Gun Show

SAF Sues to Block California’s Ban on Gun Shows Held on Public Property

Part of the post-Bruen anti-gun furies that were unleashed in California was a new law that did what the state had been threatening to do for years. Senate Bill 264, signed into law by...
Muzzle gag man mouth silence tape

California Births a New Kind of Threat to Second Amendment Rights

By Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman In the wake of another Supreme Court ruling that strengthens and more clearly defines Second Amendment protections, anti-gun politicians have developed yet another way to threaten those rights, along...
dead goose AK receiver

SAF, Defense Distributed Sue California to Block Homemade Firearm Ban

From the Second Amendment Foundation . . . The Second Amendment Foundation is seeking a federal court injunction against enforcement of a California law restricting people from manufacturing their own firearms, which is an American...
Times Square gun free zone sign gun-free

SAF, FPC Sue State of New York Challenging ‘Sensitive Places’ Concealed Carry Bans

From the Second Amendment Foundation . . . The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a federal lawsuit challenging a new gun control law adopted in New York State following the Supreme Court’s nullification of its...
Joe Biden, Susan Rice

SAF’s FOIA Request Seeks to Expose Coordination Between the White House and Anti-Gun Groups

It's increasingly clear that Joe Biden has a ring in his nose and is led around by those who really pull the strings in his administration. To further expose this, the Second Amendment Foundation's...
Gavin Newsom

SAF Sues to Block New California Law Penalizing Plaintiffs Who Challenge the State’s Gun...

The Second Amendment Foundation today filed suit in federal court in California, asking for injunctive relief and a declaratory judgment against the state’s new law which includes a one-way fee shifting penalty in the...

Hurricane Ian: Takeaways and Lessons Learned

By Lee Williams Guns save lives, especially after a hurricane. It’s a fact Floridians have known for a long time. Even Gov. Ron DeSantis mentioned this when he issued a not-so-subtle warning to would-be criminals seeking...
legend firearms

Latest War on Guns Casualty: Due Process and Legend Firearms in Monroe, New Jersey

By Lee Williams Ira Levin has owned and operated Legend Firearms in Monroe, New Jersey since 2009, which is no small feat given the Garden State’s blatant antipathy toward guns, gun owners, and gun dealers. Levin...
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Judge Provides Help for State of Washington to Defend its ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Ban

  The Second Amendment Foundation, FPC and Mountain States Legal Foundation, among others, are suing the state of Washington over its unconstitutional magazine capacity limit. Like so many gun control laws, Washington's "high capacity" ban...

Use Amazon Smile to Support Gun Rights

Something like three quarters of U.S. households have an Amazon Prime membership. If you're going to shop at Amazon -- as you probably already are! -- please do it via Amazon Smile by starting your...

Massachusetts Gun Club Sues Army Base for Violating Federal Law, Constitutional Rights

By Lee Williams A small civilian rifle club located just 50 miles northwest of Boston is suing nearby Fort Devens for violating federal law granting them access to military rifle ranges at reasonable rates, as...

Netflix Series Investigates 2013 Florida Murder That Was Ruled a Suicide

By Lee Williams Pat Mullins' near headless body was found partially submerged in the Gulf of Mexico, tied tightly to a 25-pound boat anchor. He had been shot in the side of the head with...