SHUSH Bill Introduced in Senate Would De-Regulate Silencers

Senators Mike Lee (above) and Mike Crapo (below) have introduced the Silencers Help Us Save Hearing or SHUSH bill in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body. If enacted, SHUSH would go a step further than current version of the Hearing Protection Act that’s being considered by classifying suppressors as firearms accessories. Here’s Senator Lee’s press release: […]

Backup Tactical Threaded GLOCK Barrels: Gear Review

Gun owners seeking the sound of silence continue to wait for the fat lady to sing about the Hearing Protection Act. While ATF wait times are coming down, suppressor buyers still have to jump through the National Firearms Act’s paperwork, tax and temporal hoops. But that hasn’t stopped them from buying threaded pistol barrels ahead of the Act’s […]

Gun Review: IWI Tavor X95 in 300 Blackout

From the moment the Israeli-made Tavor hit our shores, it was a major hit. Why not wield a fantastically compact rifle — meeting the NFA’s minimum overall length restriction by a hair’s breadth — for home defense, treason prevention, and zombie hunting? The trigger was a bit of a bother, but the IWI Tavor X95 improved […]

NFA Paperwork Processing Time Set to Drop – Buy Now!

Early last year, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) finalized their new regulations regarding fingerprinting for National Firearms Act trust members, and other changes to NFA paperwork processing. There was a massive spike in silencer purchases. People submitted Form 4’s for Short Barreled Rifles in the run-up to that change. […]

SilencerCo Site-Wide 30% Off Sale for Father’s Day

(Sponsored Post: Click here for 30% off sale) From threaded barrels for your favorite pistol to Raptor Charging Handles, to patches, safety glasses, $98 bolt carrier groups, suppressor pouches and mirage covers, sights, mounts, and all the cool SiCo apparel your heart desires, SilencerCo has it. And, from right now until Sunday night at 11:59 […]

Ask Foghorn: What’s With the Silencer “Fad”?

Sam writes: Suppressors (“silencers”) have become a big topic here. And recently at that. But why? While I understand that argument can be made that suppressors shouldn’t be prohibited, or highly regulated accessories, why the sudden and recent flurry of pro-gun activist interest in making suppressors available free of any restrictions? Why is the hearing […]

The Argument Against the Argument Against Silencers

The main argument gun control advocates use against removing silencers from the National Firearms Act: witnesses wouldn’t hear gunshots during a crime. Criminals could use stealth to get away with their firearms-related crimes. This is simply not true. For one thing, the screams and carnage created by a firearm during a crime is pretty easy […]

BREAKING: Hearing Protection Act Provisions Added to Larger Natural Resources Bill, Hearing Tomorrow

One of the two main priorities for gun rights advocates (along with national concealed carry reciprocity) under the Trump administration has been passage of the Hearing Protection Act; removing suppressors from National Firearms Act regulation, delays and fees. The HPA seemed to be the easier bill to pass, low-hanging legislative fruit as it were. But it’s […]

U.S. Monitors Solvent Trap Purchases, Shares the Data with Australia, Leads to Arrests

Australia has no Second Amendment, no Fourth Amendment, no Fifth Amendment, no First Amendment. There are only a few rights actually protected by the Australian constitution, and they are weakly protected. But what about ours? From More than 80 illegally imported guns have been seized during raids across the country after a tip-off from US […]