Hearing Protection Act Inserted Into H.R.3668

Introduced by Congressman Jeff Duncan (R, SC) on September 1st, H.R.3668 is a bill titled the “Sportsmen’s Heritage And Recreational Enhancement Act.” Or the “SHARE Act,” for short. Similar to how we saw the HPA tacked onto a natural resources bill in June, it has been added to the SHARE Act as well. Though, in […]

How Well Do Suppressors Actually Work?

One of the biggest topics in the gun world recently has been suppressors and the prospects for passage of bills that would deregulate them like the Hearing Protection Act and the SHUSH Act. For those who haven’t followed the news, the HPA would remove suppressors – a.k.a. “silencers” – from the list of heavily regulated […]

BREAKING: Silencer Shop Form 4 Barcodes Slash NFA Wait Times

With support from Dead Air Armament and GEMTECH, Silencer Shop created software that digitizes all ATF Form 4 information into a single barcode. Instead of NFA inspectors having to manually enter everything on a physical Form 4 into their database, now a simple scan of the barcode ingests the information instantly. Today, we got news that […]

New from AMTAC Suppressors: Fire Ant

When I first moved to Austin, I pulled my SUV by the side of the road to take a call. Wearing sandals. At some point I looked down and saw a platoon of ants crawling across my toes. I started sweeping them away. Fire ant by name, fire ant by nature. I drove to Walgreens, […]

SHUSH Act Would Smash All Suppressor Regulations

Gun-loving Americans across the country understand suppressors are nothing more than a firearm accessory. One that can save their hearing. And as we reported last month, there’s a bill in Congress that recognizes that fact. The Silencers Helping Us Save Hearing (SHUSH) Act (S. 1505 and H.R. 3139), drafted by the National Association for Gun Rights and […]

New From Daniel Defense: DD WAVE 3D Printed Suppressor

Daniel Defense has announced their first suppressor, the DD WAVE. Built for .223/5.56, 7.62 and .300 Win Mag ammo, the one-piece 3D-printed WAVE is available in direct thread ($986) or quick detach ($1157) models. Here’s their press release: Black Creek, GA – Daniel Defense, manufacturer of the world’s finest firearms and accessories, has released its […]

Silencer Review: ERECTOR by Q for .22LR

The only thing shorter than the ERECTOR silencer is the name of the company that makes it: Q. But it’s also the longest .22 LR suppressor on the market. And the lightest. And one of the quietest. But also one of the loudest. What? Better keep reading . . . Fed up with the inertia of […]