The Effort Continues to Blame Riots and Civil Unrest on Right Wing Groups and Gun Rights Supporters

There’s been a concerted effort to blame riots and violence on right wing actors since the first George Floyd protests first devolved into burning and looting. That effort is continuing as anti-gun orgs and their media enablers try to deflect the blame for violence from their friends on the left while blaming their political enemies […]

Do You Have Enough Ammunition for the Election?

Ginsburg’s death is merely another “don’t let a crisis go to waste” moment for the ever-ghoulish Democrats. These hypocrites are fond of blaming conservative “rhetoric” for a host of problems but they’re out there throwing around the word “war” a lot since Ginsburg’s passing. They don’t really mean war, of course. Most of them would […]

Minnesota Freedom Fighters: Armed Black Men Protecting Their Community

An armed security force is now a regular sight at protests & patrolling certain streets. Their objective is “not to be the police, but [to be] the bridge to link the police & the community together.” Minnesota Freedom Fighters Form A Community Safety Net — Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) July 24, 2020 For Romeal Taylor, […]

A Finnish Police Chief is Found Responsible for Issuing a Gun Permit a Man Who Murdered 11 People

Five days before Matti Juhani Saari murdered 11 people at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in 2008, authorities attempted to confiscate his handgun, but he wasn’t home. Finland violated the rights of the victims of a 2008 school shooting by giving the perpetrator a gun permit, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday. […]

No, the Presence of Openly Carried Firearms Does Not Inhibit Free Speech During Protests

One of the latest angles gun control groups have taken against the right to keep and bear arms is the argument that the presence of openly carried firearms “chills” or somehow inhibits free speech during peaceful (or otherwise) protests. They present an infringement on First Amendment rights. There’s literally no proof of this at all, […]

Harvard Law Prof Noah Feldman’s Intellectually Dishonest Take on the Rittenhouse Self-Defense Claim

Harvard Law professor Noah Feldman has written one of the most intellectually dishonest takes on the Rittenhouse shooting to date. He ignores major facts of what happened that night (there’s plenty of video evidence out there, perfesser) in order to craft an argument that claims — given the very real chance that Rittenhouse will be […]

McFarlin: We Can’t Allow Open Carry to Intimidate Or Suppress the Right to Protest

In obtaining my concealed carry license, I underwent training before being granted the privilege. It wasn’t nearly as comprehensive as my military weapons training, but it was something. Meanwhile, open carry is permitted by default as a result of the silence of the law in 41 states — which means that almost anyone who possesses an AR-15 […]