GEMTECH’s New Modular Lunar 9 Suppressor

Jeremy has already gotten his hands on GEMTECH’s new Lunar 9 modular suppressor. You can run it in a 4.7-inch or 7-inch configuration with either 9mm or 300 BLK subsonic firearms. Look for a full review soon. In the mean time, here’s their press release . . . GEMTECH Suppressors announced today that it has introduced a new, modular 9mm suppressor – […]

Gabrielle Blair: Clueless In California

If Gabrielle Blair didn’t exist, the pro-rights movement would have to invent her, if only for the comedic relief. She approaches gun people control with all the expertise of an interior designer. Ms. Blair achieved her bit of internet fame the other day with a simple(-minded) tweet. There are far better ways to protect your […]

ATF Requires All Silencer Shop FFL/SOTs to Apply for ‘Variances’ to Use Electronic Signatures

Silencer Shop is the largest distributor of suppressors and silencers (same thing) in the country. Part of that success has been built on their “Powered by Silencer Shop” kiosks they have in gun stores around the country. These kiosks make processing all of the required ATF-mandated NFA paperwork extremely easy. Part of that process, of course, is […]

VIDEO: 3-Lug Mount Suppressor Science

Do you know who developed the 3-lug mount? Or why it’s used for pistol caliber guns rather than center fire rifles? Do 3-lug mount suppressors affect accuracy at all? As SilencerCo writes in the intro to this video . . . There’s no faster way to attach and detach your suppressor than 3-Lug. With a […]

Crux Suppressors and F-1 Firearms Form Joint Operating and Technology Agreement

Two Texas firms are combining their talents to create mo’ bettah suppressors for ARs and other rifles. From a recent release: F-1 Firearms, LLC., the Spring, Texas manufacturer of AR-style rifles and skeletonizing features, and Crux Suppressors, which manufactures lightweight titanium silencers, have formed a joint-operating and technology-sharing agreement to supply exciting firearms-suppression devices to […]

An Interview with Craig from Rugged Suppressors

Craig from Rugged Suppressors was in town visiting Silencer Shop last week, and the guys and gals there were cool enough to set us up in their vault with some lights and a couple of cameras. I did my best to interview Craig about Rugged — who they are, how they fit in the market, […]

Hunting with CZ-USA Suppressors and Firearms

Unbeknownst to many, CZ-USA has been somewhat quietly rolling out a line of suppressors designed to compliment their rifles and subguns (and yours, too). Earlier this spring I was invited to join a West Texas hunt — for what, I didn’t know — to get some trigger time behind the new suppressor line, and jumped […]

Buying NFA Items? Know Your Dealer

Fedex had just dropped off a bunch of stuff for transfer and to go into the book. As I was waiting for customers to pick up their stuff, a local attorney walked in my door asking for some help. I’ve never been arrested and the last time I was in court was a small claims […]