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Chicago crime scene (courtesy

Chicago. It’s the political birthplace of gun control advocate Barack Obama and current home to the President’s former Chief of Staff now Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is equally dedicated to civilian disarmament. How’s that gun control working out for them in the Windy City? Not so well . . .

Four homicides over the weekend and two more Monday morning pushed Chicago’s homicide count so far this year to double the same period last year.

The city has recorded at least 95 homicides since the first of the year, compared to 47 last year, according to data kept by the  Tribune. The city has also more than doubled the amount of people shot – about 420 this year compared to 193 last year.

The Chicago Tribune‘s tally of last weekend’s “gun violence” includes a 3-year-old boy shot in the leg as he played with a relative in the Englewood neighborhood. Gang violence, don’tchaknow.

I’m not saying that restoring residents’ gun rights would solve all the firearms-related gangland violence afflicting Chicago. The more logical place to begin: end the city’s revolving door justice system.

But when you’re disarmed in [what is in effect] a war zone, you focus your energy on government solutions and, thus, degrade both your ability and/or desire to effect change on a personal and community level. In other words, this is what happens to a disarmed populace. That is all.

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  1. It’s all about the weather. If this year had been as bitter as last year the bodies would be stacked as deep

    • Exactly!
      A year ago, the winter was especially cold and the lazy-azz thugs tended to stay indoors. Crime was down, and some morons gave credit to our brand new concealed carry law.

  2. A fat white slob with no priors kills 6 people and wounds 3 and the world blows up. 4 people die and 30 are wounded in the same time frame in Chicago and no one notices.

  3. Chicago has a gang problem. There are Black Gangs, Asian Gangs, White Gangs, Hispanic Gangs and Democrats. The Democrats are the most dangerous.

    • There are Black Gangs, Asian Gangs, White Gangs, Hispanic Gangs and Democrats.

      I thought you were going to say, “There are Black, Asian, White, and Hispanic gangs … and Democrats (but I repeat myself).”

  4. Sure am glad Darth Rahm and literally the toughest gun ownership laws are working so well.

    Hell, even Detroit is advising folks to tool up and shoot the vermin. Imagine that.

    • Toughest gun ownership laws?
      Get a clue.

      Illinois has its infringements, like the FOID card required to buy a gun, and waiting periods. Chicago is hostile to gun retailers so you need to drive a few miles to buy one.

      But we have shall-issue concealed carry, no magazine restrictions, and no “assault weapons” ban (except for one stupid suburb). Compared to Comiefornia or New York, it’s a freaking gun owner’s paradise.

      • Whatever dude. Just stop defending Illinois already. You sound like you take it personally anytime someone bashes Illinois and the bullshit laws and corruption that is so prevalent. Did great, great Grandpappy discover the wonderful Land of Lincoln?

        • I see him correcting misinformation. Illinois has plenty of problems; corruption, budgets, entitled politicians, etc., etc., etc. nobody is arguing that here. But in the end you jump a couple of unconstitutional hoops and you are light years ahead of NY, NJ, CA. It’s not AZ but it is nowhere as bad as people make it out to be.

          I carry every day and everywhere and live in Chicago. Except for Jewel grocery (no longer shop there) I carry everywhere.

        • Hey, he has a point. California does not have a FOID requirement (yet, although they are working on a permit for buying ammo), but you do have to pass a test to get a firearms safety certificate ($25), get a background check for ALL transfers (another $25, generally), and have to wait 10 days to pick up your purchase. All new or used guns (other than C&R) can have no more than 10 rounds capacity (and now someone wants to pass a bill to make that retroactive), and all handguns must appear on the California Roster (or be C&R exempt). CCWs are “may issue” (which in the densely urbanized counties is no issue in most cases), and open carry is banned in all incorporated cities and towns. The legislature is going full retard on anti-gun measures this session, with two bills to ban ARs/AKs (with grandfathered rifles allowed if registered as “assault weapons” that cannot be transferred in state), another to completely ban all semiauto rifles with detachable mags, a bill that will ban home-based (“table top”) FFLS and require all other gun stores to install detailed video surveillance inside and out (and keep the tapes for 5 years). Senator DeLeon has resurrected his “ghost gun” bill that will require builders of 80% lowers to obtain serial numbers for their buids BEFORE starting construction, and with a background check. Last year concealed carry with a CCW was banned from all school campuses (despite the lack of ANY crimes committed by a licensed carrier).

