Texas Homeowner Goes WWE on Armed Burglar, Kills Him with Defensive Choke Hold

A rifle-toting burglar stormed a Midland, Texas, home over the weekend in an effort to rob its occupants, but discovered too late it was going to take more than the sight of a firearm...
The home at 506 North College Avenue in Salem, Indiana, where the defensive shooting took place. (Google Maps Streetview Image)

No Charges in Indiana Defensive Shooting

The Indiana State Police (ISP) have released Blake Henry, 24, from custody and declared in a press release that no charges will be filed against the southern Indiana man who shot and killed 29-year-old...

Determined Would-Be Murderer Meets the Power of Prayer… and a Pistol

A Mississippi mom harnessed the power of prior planning, prayer and her pistol to protect her three small children and herself from a determined attacker earlier this week. It happened in Carroll County, Mississippi,...
crime scene

Child’s Play: Youth Kills Attacker Who Had Already Murdered One Person

A double homicide police are investigating in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, has turned out to be at least one part justifiable as the second homicide was committed in self-defense. More astonishingly, the defender was a...
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A Friend with Weed A Friend Indeed? Not This Time

Most stoners are generally fairly chill people, whether they are smoking weed legally sold in their state (it's stilll illegal federally) or not, but when a group of would-be robbers bum-rushed a San Antonio...

Indy Homeowner Kills Intruder John Wick-Style

In a true-life example of life imitating art, an Indianapolis homeowner went into full on John Wick-mode Tuesday (Jan. 2) when an intruder forced his way into his home in an attempted robbery gone...
Taco Bell

Fast Food Employee Serves Defensive Dose of Lead

While Taco Bell’s slogan may be Live Mas (Live More), a would-be robber almost got the chance to live a lot less when he strolled into an Akron, Ohio, location and found at least...

Former Mayoral Candidate Shot Dead in Defensive Shooting

In what is a case of “should’ve seen this coming,” a former mayoral candidate in Soso, Mississippi, who was going through a bitter divorce was shot outside his ex-wife’s home the day after Christmas,...
Hammer Breaking Car Window

Hammered in Georgia

Georgia gun owner Kimberly Wright was involved in a road rage incident in August 2021 where an aggressive driver followed her to a Walmart parking lot and attempted to attack her with a hammer....
Defensive Gun Use

Real Tales of Self-Defense: Floored in Virginia

A flooring company crew was installing a hardwood floor inside a second-floor condominium in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in October when a woman who lived downstairs called the police around 8:30 a.m. complaining about the...