SHOT Show 2016 Final Roundup

The TTAG crew brought you lots of great coverage from SHOT Show 2016 this January, and while I think we hit the most exiting and newsworthy items we certainly didn’t — couldn’t — cover it all. After two months, I’m officially tired of seeing the “2016 SHOT” folder chock full of unpublished photos languishing on […]

New Gear From Propper

Propper has become relatively synonymous with “tactical pants,” although the company makes popular tactical, duty, and outdoors clothing ranging from boots to jackets and other outerwear to sweaters, pants, hats, belts, and more. Also, all sorts of packs, duffles, cases, and other bags. New for 2016 is a line of body armor plus additions to […]

Barrett Introduces REC 7-DI

Look another AR-15! Yes indeed, it’s another AR-15. This time from Barrett, manufacturers of big fifties and keepers of at least one LAPD .50. While well known for their big bore boomsticks, Barrett has had a good deal of success with their REC7 line of piston driven AR-15s over the last few years. Sensing that […]

Range Review: Machine Guns Vegas

Machine guns are a top draw in Sin City. In fact, the constant flow of thrill seekers from other, less freedom-loving countries means the appetite for full-auto fun is damn near insatiable. Places like The Gun Store have been satisfying customers for years, but they’re designed to maximize customer throughput. Wait times can be painfully long. The latest wave of machine gun rental operations […]

New From Hunter: SMART Active Headset

Hunter Electronic, “the leading provider of electronic products for hunters and shooters in the Nordic countries,” is working on expanding its presence in the US. At SHOT Show’s Range Day, they were showing off some new ear muffs, including the flagship SMART model seen here. I gotta say, they’re pretty dang slick . . .

Takedown AR-15 Rifle: Coolest Thing from SHOT Show

There are a couple companies that have done a takedown AR-15 rifle recently. Wyndham Weaponry just acquired the heretofore most popular version from MGI, and while it is nifty it isn’t perfect. There are things that can be changed to make it more visually appealing and easier to assemble. The folks at Cry Havoc Tactical […]

Hands on with Barrett Model 98B Fieldcraft

Among one of the cooler bolt guns I fondled at the 2016 SHOT Show was the Model 98B Fieldcraft from Barrett. I’m a sucker for a cool bolt gun and Barrett certainly has a history of making “reach out and touch it” rifles. The Fieldcraft has been out for about a year and brings a couple […]

Rugged Suppressors Introduces Obsidian 45

At this year’s SHOT show, I was tasked with covering the various silencer manufacturers in attendance. I figured this would be a day long task, but it ended up taking the better part of three days to visit all the manufacturers I found, and I still missed some. It seemed like the majority of the […]

Shooting Browning’s New Ammo at Range Day

Coming this year to a dealer near you: Browning Ammunition. What? No. The ammo stays a nice, constant, shiny color. Browning is just the familiar name on the box. Well, not familiar at all for making ammunition. Winchester, on the other hand, is far from new to gun food, which is why Browning chose to partner […]

On The Range With STI Guns

Joe Grine and I visited the STI Guns booth at SHOT Show Range Day and put a few rounds downrange. Naturally, the Costa Carry Comp was a big draw. This one’s a “sight tracker” 9mm 2011 (double-stack 1911), and it’s apparently the first of four Costa Ludus specials. More Costa Carry Comp and other STI […]