, the descent actually slowed down greatly post-WWII, but only because most of the important planks of totalitarianism were already in place. Now we’re at the point of merely filling in the few remaining gaps in federal authority, where permitted by budget & technology.

  10. Ha ha i love it i’m glad there are still people that can stir the pot… i sure would if i had the capital and money all gun and drug laws are racist if you aren’t a strict constutionalist you need to be voted put of office immediately

  11. Sadly Cody is wrong. The debate is NOT over, not until you can print every part of a 5.56 rifle AND the ammunition. Right now ammunition is the real weak point. There is no technical information on cooking small amounts of smokeless powder, boxer primers, pressing brass buttons into cases…. And until we get that onto bittorrent we’re vulnerable.

    • It’s has already been done. 3D printed ammunition was created, I think two years ago. I not sure about any testing.

      Also an all metal 3D gun was printed over a year ago as well. I think is was a 1911 type hand gun.

    • Well, you can mail order all parts except the one you print, including a complete assembled upper, and a few cans of ammo, and have a completely capable AR with no notification of ATF or FBI, right now. Why would anyone want to print every piece, that has nothing to do with universal accessibility.

  12. I’m glad this very expensive technology has the world in a uproar. I think the Star Trek replicator, first generation, has become real. That is what is getting everyone excited.

    But I wonder how many people will lose their nerve. And support a gun ban of 3D printed guns and the equipment when one of these weapons is used in a murder. Just like the new technology called the bump stock. Which provided the regular person with an inexpensive way to have rapid fire instead of buying a very expensive real machine gun. Unfortunately the gun community-at-large doesn’t understand the implication of new technology in the development of firearms.

    They are very fickle and I can see support for 3D Guns disappearing. Just as support for the bump stock disappeared, which is another new tech gun technology.

    Unfortunately the last new technology the “civilian machine gun” (the 1930s version) was not supported by the gun Community overall. And it still is not. The 2A is not about hunting.

    What will the gun community say when a real MG in 3D is printed? Will the value of all those MG collections fall?

    • “And support a gun ban of 3D printed guns and the equipment when one of these weapons is used in a murder. ”

      You may as well ban rocks, basins of water or shoe laces, as they can also be used to murder. Murder itself is banned, yet murder continues.

  13. How can I make sure my legal support funds go DIRECT to his legal support? Every time I try to donate or help it directs me to one monolithic gun organization or another (to which I already donate!).


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