Smith & Wesson Model 69 .44 Magnum

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 69 .44 Magnum Revolver

By Austin Knudsen In 2014, Smith & Wesson introduced the model 69, a 5-shot .44 Magnum revolver built on S&W’s slightly-larger-than-medium-but-slightly-smaller-than-large “L” frame. I love the L frame. I’ve owned an L-framed 686 in .357...

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 66-8 Combat Magnum and 69 Combat Magnum Revolvers

As a former IDF sniper, I've always viewed wheel guns as a blast from the past. Firearms best suited to Westerns, gun museums and OFWGs (who don't know any better). So I wondered why...
Taurus Judge isn't the best concealed carry gun

Taurus Judge: Not the Best Choice for Carry?

The Taurus Judge series of .410-firing pistols proves that aggressive marketing can sell ice to Eskimos. The self-defense pistols aren't ideal for handgun buyers seeking stopping power or concealability. Why are so many otherwise...

Why Doesn’t .45 Colt Get More Love These Days?

Much like .45-70, .30-06 and other OG cartridges, the .45 Colt -- AKA .45 Long Colt -- is an old cartridge design, dating back more than a century. When the round was first invented,...

Gear Review: Nathaniel’s Custom Hats NAA Revolver Holster Hat

As a new Texan, my first(ish) order of business was to secure a custom-made, felt cowboy hat. As TTAG's Testing & Reviews Editor, that custom cowboy hat was going to conceal a firearm. This...
H&R Model 732 revolver

What I’m Carrying Now: An H&R Model 732 Revolver

Fredster writes . . . I'm packing an H&R model 732 in .32 S&W Long effortlessly carried in my pants pocket. It was the last steel gun my local pawn broker had and is tight...
The J-Frame Revolver for Deep Cover Concealed Carry...Still

EDC Greatness: The J-Frame Revolver for Deep Cover Concealed Carry…Still

In today's world, the semi-auto pistol reigns supreme. It seems that in a world with 11+1 micro-compacts, people today often turn their noses up at small-frame revolvers. Make no mistake, small-frame revolvers still have...
Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan

Gun Review: Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan Revolver

Alaska is a place that many of us dream of visiting. I’ve wanted to see the state ever since I can remember. The mountains and the wilderness call to me, but alas I’m not...

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 360 .357/.38 S&W J-Frame Revolver

Smith & Wesson introduced their J-frame revolvers to the world in 1950. The Chief’s Special – later, the Model 36 – became a popular gun for concealed carry because of its small size and...

Gun Review: Ruger GP100 Match Champion 10mm Auto

Gun Review: Ruger GP100 Match Champion 10mm Auto I’ve spent quite a bit of time with 10mm pistols over the years. I’ve owned and shot many, but never a revolver. The Ruger GP100 Match Champion...

SHOT Show – Kimber K6S DASA Target Revolver

Wheelguns are inherently attractive weapons. It's hard to make an ugly one (possible, but difficult), and even the ugly ones have some charm to them. Of all the revolvers currently being produced, the Kimber K6S...
Bear Attack 7 Sept 2006

Alaskan Grizzly Bear Attack Demonstrates Effectiveness of .44 Magnum

Sherman, set the wayback machine for September 7th, 2006. Alaskan moose hunters Doug White and Reed Thompson were working on packing out the meat and head from a successful hunt. They were attacked by...