Silencer Review: YHM R9 Fully Welded 9mm Suppressor

  When a straightforward, durable, good looking suppressor at an aggressive price comes along, it’s sure to catch my interest. Checking every one of those boxes, YHM’s new R9 jumped right to the top of my to-test list and Silencer Shop was there to put a loaner unit in my hands. If you expect mediocre […]

Silencer Shop: How to Clean Your Silencer [VIDEO]

  Silencer Shop partnered up with SilencerCo to bring you an exclusive video tutorial on how to clean your suppressor. You’ll see SiCo’s Dewie Vieira and Josh “Beaver” Graham give you the dirty details on various ways to clean your silencer. Dewie and Beaver will be diving into rimfire versus centerfire (and how their dirt […]

Suppressing Hollywood Blanks — Does it Work?

While reviewing the YHM Turbo-K, I was grabbing some .223 and 5.56 from my stash and saw my box of blank ammo. I’ve had two types for years: grenade launching blanks and Hollywood blanks. The latter are designed to provide all of the flash and most of the bang of an actual gunshot, just without […]

Silencer Review: Dead Air Nomad-Ti Suppressor

Nearly two years ago I lucked out and was one of the first people outside of Dead Air Silencers to shoot their then-new Nomad-30 suppressor. Over the next few months, the more I shot a Nomad the more it solidified its place as one of my very favorite .30 cal cans. Now, with the release […]

Silencer Review: Q jumbo SHRIMP

Made entirely of titanium, the lightweight Q jumbo SHRIMP is one of the few 6.5mm-specific suppressors on the market. It’s targeted toward PRS and other precision rifle style shooters plus hunters looking for a compact, lightweight can that will protect their hearing while not getting in the way. I feel like a bit of a […]

Ruger Suppressors Now Available Through Silencer Shop

You’ve heard me say it here before: nobody makes the silencer purchasing process easier than Silencer Shop. And their selection, though already the largest in the industry, continues to grow. Ruger and Silencer Shop are now teaming up to distribute Ruger’s budding suppressor line. Their press release follows . . . Ruger and Silencer Shop […]