Co-Witness That! Trijicon 4×32 Battery ACOG

“The Trijicon 4×32 Battery ACOG is the latest scope from Trijicon,” reports. “This scope is unique because it does not use the light gathering fiber optics and tritium lamp combination that Trijicon is famous for, instead replacing them with conventional battery-powered illumination.” ‘Cause batteries are cheap and plentiful all over the world too, I reckon.


  1. avatar Leo says:

    I hope with the new cheaper design comes a new cheaper line of scopes more of us can afford.

  2. avatar Bub says:

    Isn’t there some problem with wait/adjustment times between going for lighted areas to darker areas with the current setup?

  3. avatar oneleg says:

    I have the original. Hope this is as good!

  4. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    how much??

  5. avatar Sean says:

    Would it have been difficult/impossible to have BOTH?

    Fiber optics AND battery powered? As long as I can make out the reticle clearly, I’m happy.

  6. avatar tuco says:

    What made these sights great was there is not a need for batteries. Leap backward

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    That’s the lumpiest-looking gunsight I’ve ever seen.

  8. avatar tuco says:

    Ralph an iron is included.

  9. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    AA batteries are rechargeable, even after the zombie apocalypse, with a pocket solar charger. At least it doesn’t use coin batteries.

    1. avatar fred says:

      +1. got a small foldup solar panel tht recharges my AAs for gps and frs walkie in a day of hiking while strapped on hunting pack or left on the dash of the truck. hate those watch batteries … have had two red dots fail in that area.

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