Bears Don’t Make Mistakes. Legislators Do.

Good to know. One of the mistakes American legislators made back in the day: taxing the be-Jesus out of suppressors and forcing purchasers to jump through more hoops than a circus tiger. While inflation has made the $200 tax stamp fee seem almost reasonable – no government infringement on Americans right to keep and bear […]

Texas Is Now An Open Carry, Campus Carry State

Don H writes: Barring any special sessions, which Governor Abbott has suggested are not planned, the Texas 84th Legislature is a wrap. With the Governor signing HB910 and SB11 into law today, Texas will soon be a licensed open carry and concealed campus carry (with some restrictions) state. So how did gun owners fare overall? Let’s look […]

Liberty Mystic to Mystic X Upgrade Process

  Upon successfully escaping CA in my move back to WA, I had decided that a suppressor would be my first prize; my first freedom present to myself. After a bit of research and shopping around, Liberty Suppressors’ Mystic was firmly at the top of the list. A 9mm pistol can with swappable mounts and […]

Silencer Review: Dead Air Armament Sandman (S and L)

It seems like silencer companies are coming out of the woodwork these days. Everyone and their brother makes cans — heck, my local FFL has a shop-built silencer they’re hawking. But while the basic design is simple enough making something that works, works well, and works well every single time is a challenge. It pays […]

Guns for Beginners: “Silencer” or “Suppressor?”

A favorite topic among YouTube trolls and pedants everywhere is whether that can on the end of one’s barrel — you know, the one that quiets the report of the gunshot — is called a “silencer” or a “suppressor.” Usually this is in the form of folks “correcting” anyone who says “silencer.” Well, I’m here […]

ATF Attorney on NFA Trusts

  The surprise hit of the National Firearms Law Seminar (for me, anyway,) was the last presentation of the day by William J. Ryan, from the Office of the Chief Counsel of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). Mr. Ryan’s speech came at the end of almost nine hours of lectures (including […]

New from YHM: Sidewinder Pistol Silencer

YHM has been making silencers for ages, but they’ve been mainly in the background since the silencer surge a couple years ago. SilencerCo, Gemtech, AAC, and now SIG SAUER are the big names, but YHM still makes some nifty stuff. Their latest can is a pistol silencer, which has some great features and clocks in […]