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This is what desperation sounds like. [h/t]

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  1. You’ve got to be taught
    To hate and fear,
    You’ve got to be taught
    From year to year,
    It’s got to be drummed
    In your dear little ear
    You’ve got to be carefully taught.

  2. Lies, hate, stupidity, and hypocrisy will forever exist because people pass it down, plain and simple. Sometimes even unintentionally (though not in the case of scum like this).

    • I gave it 3:10. Let me have it in a conversation or debate, if you would, with this ‘educator’. I can only suggest. I’m just saying. I know you just can’t fix stupid, but let me waste an additional 3:10 trying. Nice ditty, Ralph.

      • You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught from the musical “South Pacific,” by Rogers & Hammerstein.

  3. OMG…this guy is saying there is a system of Apartheid in America? What a loser. Spreading his own modern day version of black lies and racism, disguised as the white man’s racism. He’s just a loser and wants to blame others for his failings. Nice try. Way to pass on your crap to a generation that sure the heck doesn’t need it. These “teachers” should both be FIRED for this video.

  4. Unbe-fvcking-lieveable! Except, it isn’t. It is not hard for me to believe this at all. That some fat bird and some pseudo-intellectual would try to use an instance of blatant lawbreaking to argue against concealed carry does not surprise me at all. Good luck, Illinois. We’re pulling for you.

    • Help us! They wont let us leave! Hurry, I think they are about to cut me o……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  5. And this is an example of why many black kids in this country drop out of school. Here in Cleveland the rate was up to about 70% two years ago. If this is all they have to teach them, then I am surprised they can spell their names.

    The really fun thing here is the crap these folk are spewing is the same crap we would hear at the black church we left two years back. We were so sick of it. Ignorant crap and they suck it up like it is jelly because it is easy to blame someone else for their ignorance and problems.

  6. Anyone still wondering why Black people don’t openly support the NRA?

    As to this racist womans comment only four words need be said.

    “Come and get it”

  7. I bet many of the students in her class spend lots of time watching the clock and trying to keep from falling asleep.

      • I guess I was lucky. Most of my high school teachers were a lot more interesting and energetic than she is.

        • Most of my HS teachers were pretty good. I didn’t see this level of teacher arrogance until college. FYI, almost every one of my law school professors were outstanding.

  8. I applaud the student who appears to have filmed this secretly with their cell phone, and then for submitting it to those that can best bring this evil to light!

  9. Can we invite these people to a gun show? Please? I’ll pay their tickets. They will picket with “guns kill kids” signs and I’ll hold a “these fucking losers think that guns kill kids” sign.

  10. I see Indiana and the NRA is to blame for all the gun deaths in the Chicago area. The NRA is just racking in the dough over the kids that are killed in Chicagoland.
    I am not saying that everything is just peachy keen in small town Indiana, but why don’t we have all the magnitude of problems that the Chicagoland area does with guns. I guess the guns lay down at our feet and obey us here, and in Chicagoland the guns get up and magically and automatically shoot everyone.

  11. If this passes for education in Chicago, I can see the populace is truly doomed.
    I think this contrasts and compares to the school I went to where some of the teachers would actually demonstrate various historical reproduction guns to us kids for educational purposes. We also had a rifle team as well. Later, Hunter Safety and Firearm Instruction was held at the same school when my Oldest Daughter went to it.

  12. Wow using a case of an illegal purchase to justify a crime, and not have guns, I don’t get it. The student who spoke was right they should have them since right now only criminals and cops have them.
    I almost give the male teacher a break. He wanted to plant a cemetery to raise awareness of black on black crime. Nothing wrong with that but it was slapped in with the horrible example of why no one should have a gun..
    She showed victims, not no other statistics, just this is who died and then resorted to calling the NRA names like it was all their problem. Truly sad.

    • Actually she claimed that the NRA calls them porch monkeys. It’s making up insults for yourself and putting those words in someone else’s mouth so you can then feel insulted and lash back at them…what dillusion.