          By comparison, Illinois is a breeze. And no, I don’t live there.

        • That’s a pretty low bar set for Illinois; comparing it to CA, NY, NJ. Kinda like saying Ted Bundy wasn’t so bad compared to Stalin.

      • FOID card is pretty bad by it’s self when you consider that every FOID card holder has been subject to daily criminal and mental health background checks going back as far as 2008.

        Now Sheriff Dirt Dart is trying to make it a state law that FOID holders have 48 hours to serve to relinquish their card to local authorities once ISP notifies that a FOID has been revoked. (note that you still have to abide by the 72 hour waiting period for private handgun transfers hence the rub… you can’t legally transfer your handguns without going through a FFL) this state is just looking for ways to jam up legal gun owners…

        • The revoked card must be turned in within 48 hours of receiving notice. That law went into effect almost 3 years ago.
          PA 98-063
          430 ILCS 65/9.5
          Here’s so you feel shocked knowing this now:

      • Yeah, Illinois gun laws aren’t really that bad at all compared to many other places. FOID isn’t that big of a deal although they do mess things up a lot at the State Police office which causes problems. A few years ago, they told me the information on my license was not correct even though I had sent them a copy of my valid license when I first applied. I received a rejection notice in the mail. Had to wait on hold for over a hour, and then was finally sent my card after explaining they had obviously fucked up.

    • “Sure am glad Darth Rahm and literally the toughest gun ownership laws are working so well.”

      That was true in the past but not since 2013. The courts forced Illinois to become a shall-issue concealed carry state. The state has issued thousands of concealed carry permits every month since then. As to the murder rate, it went up in 2015 and has now doubled for 2016. Concealed carry has been a deadly failure in Illinois.

      I should add that Illinois has no magazine restrictions and no assault weapons ban. So much for “tough” gun laws

      • Illinois does not have a shall issue carry law in practical effect. That is a lie parroted by Richard Pearson of ISRA & NRA lobbyist for Illinois Todd Vandermyde to the retarded hicks that pay membership dues to get backstabbed by those two sellouts.

        Brandon Phelps HB183 carry bill that passed into law in 2013 requires a TEN YEAR address history. ANY cop from ANY jurisdiction in Illinois can object to the applicant ANONYMOUSLY. The objection is then forwarded to the Conceal Carry Licensing Review Board. The applicant cannot see the cop smears or confront their cowardly cop accusers in person. Here’s who’s on the review board. I am not making this up:

        “one commissioner with at least 5 years of service as a federal judge; 2 commissioners with at least 5 years of experience serving as an attorney with the United States department of Justice; 3 commissioners with at least 5 years of experience as a federal agent or employee with investigative experience or duties related to criminal justice under the United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Homeland Security, or Federal Bureau of Investigation; and one member with at least 5 years of experience as a licensed physician or clinical psychologist with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.” Thanks Todd!

        A federal judge, two federal lawyers, three federal cops and a shrink. Brought to you by Richard Pearson of ISRA & Todd Vandermyde of NRA, the dynamic duo that sold out to the police unions to bring you Duty to Inform in IL’s carry bill. Yee-haw!

  5. The year’s not over yet…very mild winter for Chiraq. Supposed to be a snowstorm tomorrow-maybe the brothers’ll stay inside. AS mentioned weather has a huge effect on homies. We got a local race for states attorney(Cook County). All the usual suspects talking about “gun crime”. But the only “murder” mentioned is the cop who shot drug addled perp Laquan McDonald. “We” all failed him…

  6. Mr. Farago loses credibility every time he lumps Chicago in with the disarmed cities of the east and west where carrying a Glock 19 would be legally impossible for more than one reason.

    Chicago gun laws were once as bad as the rest. Not anymore, thanks to People like Otis McDonald and the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

    It’s still a left-wing paradise where few honorable citizens own guns, but the crime problem exists for the same reason as other large U.S. cities: Failed progressive ideas that have led to a total breakdown of civil society and and general moral decay.

    • I tend to give RF a break Curtis. Gotta’ write something every few hours. I feel the Illinois BS burn being less than a mile from Indiana too. Let’s not forget to credit Ted Cruz and the late Justice Scalia. My vote counts for very little in my Cook Co. town(just for local issues)…

    • Agreed…

      Chicago used to have an outright handgun ban, which was replaced by a registration scheme that has also since been thrown out, preempted by the state. So Chicago gun laws are not as strict as they used to be.

