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  1. Fail.

    We need to register our kitchen knives, 2cm bodies of water (because you can drown in 2cm of water) and fists Wendy.

  2. Absolutely RIGHT ON! Canadian women need the gun registry, since domestic murders have drastically dropped since the Gun Registry came in. The very loud pro-gun lobby does not represent the majority of Canadians, though they have lobby money from gun makers & the NRA. Boys – WHAT is your problem – just register the thing, which you do for your car, snowmobile, etc. – take 10 mins at most – & your'e good to go. The registry does not interfere with your personal gun-owning status at all. Gawd!

    • This is what Allan Rock (Justice Minister said)
      “I came to ottawa with the belief that the only people with guns should be the police and military.

      This is what Lloyd Axworthy (envoy to UN said) My mission is to socially re-engineer Canada to be one of the first “unarmed” countries in the world.

      By the way, Since 1995 to 2011 the gun registry has not saved “one” life, I tried to get “one single name it saved”. for Two Billion dollars I want at least one name.

      I dont even own a gun, but I used to “Skeet shoot” which is a great “sport” and I found it a lot of fun, and it was a sport that I physically could do comfortably.

      also, if you really read the “firearms act” closely one of the beauracrates indicated that “owning a gun is a suspicious activity in itself and should be discouraged.

      I say, Ok, disarm “everybody” citizens/police/military, not just the civilians, that should solve all our problems,

      no, this is just a regisitration for seizure, eventually,

    • We have no problem in registering our guns, what you are completly missing is the Liberals intend to totally “disarm” all Canadians. Allan Rock said it / Lloyd Axworth said it/ it is a step to total seizure of all guns.

      Of course you know what happened in history after governments seized all guns.

      If you give me just “one” name your registry has saved, Just one, I will climb the highest point and wave the Gun Co olition flag from the highest point, but you will find to your dismay it has saved not one live in over 10 years, not one, and it cost me and you 2 billion dollars.

      The Liberals have been reduced to 34 seats, and I am hoping by next election they are completely wiped out, these people only care about themselves .

  3. I'm curious…how is it exactly that you argue that a drop in domestic violence has anything to do with the gun registry?

    My dad used to tell me a story about a guy in a robe, standing on a street corner in NYC. He was tearing off strips of paper from a magazine and throwing them into the wind. A cop stopped him, and said, "Hey, buddy! What do you think YOU'RE doing?!"

    "Obviously, I'm tearing up strips of paper and throwing them into the wind."

    "Why?" asked the cop.

    The guy replied, "I'm keeping the tigers away."

    "But this is New York…there are no tigers here."

    The guy smiled. "See…it works!"

    Your logic strikes me as more of the same.

  4. When the lives of mothers/women and children become- worth more than ___________________ (you fill in the blank) : then the gun registry will cease to be-attacked. The first question police ask , on a domestic violence call-if the caller is still alive- is: Are there guns in the house ? They refer to long guns as well as others. Rifles are the most commonly found in homes- – – Bill 391 tells me that to some others- my life and those of many women and children- means nothing. Is this ignorance-or plain old evil ?????

  5. I wonder if those proposing to dump the long gun registry know how it came into place-? I refer to the event that started Wendy and others -on their long journey. Perhaps the would be dumpers don't give a damn.

  6. Brad Kozak: The domestic murders BY LONG GUNS +THUS, the total of domestic murders, dropped! Hello? Read Cold North Wind's comments as well.

    Btw, what IS your problem with filling out registration form?! None of you ever answer that.

    • Sure, fill out that registration form.

      Fill out your census too, stating your sexual preferences, you gender, race, religion, where you live.

      Im sure history will show you how safe it is to have an unarmed population where the government knows exactly where members of X religion/race/sexual orientation are living….

      Just relax, no need to turn your brain on, no need to question authority, just keep noding your head and saying “yes” to everything they suggest.

    • Good Heavens, its a Liberal program to “re-engineer Canadian society, this was
      admitted by the Liberals many times, and is well documented, The Liberals themselves admitted the Gun Registry does not save lives (they are right about that, since 1995 since it began no one get one single name that it has saved.

      The Liberals like the gun registry because all the money pouring into it goes to all their Liberal coffers, all we are doing is feeding the Liberal trough with money, they dont care if saves lives or not, as long as the money keeps coming in the better.

