Iraqi Army Snubs M-16 for AK-47

0 For all the billions of dollars Americans have spent defending Iraq from, uh, bad people, you'd think they could suck it up and equip their Army with American-made M-16s. I mean, we've already supplied...

FNH USA Not Scarred by USSOCOM SCAR Cancellation

As the Firearms Blog reports, "USSOCOM's decision to cancel the transition from the M4 to the FN SCAR Mk. 16 must have been the worst PR disaster to hit FN for quite some time. The...

Happiness is a Warm M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round

The U.S. Army has begun sending the new M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round to Afghanistan. In the next year and a bit, the U.S. Army will take delivery of some 200 million rounds of the improved 5.56×45 cartridge....

What Good Is A Shotgun at that Range?

0' Why is he shooting it one-handed and why isn't he counting rounds?

The British “Soldier of the Future”

The UK takes yet another step towards storm trooper chic.

Afghanistan Vet: Give U.S. Troops Heavier Gun, Bigger Bullet

0 American Firearms Instructor Adam Decciccio reckons the AR-10's extra nine pounds (compared to the M4) is a burden worth bearingo. Amidst the sound of gunfire, Adam says the bigger bullet's knock down power makes...

New TWS II Thermal Sight Uses AA Batteries

The Thermal Weapon Sight II (TWS II) is a joint US Army and US Marine Corps program to develop and deploy thermal weapon sight systems. The TWS II "family"---from rifle to armored vehicles----is built...

How Not to Buy a 20mm Gatling Cannon for your Museum

Driving past the “future site” of an upcoming aviation museum the other day, I noticed that a new old airplane had joined the rotting vintage fleet in the fractured parking lot.  Sitting between a...

Brits Deploy New Long-Range Rifle In Afghanistan

The UK's Ministry of Defense (MOD) announced that Royal Marines serving in Afghanistan are first up with a new, longer range rifle; the first new combat rifle in twenty years. The MOD has equipped...

Drug War: The West Is Wild Again

In Badlands: From Ground Zero of the Immigration Crisis Along the Mexican Border, the Village Voice puts faces on the people that have to live with or die from the border problems between Arizona,...

Future Weapons: M134 Gatling Gun

2 Three thousand rounds a minute? That's a lot, right? And am I the only person who's creeped out by the narrator's voice?

Army M249 Failures Traced to NMC Trigger Assemblies. Allegedly.

"NMC strives to maintain its quality system through employee involvement and a commitment to quality and service." So sayeth Northside Machine Company's website. One of the parts maker's ex-employees begs to differ. In court....