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In the grand tradition of DEA agent Lee Paige (above), a Chino, California police officer injured three students when he negligently discharged his firearm during a, um, safety demonstration at Newman Elementary School this morning. As tells it, “The students — whose ages were not immediately known — suffered what were believed to be minor injuries and were taken to an area hospital as a precaution, said Tamrin Olden, crime prevention supervisor for the Chino Police Department…. ‘We’re still sorting out the extent of the injuries and how it happened,’ Olden said.” . . .

We can only hope that like Paige’s performance, the un-named Chino copper’s demonstration was memorialized on video for your eternal viewing pleasure. There’s apparently no truth to the rumor that this is a new “scared straight”-type tactic being employed by California’s finest to instill fear of firearms in impressionable little minds full of mush. And we eagerly await the MomsDemandAction picket line in front of the school as well as a screeching blog post demanding “gun sense” in and around our schools.

More when (and if) the officer is ID’d. [h/t Dan Silverman]

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    • As noted by several comments below, this is a very old (maybe ten years) video.

      That said, let me comment about what REALLY bothered me about this cop and people like him – not the NG, which was bad enough, but his attitude in indoctrinating these kids.

      At the very beginning of the video he states CATEGORICALLY, “If you see a gun or someone shows you a gun, RUN AWAY!”

      Well, in his case that was good advice (/sarc). The problem is that under color of authority he is instructing young children not to approach the subject logically, considering WHO is sowing the gun and WHY, but emphatically instructing them that in EVERY CASE where a gun is presented you must automatically and mindlessly RUN AWAY.

      I don’t believe that’s the same concept promoted by Eddie Eagle.

      Young people should be taught that you should not play with guns, you should not pick up guns you come across incidentally, and you should stay away or run away from criminals or irresponsible peers who happen to have guns in their possession. If, however, a respected and responsible family member (not the cop in the video) has a gun/pistol/rifle and is interested in safely training you in its legitimate use, sit still and listen attentively. If he’s a cop, be sure to stay slightly behind him on his weak side.

    • won’t happen. not at least until the eventual lawsuits are settled for millions of tax dollars and the leadership no longer needs the stupid officer in question to keep his mouth shut . . .

    • But he is “is the only one in the room professional enough to carry that Glock 40”.

      Surprise! No you’re not, DUMBASS.

  1. What was that famous quote Bloomberg said? “Only the police should have guns.”

    Yeah shut up, idiot.

    • ima laugh so hard when one of these “police only” fools gets hospitalized by their body guards ND.

      • That will likely never happen, because body-guards, being private contractors, have a commercial stake in doing their job well, as well as the repercussions to face when and if they don’t.

        • For most body guards that’s true, but many antis of the political
          persuasion use, sometimes illegally, police (aka FORMER
          public servants).

    • Bloomberg’s point wasn’t about training. Worse. It was about whom he controls. The only good guns are those held by his minions. Your minions? No guns. You’re the enemy, the rival. Even if he’s never heard of you, you’re on the “potentially a rival” list. The 2nd Amendment simply isn’t at work in his reasoning.

  2. This “only one” will say “it went off” when the truth is that his booger finger was on the bang switch.

  3. You do realize how old this is? Almost 10 years ( 2002-2004) and the DEA hid it for almost as year and a half. In 2009 the boob sued for stress and falling to get his job back.

  4. It was the holster. That or a deficient trigger mech blamed on the manufacturer.

    Officer dumbass keeps his job….and the people rejoice.

    Cops….Protecting their own stupidity and Serving their own agenda in a precinct near you.

  5. 2 months paid vacation, promotion to Chief in the next year.

    That’s how the system works these days, right?

  6. Since he injured more individuals than the Nevada shooter, can we beg and scream for national cop control?

    You know, for the children.

  7. I admit, I made the same mistake once with a Glock 17. Fortunately, I was putting it away and had pointed it in a SAFE DIRECTION when “it just went off!!” (Actually I had intentionally pulled the trigger so I could put it back in it’s box, the old Tupperware Glock boxes required this. My ceiling and roof tiles never had a chance!! NEVERAGAIN!!)
    Also, what is a Glock 40? I can’t find that model number in their Catalog. I hope they never even make a Glock 40 and instead skip to 42 with their next model.

  8. just like us, the LA times won’t buy into the idea that guns just go off.. they put the quotation marks around ‘accidental discharge’

    “Three students were injured Wednesday morning after the ‘accidental discharge’ of a police weapon during a safety presentation at a Chino elementary school, police said.”

    • Now children, I’m a police officer and I want to show you how this can be done safely. You three, pretend you are innocent bystanders…

  9. Updates are saying that the weapon that discharged was mounted on a motorcycle, which probably means it was a rifle or shotgun. Interesting.

  10. fnck that sh!t, this guy needs to be flogged and then forced to carry a blue rubber Glock for the next 5 years until he shows he knows how to keep his finger off the trigger

  11. The future Police Chief of Chicago? Oh wait, we already have the Honorable Garry “Let me get drunk with my Brother and shoot out Street lights while shouting racial epitaphs” McCarthy.

  12. I’ll bet it was one of those “unsafe” guns that isn’t on the “safe” handgun roster. You know, that roster that police are exempt from because, well, they’re safe.

    On second thought, it must have been a shotgun. No cop in LA can hit a single person with just 1 shot from a pistol, let alone 3 people. Just ask those newspaper delivery people who were only hit 3 times out of over 100 shots during Dorner’s “reign of terror”.

  13. oh goody! Now maybe Shannon Watts will come out of hiding and say something so spectacular and snippy that she inspires more lust in my loins. . . . .

  14. From the latest news report, the AR was secured on a police motorcycle being used as a demonstration by the police. Having a loaded weapon being Any Part of a static “safety display” is negligence, pure and simple.

    IF it had been secured on a motorcycle owned by one of us, does anyone think the owner’s name would have been withheld and shielded?

  15. From what I hear on 640 kfi AM. A student actually pulled the trigger. AR15 found on a unattended patrol cycle.

  16. Time to get guns out of the hands of police, who have memorably, time after time, proven themselves incapable of safely handling them, while millions of citizen “civilians” handle them much more safely.

    Armed citizens should be the first responders, not police.

  17. This is absurd. Everyone knows that police / military / federal agents are HIGHLY trained and are the only ones with the skills to handle a firearm.

  18. A student discharged the round, from an AR-15 mounted to a motorcycle, the officer was distracted talking to other students when the discharge occurred. I have no idea why a round would be in battery.

    The “injuries” were because of the sound, not being hit by a round. Three students ears were hurting.

    California doesn’t allow for suppressors, I guess it likes hearing loss.

  19. When I was on the job a neighboring department started mounting MP-5’s on their motorcycles. I thought it was stupid then.

  20. How does it go…avoid stupid people doing stupid things?

    But state law demands that you send your children to school. Uhhh?

  21. I hear the real story was that the cop left his gun on his motorcycle while he was playing with the kids. One of the children grabbed the gun off the bike and fired a round into the ground. The kids near by got some shrapnel wounds.

    Teach your kids not to play with guns people. Stop acting like you are not responsible for teaching your kids not to be stupid.

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