Chicago murder clearance rate 2017 (courtesy
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The blogger at has collated Chicagoland crime reports to come up with some startling stats. As you can see above, the CPD only cleared 12 percent of all 2017 homicides (which includes 11 officer-involved shootings). A fact the Chicago police somehow forgot to mention while trumpeting a 15 percent drop in Windy City annual homicides (92.4 percent of which were firearms related). cautions that  . . .

“the [clearance] rate has nothing to do with criminal proceedings and convictions (or lack thereof).”Yes, well, according to this, a homicidal gang banger has an 88 percent chance of not being charged with murder. Or did I, the original math-challenged gun blogger, miss something?

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  1. They can brag all they want in Chiraq. Mebbe murders are down but violent crimes like carjacking,rape,robbery,breakins and assaults are UP. And yeah spending MILLIONS in those shite hoods means other neighborhoods are sitting ducks. Avoid Chicago like the plague it is😖😫😡

    • Another thing about Chicago, it is in Illinois which doesn’t recognize my GA carry license, so the whole state is automatically off my list of viable places to visit.

    • When I hear a statistic claiming that “gun murders” are down, my first two thoughts are:
      1. Emergency Room staff must be getting better at their job.
      2. “Why would anyone want to murder a gun?”

  2. With these types of numbers, one must wonder if it’s cops doing most of the homicides. I don’t like UN troops being there, but maybe Trump should declare martial law in Chicago.

    • I heard the cops actually were the ones who faked the moon landing, crashed at Roswell, and killed Kennedy.

  3. Pull all fed funding and employees from there and let it fall in on itself then nuke it from orbit it’s the only way to be sure…

    • I was thinking the exact opposite. Force relocate a number of Federal Government agencies to Chicago. The influx of federal employees will increase economic activity and the housing demand will force up rents leading to Gentrification.

      The displaced poor can relocate elsewhere, such as LA or Baltimore.

      • Well i do believe that LA is a sanctuary city…. you might be on to something. Any time one of these pos gang members is arrested for any reason, give them a choice. Either do the jail time or move to LA. Once there you have free reign to move anywhere within California’s borders, but no further.

  4. With a 12% clearance rate, JUST HOW, EXACTLY, will registration and similar schemes help anything?

    • They’re supposed to distract the press from covering the 12% clearance rate.

      When I look at how Obama handled the press, it’s pretty clear that Trump isn’t the first politician to treat the press with contempt – only the most vocal. Whenever Obama would get into a pickle over some policy blowing up in his face, he’d talk about gun control, and the media would fawn over him.

      I suspect the same thing is happening at lower levels of the Chicago political machine…

  5. With a 12% clearance rate, I wonder why Chicago would even bother charging anyone. Let the miscreants kill each other off. Street justice may not be justice, but neither is Chicago’s pathetic attempt at criminal justice.

    Let it burn.

    • If they did that, how would they justify their phoney-baloney jobs?

      “I didn’t get a harrumph outta that guy!”

  6. Please be sympathetic to what’s occurring in Chicago. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the black community to Chicago’s society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. IL real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self- improvement by hard work, dedication, and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

      • It’s patently politically incorrect, I’ll grant you that. Beyond that, the sarcasm bespeaks nothing more than an accurate observation of the black subculture.

        How can we ever have that “honest conversation” about race that everyone claims we supposedly need, if lack of honesty is a precondition to the conversation?

    • I think you pressed your /sarc button by mistake. Maybe you wanted to say ChiTown is a third world hell hole only fit for its present inhabitants, who richly deserve the mess they have chosen to live in. May God have mercy on their souls.

  7. As disheartening as these figuree are, we can at least take comfort that police are still very effective at clearing certain kinds of murders; for example, homicides of police officers in the course of their duty.

    Those should be among the more difficult category of murders to solve. They tend to be committed in large, low clearance rate communities. They’re what are called “stranger-to-stranger” homicides. There’s high retaliation potential against witnesses. Yet, they’re virtually always cleared.

    Maybe that’s because “cleared” doesn’t necessarily mean conviction, just “we know who did it” and that person has been arrested. Or killed. Curious, that.

    • Far too often, “we know who did it” just means “we have someone we want to pin this on.”
      If, in fact, they knew who did it, they would have a prosecution. Without that, they don’t “know” who did it, they only have a good idea.
      Unfortunately, that person, who is “known” to have done it, is too often persecuted (legally), ruined both financially and personally. Then, too late, the police discover they “knew” wrong. Usually because a CI, needing money for a fix, gave the police a name knowing that person had no alibi and a motive.
      I wish I knew how to fix that.

      • You could be right. In fact, you are right. I just don’t know to what degree that takes place. That’s all the more reason to keep one’s nose clean and stay out of the Life. It’s rough out there and the lines between good guys and bad guys blur.

  8. the clearance rate is not 12% its 1.2%.
    570 homicides with no suspects charged.
    7 suspects charged.
    total homicides for the calculation are then 577.

    • It says 78 suspects charged. Which would be 12%. But I didn’t see anything about convictions…so really the true clearance rate is even lower.

      • All of you are incorrect.

        It’s 78 suspects charged, not 7.

        Tfunk got that right, but ignored the definition of clearance rate, which has nothing to do with convictions.

        The clearance rate is a calculation of Total Homicide Suspects Charged / ( Total Homicides – Police Involved – Self Defense – Murder/Suicide)

        Total Homicide Suspects Charged = 78.
        Total Homicides = 570 + 78 + 12 +11 + 4 = 675

        Police Involved = 12
        Self Defense = 11
        Murder/Suicide = 4

        Thus, clearance rate = 78 / (675 – 12 – 11 – 4) = .1203, or 12%.

  9. Homicide studies in Milwaukee and elsewhere show anywhere from 65-85% of murder Victims have criminal records. Criminals murdering criminals. Who cares if they clear the cases. Focus on crimes against innocent people.

    • When you get criminal record, you cease to be fully human. Felons can’t vote, they can’t legally buy a firearm and now it’s even o.k. to murder them! “Who cares, the murder victim had a criminal record, no need to even investigate!”

      • In a world of finite resorces, why waste time & money investigating murders that have a near zero chance of clearence? They aren’t less human, they have just made poor life choices. I just don’t believe public resources should be wasted on criminals.

  10. This shows that the Chicago Police are almost incapable of actually investigating and solving crime since the national average for homicide clearance is around 60%, and Boston and Los Angeles were near average in 2015 or so. They make good control groups since they have similar population sizes, Democratic Party government and corruption levels.

  11. There has to be examples of failed cities, Detroit, Baltimore, San Francisco and even states California, New Jersey, to show the others what not do do.
    We can all learn from the failures of others.

  12. the courts in shitcago are a huge joke. IF they worked the state would have to build 200 new BIG prisons to hold the RATS!!

  13. according to this, a homicidal gang banger has an 88 percent chance of not being charged with murder. Or did I, the original math-challenged gun blogger, miss something?

    You missed removing the non-murder categories from your calculations before declaring the chance of getting away with murder. The murder clearance rate is clearly less than 12% after you remove non-murders with 100% clearance from your totals.

  14. Jesus, what a *shithole*! 898 carjackings with 51 clearances? You have to be kidding. I wouldn’t drive through the place with *your* car.

  15. Las Vegas crime report came out and minus the Route 91 massacre, it was still the most deadly in Vegas history. 206 murders. Sheriff Lombardo, a California libterd transplant MUST GO. He shut down the gang unit and doesn’t destroy criminal intent.

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