Ruger M77 Hawkeye FTW Hunter (image courtesy JWT for

Gun Review: Ruger M77 Hawkeye FTW Hunter in .375 Ruger

Firmly established in grumpy-old-manhood, I don't like surprises. It's usually my kids making some pricey mistake, my doctor making an even pricier one, or the dogs bringing on an absolute catastrophe. The dogs get...

New From Weatherby: Backcountry 2.0 Rifles (4.7 LBS!)

With modern materials like carbon fiber and titanium, Weatherby's new Backcountry 2.0 rifles have set the lightweight hunting rifle bar extremely high (or low?). Starting at an incredible 4.7 lbs light, these rifles won't...

Ukrainian Snipers Arm Up With American Rifles and Gear

A story by Alex Horton at The Washington Post details the Smile Platoon, a unit of Ukrainian snipers and sniper support personnel. Overlooked to a degree and underfunded, the Smile Platoon has turned to...

Buy and Finish an 80% Lower…Because They Don’t Want You To

80% Arms has lowers and jig kits in stock and ready to ship. No one knows how much longer it will be possible to buy these without a background check, so now is the...
Riflespeed adjustable gas system AR rifle

Riflespeed’s New Adjustable Gas System for AR Pattern Rifles

  From RIFLESPEED . . . RIFLESPEED has announced immediate availability of their patented gas controls for AR-15 and AR10 Rifles, offering AR shooters a duty-grade and tool-free way to control the gas system of their...

Taylor’s New TC86 Takedown Lever Gun in .45-70

From Taylor's & Company . . . Taylor’s & Company, the world’s leading marketers and importers of state-of-the-art historical firearms utilizing the latest innovative designs, is pleased to announce the addition of “The TC86 Takedown”...

FN Now Offering the M249S in Both PARA and Standard Configurations

From FN . . . FN America, LLC is pleased to announce that the FN M249S® semi-automatic belt-fed rifle is now available to order in both the Paratrooper, or PARA, and Standard configuration. After a manufacturing hiatus,...

Bonnie and Clyde Tommy Gun Sells for $130K

Want to buy a house where someone was murdered? Pennies on the dollar. Fancy owning a firearm used by ruthless criminals in the felony murder of not one but two police officers? Beware platinum...

Vudoo Gun Works Announces the New Three 60 Three-Lug Repeater Rifle

From Vudoo Gun Works . . . Vudoo Gun Works, leader in rimfire precision rifles, is proud to announce the addition of the Vudoo “Three 60”, three-lug repeater rifle. The Vudoo Three 60 will be...
All-New Nosler Model 21 Rifle

Nosler Inc, Announces the All-New Nosler Model 21 Rifle

From Nosler . . . Nosler Inc., a world leader in the manufacture of premium bullets, cartridge cases and ammunition, is proud to introduce the all-new Nosler Model 21 rifle to the company’s growing line...

Shooting Trailblazer Firearms’ New Pivot 9mm ‘Folding’ Rifle [VIDEO]

When Trailblazer Firearms (makers of the LifeCard pistol) first announced their interesting new "folding" 9mm rifle last fall, it was called the Pack9. They've since re-christened it as the Pivot for reasons that will...
Bergara Premier Competition Rifle

Gun Review: Bergara Premier Competition Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor

I've been shooting the just-announced Bergara Premier Competition rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor for months. Any discussion of it has been embargoed during that time. Beautiful people of TTAG, keeping this exceptional rifle a secret...