Adam Deciccio from the American Firearms School reckons the new Chiappa Rhino’s trigger is a bit . . . funky. On the [more] positive side, he says the gun reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil. After firing it again, I still can’t group for toffee. Maybe it’s the sights. Or my trigger control. Or the fact that 357 cartridges make a LOT of noise, which makes me flinch. Anyway, the short-barreledĀ Rhino one big, ugly, bad-ass belly gun. And I would really like to test the 4″ version.


  1. I've found that the whole "pull the trigger without cocking the bloody thing first" deal on an SA/DA wheelgun wreaks havoc on any concept of accuracy in a snubby. Period. Cock the gun, and I get a decent chance at hitting something smaller than the proverbial side of a barn. But yeah…I'd like to shoot both the 3" and 4" barrels of the Rhino, too. Unfortunate name, though…makes me thing of McCain, Snow, and (formerly) Specter, rather than a rockin' wheelgun. Still…


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