BREAKING: Hearing Protection Act Provisions Added to Larger Natural Resources Bill, Hearing Tomorrow

One of the two main priorities for gun rights advocates (along with national concealed carry reciprocity) under the Trump administration has been passage of the Hearing Protection Act; removing suppressors from National Firearms Act regulation, delays and fees. The HPA seemed to be the easier bill to pass, low-hanging legislative fruit as it were. But it’s […]

U.S. Monitors Solvent Trap Purchases, Shares the Data with Australia, Leads to Arrests

Australia has no Second Amendment, no Fourth Amendment, no Fifth Amendment, no First Amendment. There are only a few rights actually protected by the Australian constitution, and they are weakly protected. But what about ours? From More than 80 illegally imported guns have been seized during raids across the country after a tip-off from US […]

Making Texas Safe for the Hearing Protection Act

Governor Greg Abbot has signed HB 1819 into law on May 26th, 2017. The law goes into effect on September 1. The law makes Texas safe for silencer ownership if/when the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) is passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump. This is important because the Texas legislature only meets […]

Tennessee Hearing Protection Act Signed by Governor Haslam

The Tennessee Hearing Protection Act was signed by Governor Bill Haslam earlier this month and becomes effective on July 1. The act eliminates the ban on the ownership of gun mufflers/silencers/suppressors by the State of Tennessee. SB0921 or Tennessee Hearing Protection Act (HPA) was popular in the legislature, passing in the Senate 28-1 and 74-18 in the […]

Gun Review: Innovative Arms M&P 15-22 Integral

With its polymer receivers, the .22 LR Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport is a particularly quiet rifle when suppressed. When integrally-suppressed from Innovative Arms? Fuggedaboutit! Adding only four ounces to the weight of the standard 15-22, Innovative Arms’ M&P 15-22 Integral is easily one of the quietest firearms on the market . . . An aluminum shroud […]

Hats Off to Dan Wesson & CZ-USA

Dan Wesson (owned by CZ-USA) doesn’t even make NFA items, but at the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings they were actively campaigning for our 2A rights by giving out thousands of the above hat for free. Over on Instagram, #RepealTheNFA, #ShallNotBeInfringed, #RKBA, #Pro2A, and even #MolonLabe have become de rigueur hashtags on both the Dan Wesson […]

Gear Review: K Rounds Range Back Pack (Gen1)

K Rounds is a company that’s not afraid to experiment. In fact, they have a solid reputation of making products like the Pancake-Thigh Rig come to life in their custom shop by tapping into their extensive manufacturing resources. Of course, not all products in their catalog are customer-initiated – most are internal creations. Case in point: […]