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5 Short Training Videos Every New Gun Owner Should Watch

First the good news during a tough time. As a result of the declaration of a national emergency, America now has thousands, maybe tens...
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Got Your First Gun During the COVID Panic? Do These 6 Things RIGHT NOW

So you decided to finally become a gun owner due to coronavirus-related fears? Well, we're glad you've finally joined us, but there's a few...
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Practical Advice for Quarantined New Gun Owners

By Joe Bartozzi Exact numbers from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System won’t be available for at least another week, but by all...
The Four Rules of Gun Safety

The Four Rules of Gun Safety for New Gun Owners…and Everyone Else [VIDEO]

  Col. Jeff Cooper furthered the cause of general gun safety by distilling and popularizing the four rules of safe gun handling. The purpose was...
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Why You Need to Carry a Gun at Home…Even in the Shower

By Joseph Nizzari In my 18-plus years of teaching firearms professionally, I have encountered contrasting perceptions regarding various methods of carrying a handgun. These modes...
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One Weird Trick That No One Teaches You About Concealed Carry

What's the number one thing that most people new to the world of concealed carry don't know, and that most training courses -- whether...
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What’s the Worst Self Defense Advice You’ve Ever Heard?

Between gun stores and the internet, gun owners both new and old can learn a lot. Great information is widely available about gun ownership,...

DriFire Laser Firearm Training System Lets You Improve Your Shooting Affordably at Home

Getting to the range takes time, effort and money. Those are things lots of gun owners don't have nearly enough of. So if you...
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Schools Should Continue Lockdown Drills Without Traumatizing Kids

Jaclyn Schildkraut, State University of New York Oswego Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, an advocacy group, has joined with the American Federation of Teachers...
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Rule #5: Take the Shot

TTAG reader Cliff H writes . . . Colonel Jeff Cooper was a very smart man. He wrote a lot of books, had a storied...
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Forget the Spare Magazine, Give Me a ‘New York Reload’

The line has been drilled into everyone who carries a firearm and otherwise prepares for violence coming from the Earth's dominant apex predator species: "Two...
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Will Smith Demonstrates Safe Gun Handling for 3 Million Instagram Viewers

  View this post on Instagram   It’s BAD Boys. Not UNSAFE Boys. 🤦🏾‍♂️ A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith) on Jan 14, 2020 at 4:19pm...