Christmas Gift Idea: The Marshmellow Rifle


We’re not sure if that spelling is a clever double entendre describing the gentle nature of this sugar shooter or a simple typo. But who really cares? If you’re tired of the kiddies wreaking havoc on your priceless heirlooms playing with their potato guns and Red Ryders in the house, this baby’s just the ticket…


Imagine the sparkle in their little eyes as they unwrap one of these beauties on Christmas morning along with a pack of yummy Jet-Puffed ammo. Or the kids can get creative and use mini marshmallows to convert their shiny new respiration-powered rifle into an instant shotgun.

Take down and cleaning is much easier than with your Hi-Point. Or your 22/45 for that matter. And you won’t even have to worry about cleanup when the kids inevitably lose interest. The dog will be more than happy to take care of that when the ADD little monsters have moved on to Gears of War 3.



  1. avatar Coyote Gray says:

    Hmmm…………..I’m conflicted on letting my kids have toy guns. Now that they have real ones of their own, I don’t want them practicing poor gun handling by aiming at family or friends, or putting their mouth on any part of a gun.

    Cute gift though.

  2. avatar Silver says:

    Banned in California: it’s a gun AND it has sweets, which are bad for the children!

  3. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    that’ going to be one messy s’mores

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    Oh, great, a gun that causes diabetes.

  5. avatar John Fritz says:

    Sticky potential. My OCD sez nope. Stick with the real thing.

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