SEALs Looking For Neurostimulation ‘Cognitive Enhancement’

Shooting well continues to save the lives of our soldiers, particularly among America’s elite units. Not content to merely drill using conventional training, today’s military leaders have reached out to industry to improve performance. Simply put, military brass seek “mission enhancement.” Not surprisingly, this includes cutting-edge nueurostimulation technology. As George Patton once told his men: “No […]

The Guns of ISIS Jihadis

At just over 17 minutes long, I won’t be sitting here and dissecting every firearm in this video — certainly not without a stiff drink. But here’s a few choice picks as I chug my Kentucky Mule. 0:50 – Dear ISIS: technicals are supposed to be based on a Toyota Hilux. Not some crappy crossover. Please […]

USMC Pimps Their Shotguns

We here at TTAG wholeheartedly welcome the United States Marine Corps to the year 2006. Used primarily for door breaching (shooting large slabs of metal through the hinges of doors that refuse to open) shotguns (in their military roles) haven’t changed much since Vietnam. The current state of the art is a Mossberg 500 12 […]

Winchester Awarded MHS Ammo Supplier Contract

As you certainly know by now, SIG SAUER won the Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) contract with a version of their P320. TTAG regularly reminded readers that the MHS contract wasn’t only about a pistol, it was about a pistol system that included suppressors (plus relevant parts like threaded barrels and tall sights) and ammunition, […]

Marine Corps May Replace FN’s M4 with H&K’s M27 IAR

Right now the U.S. Marine Corps uses the M4 rifle as their standard infantry rifle, a 16-inch updated version of the M16 manufactured under contract by FN Manufacturing. The rifle is a great lightweight firearm, but it has some significant issues when it comes to accuracy under sustained full-auto fire and accuracy over longer distances…both […]

Air Force Working to Protect B-52s With Lasers

How do you keep a bomber platform that’s well over a half century old current and effective? With frickin’ laser beams, of course. From Air Force scientists are working to arm the B-52 with defensive laser weapons able to incinerate attacking air-to-air or air-to-ground missile attack. Offensive and defensive laser weapons for Air Force […]

Army Chooses SIG SAUER’s Modular Handgun System

Goodbye Beretta, hello SIG SAUER. As Army Times reports, the US Army has chosen SIG SAUER’s version of the modular handgun system as the winner in a years-long competition. The Modular Handgun System program was designed to find a single handgun that could fill all of the Army’s different missions, from full size combat handguns […]

FN Adds M249S Para Edition to Catalog for 2017

Last year FN came out with a semi-automatic version of their world famous Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) dubbed the M249S. We reviewed that firearm about six months ago and one of the main complaints I heard was that the Para version of the gun was better, not only because of the improvements to the stock […]

Magpul Mags Save the Day for Army/Marines Common Rifle Round (M855A1). Somewhat . . .

Army Round Triggers Problems in Marine M27 Auto Rifle the punny headline at announces. “Preliminary results of an Army test to see how the service’s M855A1 5.56mm round performs in Marine Corps weapons show that the enhanced performance round causes reliability and durability problems in the Marine M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR), service officials say.” […]