American Gun: Shooting a Suppressed Firearm is Like Finding Religion

The transition from going to shooting a traditional weapon to a suppressed weapons was kinda like finding Christ, I guess.  That's the proclamation of farmer...

SIG SAUER’s New SLX and SLH DMLS Suppressors

From SIG SAUER . . . Born out of the current military requirements to deliver cutting-edge performance, SIG SAUER is proud to introduce the SLX...
SIG SAUER MODX-9 Modular 9mm Suppressor

Silencer Review: SIG SAUER MODX-9 Modular 9mm Suppressor

Modular silencers have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. They provide "the best of both worlds" in that the user can choose between...
Rugged Suppressors Mustang22 Modular Silencer

Silencer Review: Rugged Suppressors Mustang22 Modular Silencer

Rugged Suppressors is known for their durable, quiet, modular suppressors with the best warranty in the industry. The Oculus22 has been an industry leader...

New From SilencerCo: Hybrid 46M Modular Large Bore Suppressor

  We all know and love the SilencerCo 36M, but now the Utah company has taken the do-it-all suppressor a step further with the release...

Silencer Review: SilencerCo Hybrid 46M Modular Big Bore Suppressor [VIDEO]

Once again Silencer Shop has loaned us the newest suppressor to hit the market so we can put it through its paces for y'all....

The Truth About Silencer Volume Levels [VIDEO]

If you've ever seen a silenced firearm in a movie or a TV show or heard an anti-gun politician talk on the subject, but...
AB Suppressor Raptor (image courtesy JWT for

Silencer Review: AB Suppressor Raptor Silencer

The Aerocharger Ballistics (AB Suppressor) Raptor suppressor is one of those rare examples of elegant innovation in the silencer industry. Despite the company having several...

The Truth About…Silencer Ballistics and Accuracy [VIDEO]

Thanks in large part to movies and television, the misconception that firearm suppressors slow bullets down or hurt accuracy is extremely pervasive. In this...
SilencerCo's Fight the Noise mural

Fighting the Noise: Getting to Know the Folks at SilencerCo

By William "Bucky" Lawson Ever love your job? I mean to the point that you feel like you’re hanging out with your friends every day...
SilencerCo BOGO free silencer

Get a Free Silencer With SilencerCo’s Black Friday Promotion

From SilencerCo . . . SilencerCo is launching a free suppressor promo that customers won't want to miss. Starting November 15, 2021, and running through...

Silencer Review: Griffin Armament Revolution 45 (MOD3) Pistol Suppressor [VIDEO]

Griffin Armament's Revolution 9 and 45 silencers were the first available with a modular length feature. Now in its third generation, the Rev 45...