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In a dramatic turn of events last week, a 66-year-old Florida man turned the tables on a would-be carjacker, leaving the suspect battered and bloody. The incident took place in Brevard County, where deputies responded to find 29-year-old Blake Robinson lying on the ground, bloodied and defeated.

According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, deputies arrived to a surprising scene: Robinson, who allegedly attempted to carjack a vehicle, was sprawled on the ground with blood around his mouth. The person responsible for subduing the suspect was none other than 66-year-old Robert Polk, the intended victim of the carjacking.

Polk recounted the events leading up to the confrontation. It began when he heard a strange noise outside his home. Upon investigating, he discovered Robinson trying to open the door handles of his truck. Polk initially retreated to his house to call the police, but was unable to locate his phone. With no other options, Polk decided to confront Robinson directly.

As Polk approached, Robinson allegedly became violent, punching Polk, throwing him to the ground, and kicking him in the head. However, Polk, despite his age, managed to fight back. By the time deputies arrived, it was Robinson who was on the ground, having received a taste of his own medicine.

Deputies noted that Polk’s face was red and swollen, and one of his ears was covered in blood. Robert Polk’s bravery and quick thinking not only protected his property but also ensured that a dangerous criminal was brought to justice.

WESH reports, “Robinson has been arrested for felony battery and attempted burglary of a conveyance. He is currently at the Brevard County Jail with no bond.”

Chalk one up for the old guys—this time, experience, courage and maybe just good old simple toughness won the day. As Kevin Costner’s character John Dutton in Yellowstone tells a younger combatant in a scene from the first season, “I’m just meaner than you.”

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  1. … no, he was just lucky that he went up against an also unarmed perp, instead of a pistol-toting crack head. Even a crack upside the head with ANY improvised blunt object could have proved fatal.

  2. Um … “carjacking” implies a perp trying to steal a vehicle while the owner is driving it. What is described above, I think, is just theft, since Mr. Polk wasn’t actually driving his vehicle.

    I keep a Smith and Wesson Governor loaded with Hornady .410 Triple Defense in a holster on the side of the center console in case of carjackers, and then store it in a car safe when I’ m not driving.

  3. If you confront a criminal within “hands-on” range, whether or not that criminal manages to maim or murder you is a function of nothing more than random chance.

    A criminal who has nothing more than hands and feet at “hands-on” range could still deliver a knockout strike or employ any object close-by to render you unconscious or even dead. (Note that hard pavement can be just as deadly as a brick if the criminal manages to slam your head into it–either directly or indirectly.)

    Of course a criminal who has a bludgeon, knife, or firearm at “hands-on” distance can swiftly and easily deliver a fatal wound.

    Pro-tip: if you decide to confront a criminal, DO NOT EVER ALLOW SAID CRIMINAL TO GET CLOSE TO YOU. Doing so could be the very last mistake of your life.

  4. I broke a cows jaw with a punch once.
    Now my skin tears like paper.
    66 ain’t old.
    In fact the older we get the better we become.
    JRB in 2024
    Long live Dementia.

  5. I had a dog like that once. She wasn’t huge, but she was just meaner. Many a larger dog found that out the hard way.

  6. Friendly reminder: a “small” man of young age could be unbelievably strong and fast (especially on certain drugs), and easily capable of knocking you senseless in very short order with nothing more than his hands and feet.

    Engaging someone up to no good–even a “small” young man with no visible objects or weapons in hand–could easily prove fatal. I strongly advise against it unless you have no other option.

  7. Where are the Florida man jokes now? Seriously, I would not have recommended that no matter the gentlemen’s age, but I have to admit, anytime the tables are turned on the bad guys I have to smile.

    • Golly I just reverse curled 140×9 pretty strict at 70. I also carry a gat,a knife & a pepper gel thing when I’m outside. And I was talking to a guy I used to see a dozen years ago who’s turning 99 this month. WW2 vet in the pacific. He’s still at it & in fantastic shape! Never underestimate old guy’s. That could get you kilt🙄

      • Age slows reflexes.
        And 👍’s up on your reverse curling 140×9. That’s impressive.
        As for me. I ate a pancake with lots of syrup, waited a half hour, then went bicycling. It’s a hot SOB. All of a sudden that syrup was to much and for the first time in my life I started puking from the heat. I thought I was gonna die.
        Gadsden Flag better find that Fountain of Youth down there in Florida pretty fast, times running out.

  8. Well I took 8 years off working out. Back at it over 2 years-reversed type 2 diabetes. Grip was awful now I outlift the young guys but that’s the only thing🙄That God for muscle memory! Watch that heat.

  9. Yes … Old age and treachery always over comes youth and skill … But S&W (or Colt or Ruger or … ) trumps all.

  10. Glad it turned out well but could have gone “south” instead, so IMO not a good decision to confront the punk while apparently unarmed. Plus, misplacing his phone was another mistake.


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