Marines Dump .45s for GLOCK 9mm for Special Ops

There’s been some talk of bringing back the .45 in US military circles for years – basically since the Beretta M9 was adopted.  Well, for the US Marine special operators, that talk has been pretty much put to bed – at least for the time being.  The Marine Times reports that Marine Corps Forces Special […]

Interview With an American Peshmerga

Kurdistan is the only autonomous (self-governing) region in Northern Iraq — a democratic oasis in the center of hell, surrounded by hostile neighbors in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey. Since the Kurds are not technically governed by Iraq, the Iraqi military is prohibited from entering Kurdistan to defend the region. The Kurds are on their own. The Peshmerga — literally “one who […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture: F-35 vs. F-15 20mm Capacity

The above video shows technicians loading an F-15 with what they say are a thousand rounds of 20mm ammo. ( reports that the F-15 Eagle maxes-out at 940 rounds.) In contrast, the Air Force’s new F-35A will be equipped with a four-barrel GAU-22/A gun limited to 182 rounds of 20mm. The most ammo-heavy variant of the new F-35 — the […]

U.S. Sent 978k “Assault Rifles” and 112k Machine Guns to Iraq and Afghanistan. Guess How Many Went Walkies?

Writing for, the estimable C.J. Chivers has a look at U.S. small arms shipments to Afghan and Iraqi “security forces” during the last 14 years. Despite President Obama’s pledge to make his administration the most transparent in history, the Pentagon wasn’t exactly forthcoming on providing this data. Independent researcher Iain Overton whipped out an envelope and put some […]

Defense Security Cooperation Agency: 6.2k+ Guns for Afghan National Army

From WASHINGTON, Aug 18, 2016 – The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Afghanistan for individual and crew served weapons, equipment, training, and support. The estimated cost is $60 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale on August […]

Are You European and Want a Gun? Be Swiss!

The Swiss have always had a lot of guns and significant freedom. As Machiavelli noted in “The Prince” in 1517: “Moreover, a Republic trusting to her own forces, is with greater difficulty than one which relies on foreign arms brought to yield obedience to a single citizen. Rome and Sparta remained for ages armed and […]

BREAKING: Gunfire Reported in Ankara as Military Attempts Coup Against Erdogan Government

We’re living in interesting times. From the UK’s Telegraph: “Gunshots were heard in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Friday, a Reuters witness said, as military jets and helicopters were seen flying overhead. Reuters witnesses in Istanbul, Turkey’s biggest city, also spotted helicopters overhead. Broadcaster NTV reported that both of Istanbul’s bridges across the Bosphorus, the strait […]

Gun Review: FN M249S Semi-Automatic SAW

FN Manufacturing has been cranking out weapons in Columbia, South Carolina for the U.S. military for years now, winning contracts for everything from the infantry man’s friend, the M4, through the explosively fun M240B. Up until last year the civilian side of the house had been forbidden from offering civvy-legal versions of their military guns — […]