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Next Post is all abuzz with news that “a Chicago firefighter has been charged with a felony for having a loaded revolver in his vehicle outside Mount Greenwood Park on the Far Southwest Side on Tuesday night.” It seems that “Police stopped [Salvatore] Cheversia’s vehicle on suspicion he was not wearing a seatbelt and while looking in his glove box, officers found a Colt revolver fully loaded with six rounds. Cheversia has a valid FOID card but the weapon was not registered with the city, according to police. When officers asked why he had a gun, he allegedly said he was on his way to play softball at the park but stopped to buy the weapon for $200. He did not have a receipt, police said.” And this is news why? Of all the illegal gun buyers in Chicago, why should we be surprised that a fireman would want one?

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  1. So Chicago cops can go on a fishing expedition through your glovebox, just because they think you weren't wearing your seatbelt? A warrantless search on those facts would be thrown out of court, pronto, here in Washington. It seems that people lose many rights, not just their 2nd Amendment rights, when they enter the Windy City.

  2. Chuck:

    Now we're really going down the rabbit hole. A firefighter with priors, who is a gang affiliate and involved in a murder? Who has a valid FOID card? Only in Chicago could such a person exist. These new facts fit in fairly well with the bogus "I just bought this Colt revolver for $200 with no paperwork, while I was on my way to play softball" story.

  3. Actually they searched his car because he had priors and has been associated with a gang and the death of a rival game member in the past two years

  4. I have to agree with you only in Chicago could his fireman father have pulled the strings to get him in with his past. Knowing things like this is part of the pleasure of growing up in the same suburb as this class act and the one who beat on a Royals coach with his old man

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