      That said, Chicago does still have an AWB and magazine capacity limit. And laser sights are banned, too.

    • Curtis,

      A couple thoughts to keep everything in context:
      (1) If not for the favorable verdict in the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Illinois would be in a world of hurt.
      (2) While Illinois does have shall-issue concealed carry, they have — by far and away — the longest list of statutorily defined “pistol free zones” of any state in the nation. The most obscene elements of that list are parks and public transit.

  7. When will mr.obama tear up over Chicago? Uh…..never.
    Yea! Black president ….let’s dance!!

  8. These are all gang shootings?

    At what point does Bruce Willis say “I mean, you’ve GOT to be running out of bad guys by now, right?”

  9. By FBI count , there are 160,000 gang members in Cook County. But that was in 2010.

    If no more accumulate, and the present death toll continues at its present pace, we should run out of gang members in 3,000 years.

    Wait! What?

    They can self replicating?

    never mind letting them kill themselves off

    • They have been shooting children a lot more recently. If they are stopped before the breeding age, the numbers could decrease, just need to hit enough of them. That will be the next firm Goal of gangs.

  10. It’s all Indiana’s and Iowa’s and Wisconsin’s fault. Those evil bastards and their lax gun laws that let anyone buy a machine uzi with body obliterating high caliber capacity bullets without a background check and waiting period through the army surplus racist cop show loophole. Koch brothers and Haliburton!

    Did I forget any progressive clichés?

    • Also forgot to work in a penis size reference. And either “Cowboy” or “Wild West” or “SEAL Wannabe.”

      Overall good job, though. They do generally sound like a tape recorder repeating nonsense whether immediately relevant or not.

  11. The real statistic should be how many people the police are stopping/arresting versus last year. The numbers are down significantly. Moreover, the cook county board president has a directive for the judges to put more people on bond and electronic monitoring so that the jails is down about 5000 inmates over last year. More criminals on the street and less being stopped by the police equals more shootings. Of course the chicago tribune and other media outlets as well as the democrats will blame it on the guns and enact more pointless ineffective laws to cripple the legal gun owners and do nothing to stop the crime.

  12. The problem in Chicago is that the same party, Democratic Party of course, has been in power for decades. Same problems for decades, same party for decades, no need to say anything more.

  13. but it’s not happening in the o’bama/bill ayers neighborhood, so it will be ignored (too bad it doesn’t move to that neighborhood!)

  14. The OP said, “It’s the political birthplace of gun control advocate Barack Obama and current home to the President’s former Chief of Staff now Mayor Rahm Emanuel…”

    Worth mentioning it is also Hillary’s hometown. Ironically, as a teenager in the Windy City, she campaigned for Nixon in ’60 and Goldwater in ’64. Then she got left-wing radicalized at Wellesley College.

  15. I’m so tempted to steal 2Asux’s thunder on this. But no. Must be patient and keep that popcorn warm.

  16. The laws on guns have changed quite a bit, but don’t you think it will take much longer for the attitude of the average citizen to change? Large numbers of people there, I would imagine, are multi generational products of the government schools and various welfare programs. No matter how many guns are available, or how rational the “laws,” I don’t see most of those folks becoming effective at self defense and responsible gun owners any time soon. And that’s just the “good guys.” The criminal element will take even longer to deal with effectively, even if the government and police suddenly became rational and honest. And that’s pretty much true for any large city/metro area.

  17. “Chicago. It’s the political birthplace of gun control advocate Barack Obama …”

    I am glad that you qualified that as the “political birth place”. Do we really know is actual birth place? I know, I know … he has a birth certificate from Hawaii. Has anyone bothered to verify if that is authentic?

    • re: the birther business – I belive that he got free collage by saying he was from “abroad” and now he’s ashamed of this lie/outrage and really was from the US. There is no way he can go back and fix it, hence the hokey BS.

    • >> I know, I know … he has a birth certificate from Hawaii. Has anyone bothered to verify if that is authentic?

      Have you asked the same question of any other candidate in this race (or, really, any political race after Obama)?

      If no, why?

  18. How many homicides in Chicago were the result of police killing citizens? Richard Pearson of Illinois State Rifle Association puts out fundraising press releases demonizing Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and blaming him for gun control, but after the U.S. Federal Appeals Court in Chicago totally overturned Illinois UUW concealed weapons statute in Dec. 2012, it was ISRA & NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde who put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 “NRA backed” carry bill in 2013, NOT Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, NOT Speaker of the House Mike Madigan.