    • It was all about disarming the entire country of “all” guns.

      How they would pull this off is allready written in the Gun Registry bill, All guns
      can be seized without a warrant. (extremely onerous).

      If you look at history, you know what happens when citizens are disarmed, and the only people with guns are the police, next thing you will have sniper teams and police with machine guns in the streets and on top of buildings.

      (Sad to say the snipers and police with fully auto machine guns walk among us)

      Hard to understand why our government is doing this, they are obviously afraid of some type of civilian revolt of some type, it would be better if we were unarmed of course, and they could just pick us off from a distance.

      How can we can our Canada back.

    • Your right, I have tried everything, to find “Just One Name”.

      Guess what … Not “One” name, nothing … this Gun Registry by Wendy Cukier is an unbelivable assault on Candians, all her “stats” are extremely misleading and absolutely unclear, they just make sense.

      If you give me One Name it saved, I will join the Gun Crusade.

      We are in trouble when Wendy Cukier can get us taxpayers to spend 2 billion dollars on a program that absolutely does nothing.

      Can we not sue her and her stupid school?? at least take her “Order of Canada” away from her???

  7. I don't get it. What's the problem with documenting the presence of a lethal weapon? I did it years ago in NS without any argument. I'm very suspicious of those who balk at it. What would anyone want to hide this?

    The Gun Registry should certainly be maintained; there shouldn't even be a discussion. We are a law abiding country and if we choose to own a deadly weapon it needs to be in a national data base.

    • A national gun registry raises a lot of concerns for a lot of people. Here are the two most prominent:

      1. Government confiscation. Many people feel that the government is the single greatest threat to individual liberty (it’s why the U.S. constitution enshrines the right to bear arms). The don’t want their government to know if they have guns, how many and what sort. The fear is that the government can use that information to trace down and seize those guns (by force) should they decide to do so. Which they did after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

      2. Many people feel that there’s too much government, period. The Canadian Long Gun Registry has been a hugely expensive program (over a billion Canadian dollars) that’s had no measurable effect on reducing violent crime. Strange but true: this is where some Canadians draw the line.

    • Yup,
      maybe these two quotes will change your mind:

      Allan Axworthy, cdn rep to the United Nations.. Canada will be the first “disarmed” country in the world.

      Allan Rock, ” I came to Ottawa with the firm belief that only police and the military should have weapons.

      This program is not what you think, it is Social Re-Engineering, and also the huge money pot that the Gun Registry sucked in, it made a lot of Liberals very wealthy.

  8. Absolutely, we need the Gun Registry. And I don't understand the problem. I registers rifles years ago in NS feeling I done the right thing. I'm suspicious of those who balk. Hiding something?

    We are a law abiding country and these lethal weapons must be part of a national data base. We must have a gun registry that will trace weapons that have been used for the wrong reasons and those that are refusing make me want to ask questions.

    And we need a petition. There are many to abolish the GR but can't find one in support of it. Can we start one?

    • Hi Janet, The Gun Registry is not meant to curb crime or save lives ( even Wendy Cukier admits that), Its just a first step to eliminate guns from the Canadian citizens, If you dont believe me look at these two quotes…

      A. Axworthy, Canadian Rep.; to the United Nations. ” Canada will be the first country that has disarmed its citizens”

      Allan Rock . ” I came to Ottawa with the firm believe only the police and military will have guns.

      I understand what you are saying, believe me, I am not even a gun owner, but if you read the Gun Registry act, its very scary, The Police can raid your house without a search warrant at any time of the day (thats effective now by the way).
      their is also a notation that gun ownership by the citizens is a questionable sport,

      the government started adding guns to the “prohibilited” list, even BB guns , it was getting rediculous.

  9. Domesitc violence rates in Canada have been falling for some time.
    PLEASE stop using false stastics here, anyone whos taken introductory stats can point out how you manipulate the uneducated masses using them.

    Look at all of the data- not some, not just a few years, and stop equating correlations with causations.

    As another blond chick once said, Candice Hoepner, when fists and knives are the primary weapons used in domestic violence why do much emphasis on firearms rather than the CAUSE of domestic violence?

    Try using logic rather than emotion and red herrings.

