KelTec Has Released a Brand New Handgun

The new KelTec P17 has more packed into a .22 than you’ve encountered before. When most people think about what they want in a .22LR pistol, it’s almost always going to involve extra accessories, aftermarket parts, and a few customizations to make it perfect. It’s because most .22s are pretty run of the mill, especially […]

EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights Will Get You and Your Gun Up to Speed

See the difference in speed-to-target technology with the wide collection of EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights. It’s the 21st Century, are you shooting your gun accordingly? What we’re getting at is the blatant fact that the capabilities of technology-driven firearms are only going to speed up. It will probably happen exponentially, too, especially in the optic […]

5 Ways to Up Your Concealed Carry Game

So you’ve decided to get yourself a concealed carry gun, have you? Congratulations, you’re about to become one of the well-armed Second Amendment supporters who know the importance of personal protection. You can count yourself as ready, but you’re probably not taking full advantage of the resources available now that you’re determined to join the […]