  13. Honestly, they are just doing what most protest movement folks do… teach their beliefs as a matter of fact, without backing it up with critical reasoning. I’ve seen the same lack of logic applied to justify abstinence campaigns, faith-based healing, and performance enhancing silicone bracelets. Its endemic to our society.
    A hell of alot of pro-carry folks do it too. I could pull up a few videos where a guy is using very poorly reasoned arguments coupled with half-assed assumptions to justify carrying as well.
    Most people in this country, and the world, think intuitively, not rationally… its been the bane of human kind and is why human progress has been such an uphill battle. The teachers shown here intuitively think that guns are bad mmkay, no ifs ands or buts. The teachers probably grew up in Chicago and thats just how they came up… just like a pro-gun guy who grew up in Arkansas shooting guns his whole life. Both use intuitive thinking with no logic or critical thinking to back it up.
    NRA uses tons of intuitive messages to push its agenda, which clouds the entire movement with the stink of irrationality and fear. Folks like these teachers can see that stuff and have their incorrect beliefs about gun owners reinforced. The NRA should instead stay clinical and scientific, using logic and reason to push the message forward and win arguments.
    What TTAG should do is find the crappy, intuitive arguments for carrying guns and identify and filter them out, encouraging pro-carry advocates to stop using bad arguments and focus on the rational, data-based findings that prove that the conceal carry movement has NOT caused any crime-waves, and has coincided with falling crime rates in the states its been implemented in.
    Massad Ayoob should be made head of the New NRA.

  14. As a general rule, I usually assume that anything that comes from Breitbart has been spliced together and edited so that it isn’t true. Did the teacher offer an opposing opinion? Did the debate give equal time to the opposing point of view? Based on what I have seen at most public schools, it did not. But when I was growing up (and dinosaurs roamed the earth), we had a similar debate and both sides were allowed to argue their case. If you had videotaped just one side, it would have looked like a slanted pack of lies.

    On another subject, anyone who believes racism is dead in America needs to go out and get some fresh air. There is plenty of racism in America, and we owe it to ourselves to fight against it, rather than pretend it is all ancient history.

    • LowBudgetDave-

      Looks like that low budget public school education you received is not doing you any favors in life. But there is racism, most of it is now along the lines of “all whites are evil”. Wake up Dave and grow a spine.

      • Kelly-

        I see your point, but I also see how you don’t understand racism at all. I’m an Indiana boy, but grew up near Chicago. So I understand what racism is (and not whites hating blacks, the other way around) and the thing isn’t about just race. It’s about social class, race, and public portrayal of race in your area. You might be a fish out of water in southwest Chicago (and possibly die haha) but I’ll be just fine. With or without a gun. Damn Illinois, I can’t take my firearm with me 30 miles west of where I am.

  15. People accept what they hear when the believe and trust the source. An example of this was when the was an article on this site last Saturday that quoted Clinton as saying Obama was from an “urban” area, and there was much gnashing of teeth about the hypocritical racism of the left. But the quotation was wrong. The author had mis-attributed the quotation to Clinton when it was a summary by the Reuter’s writer who had paraphrased Clinton’s remarks. Since we trust TTAG, very few of us went and read the original article. Clinton said “Chicago.”

  16. WOW! I watched the whole thing and all I can say is WOW! And I thought my teachers taught a biased program, it was nothing compared to this.

  17. I’m guessing that her instructional technique has the full support of the administration? No calls for her termination?

  18. “Look at the number of black men in college versus the number of black men in jail. This isn’t an accident.”

    No – it is the deliberate policy of the Democrats and their teachers’ union tools to dumb down the black population, to ensure that the supply of Democrat voters does not diminish. And these two teachers’ propaganda session is perfect evidence – they are indoctrinating the kids in leftist beliefs, not teaching them academic subjects. The kids can’t spell, read, write, do math, or any other useful skill because their teachers are spending all of the class time in convincing the kids that they are victims of an evil racist society. It is to puke.

  19. “We don’t think learning is just reading, writing and arithmetic.”
    Learning also involves building a protest cemetery, apparently.
    That would be all well and good, if these kids were *also* learning readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic.
    Why not focus on the basics, and when those are mastered, then move on to the esoteric metaphysical ethics and philosophy?

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