    Further, you (Wendy Cukier) once said that, and you were parahprasing another person for this quote, that all that is need for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

    What did you mean by this? Given you are attempting to pass laws agaisnt the law abiding- ie hunters and shooters- do you mean to say that we are evil and you are somehow good? May I remind you that its persons such as yourself that CAUSE death and chaos through micro disarmament of good people that can not protect themselves from evil? Rwanda anyone? Yeah, that UN of yours sure tucked tail and ran after the civilians were disarmed – save all the UN soldiers, let the civilians get slaughtered.

    I dont think youre evil,I think you are misguided. It seems that because I own a firearm you feel I am evil- lord knows your not taking about criminals- they never abide by any of the control you put forth.

  10. For those that dont know it yet, registration of firearms ALWAYS is followed by confiscation of said firearms, in every country, in every time period, including Canada.

    Handguns were registered after promises they would not be confiscated, now most of said handguns are illegal to own.

    Wendy Cukier is the head of the Coalition of Gun Control in Canada, a member of IANSA- who is active in the United Nations to DISARM CIVILIANS AROUND THE WORLD.

    Its the same process, as with Britain and Australia- you REGISTER the guns first, then progressively makethem illegal- gun buybacks, amnesty periods, and forced confiscation.

    Your damn car has nothing to do with it- its about the right to own a firearm, period.

    There is no “priviledge”, its a human right. We, humans, have always had the right to hunt and to defend ourselves- its a very basic fundamental right that no government can simlpy say “no, you cant have that”.

    Further, many would argue a right to prevent tyrany. You can check your history books or you can check the tv, tyrany is alive and well in the world atm- dont think for a second it cant happen here. You may want to ask why a government would fear an armed population rather than why X person doesent want to register his firearm.

  11. So what is it then?

    Is the ‘gun registry’ just a misguided mechanism to count legal guns? No – universal firearms registration is a precursor to national firearms confiscation and prohibition. The Liberal government that started this social engineering campaign planned to disarm all law abiding Canadian firearm owners. Social resistance stopped their plan. That is still the agenda of today’s Liberal’s and NDP party and a sentiment shared by the lobby of political Police Chiefs. The clandestine agenda behind this misguided ideology is to hasten Canada’s adoption of the UN Small Arms Treaty and the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), whose ultimate goals are to ban civilian ownership of firearms world wide.

  12. No firearm registry or laser etching of firearms and ammunition or outright firearm prohibition will PREVENT murder or accidents or suicide by a determined criminal; a careless firearms user \ act of God; or a disturbed person who wants to die by his/her own hand.

    The key word here is PREVENT. Therefore the registry by this test does not enhance public safety as it was originally intended, nor does it prevent on-going gun violence, injury or suicide by gun. Therefore the gun registry and the Firearms Act (Bills C-17 and C-68) are an unqualified failure. Canadian gun control laws are not crime control laws. One cannot restrict the defiant by constraining the compliant.

  13. Well, Its Nov 4, 2011, its nearly over, the gun registry will soon be dead (the long gun part and rifles).

    what a horrendous waste of money, is their any way we can hold people responsible??? Wendy Cukier ??? Allan Rock ???

    funny in its dying days how the “Liberals” cronies started running (Mark Holland, Jean Cretien, Allan Rock, Lloyd Axworthy ) all untouchable , Two Billion dollars, can we not at least try??? Canadian Citizens sue Liberals et al ..


  14. I see Quebec wants to sue the government to keep the gun registry list, as we all know the list was for eventual confiscation to disarm all Canadians (the registry lists all the types of guns, so all the government needs to do is gradually ban the guns so that all of a sudden we have nothing).

    Let me see, every country in history that has disarmed all their citizens for whatever reason had other reasons for doing so.

    gradual confiscation is a necessity because of the huge public rebellion that would result if they tried to do it all at once. Its all about government retaining power and how to achieve it, disarming is the first step, but this will take a very long time due to effort to ban all guns over a long period of time.

    The people of Canada have woken up, to this, and I see the NDP has now indicated they want the gun registry, after riding the election over doing away with it. NDP is next, these guys are really stupid, last count was 10 million gun owners/supporters, thats a huge voting block, and Liberals (to their chagrin) tasted their bite but mosty wiping them all out.

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