6 Ways To Avoid Getting Shot By Police After A Defensive Gun Use

No one wants to have to defend themselves or their family with a gun. At the same time, as gun owners, we're prepared to...

Do You Correct Other Shooters at the Range?

We've all seen it. Someone holding a gun incorrectly at the range. Or, more alarming, someone failing to follow one or more of the...

Lyman’s A-ZOOM StrikerCaps Don’t Eject During Dry Fire Practice

Do you do dry fire practice at home in your spare time? If not, why not? It's one of the best, easiest ways to improve...
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The 5 Handgun Carry Conditions – Which One Do You Use?

"Carry condition" isn't as hotly debated in the gun community as, say, stopping power or GLOCK vs. 1911, but it's up there. What is...
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Trigger Reset – Understanding the Process and Practicing the Right Sequence

There are a variety of individual aspects that to shooting a gun which, when practiced and mastered, result in improved handgun accuracy. One of...

Some Proven Strategies For a Successful Church Safety Team

Ultimately, when seconds count, help is just minutes away. This applies for police emergencies, as well as fire and medical. And in places with...
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3 Common Handgun Failures and How to Clear Them

Shoot a semi-automatic pistol often enough -- any brand or model -- and it will eventually fail to fire. It may be the gun's...
The J-Frame Revolver for Deep Cover Concealed Carry...Still

The J-Frame Revolver for Deep Cover Concealed Carry…Still

In today's world, the semi-auto pistol reigns supreme. Seems people today often turn their noses up at small-frame revolvers. Make no mistake, though, small-frame...
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Mike Rowe Offers an Unintentional, But Valuable Range Safety Tip

Mike Rowe, the well-known dirty job do-er, work raconteur and mover of the book markets, recently did a safety video that has application to...
Range at Austin Professional Development Gunfighter Match

Training Review: Professional Development with Jeff Gonzales

“If I knew I was going to have a gunfight, I wouldn’t go.” - Jeff Gonzales The Professional Development class with Jeff Gonzales is a one to two-hour...
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Competition: You Have to Go Through Failure On The Path to Success

I need to preface this piece by stating that up until two months ago, I had only shot a handful of carbine competitions with...

10 Self-Defense Lessons From Illinois’ Version of the George Zimmerman Trial

Thankfully, jury trials in legitimate self-defense cases don't happen very often. Unfortunately, we just had one of those cases here in America's heartland with...