Maine and New Hampshire Legislators Pressure Gun Store to Stop Selling “Assault Rifles”

Three Democrat Maine legislators are using their position to demand the biggest gun store in Maine stop selling rifles the lawmakers disapprove of. Kittery Trading Post has been a successful business since 1938. From The Democratic lawmakers wrote a letter to Kittery Trading Post, asking the store to restrict gun sales and to discontinue sales […]

Acme Machine Father’s Day Sale

Just a heads up, Acme Machine is having a Father’s Day sale on their AR build kits. Available kits include 5.56 NATO and .224 Valkyrie options including most of the components you need for a build with the exception of the lower. For example, the Aero BA .224 Valkyrie PRS Complete Rifle Build Kit includes […]

The Cold Hard Truth – Accuracy Costs Money

Reader T. von Rosen writes: If cars are one of your passions, you know that speed costs money. Likewise, in shooting, accuracy costs money – in ammunition, optics, accessories, and more. The better, more consistent accuracy you want to achieve, the more expensive it will generally be. Given that it takes a big investment in […]