    Since DTI has criminal penalties of 6 MONTHS or 1 YEAR in jail, police criminals now have an incentive to stop, harass, arrest, set up, and kill armed citizens. Licensed carriers in IL give up their right to remain silent, and their right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. Convicted felons carrying a weapon in Chicago can remain silent if questioned by police and retain their 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

    It’s great to have an NRA contract lobbyist like Todd Vandermyde “working” with the anti-gun police unions who opposed concealed carry for 40 years. Setting up licensed citizens to be disarmed and killed by police criminals and police impersonators, that’s “your” NRA! Tell Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA to give Vandermyde a bonus!

    • It is a shame you have NO idea what you’re talking about. Tin foil hat must be a little snug today, I’m guessing.

      • Yeah really-this guy only spreads malicious BS. Never responds. I’m thinking mental illness-please don’t go full Kalamazoo…Pearson is a hero. Ditto Vandermyde. Praising the tiny dancer-wow.

      • When NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde sold out to the police unions in 2010/2011 on Duty to Inform, Tim McCarthy of Orland Park was president of the IL Chiefs of Police. That’s the same Tim McCarthy who was a Secret Service agent when President Reagan was shot, and the same Tim McCarthy who does events with Jim & Sarah Brady to promote gun control. The IL Chiefs of Police opposed concealed carry in IL for 40 years.

        When the NRA lobbyist is cutting deals with anti-gun police unions so armed citizens can be disarmed, abducted, set up and killed by police criminals and police impersonators, that means IL gun owners got sold out. The worse the carry bill and the more dead gun owners, the more job security a professional lobbyist like Vandermyde has to “fix” his own garbage bill.

        Rats like Vandermyde can exist only if the mass of NRA & ISRA members are brain dead hicks with G.E.D. level education at best, which they are. Many state legislators don’t know that Vandermyde is a contract lobbyist paid by 1099, or that he supposedly “works” for Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA. Send in your NRA life membership.

  19. Obviously not a disarmed populace if there are this many shootings by the way. You need a gun to shoot someone 😉

  20. Chicago need their Community Organizer back, and quick. Run the bum out of office and return him to where he belongs. Because you know that he will solve all the killings there.(sarc)

  21. I thought the earlier conversation of Illinois residents claiming that their gun laws were not so bad was hilarious. Compared to what? Neighboring states?

  22. Vhyrus says: “A fat white slob with no priors kills 6 people and wounds 3 and the world blows up. 4 people die and 30 are wounded in the same time frame in Chicago and no one notices.:

    I, for one am appalled. The relentless drumbeat of violence, with guns and without, in Chicago and other heavily-regulated locations is unconscionable. It’s skew, preying on the weakest, poorest, the disenfranchised, and yes, “minorities” is a blot on the notions of equality, equal protection, and equal opportunity.

    It is time for the administrations involved — city, state, and federal — to get serious, stop waving bogus proposals to restrict guns further on the people who aren’t doing this, in the places that this doesn’t happen, and fix the problem.

    The indifference is disgusting. It’s like they don’t believe that black lives matter, that months of unrest, destruction, and yes, violence in, for example, Baltimore, never happened. It’s like the don’t care about the issues that brought people into the streets. The only neighborhoods they can afford to live in are free-fire zones, where the leading businesses are organized drug cartels, and less-organized opportunistic services.

    The stuffing of the issue is perhaps the worst part. Vast swaths of people aren’t protected under the law, while this administration keeps nattering on about imposing distractions and overhead where the law more or less works.

    The media are all wound up about that particular event because it is unusual. The appalling fact is that just as much death & violence perpetrated by some loser or other is commonplace in other places and demographics. And unreported.

  23. Here is a solution, restrict the marketing of this thug rap shit and that’d fix the mentality of alot of them. Also sue the media mainstream and every ‘gangster’ rapper and music promoter/marketer ect..for promoting this bullshit that is promoting this ‘thug’ mentality they are acting on. Also fix the education system, make the parents responsible for their kids and imprison the parents along with the youths, mabey then they’ll learn consequence, family values and do a good service by taking these dumbass kids out behind the woodshed and whoop thier asses.
    We are products of our enviroment and if the enviroment is bad, then the logic is bad.
    Stats show its majority black on black crime with ‘thug’ mentalities. ages 14-24 are highest actors in these crimes. (dont quote me on the ages, i saw it on an fbi stats site a while ago, but im close)

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